Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A new place new beginnings

Ah I will miss working with Ms. Choi. My new boss is very nice I have only good things to say. Ms Choi on the other hand is revolutionary when it comes to putting together an effective English curriculum. Her approach covers all aspects of English in one neat package. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Where I am at I am only taking on a small portion of my normal workload. After that I am free. So I am spending time in a pc room since Yogita is busy as well.

My last week at apple which was 3 weeks ago now was nice. Last weekend we all went to Daechon beach. I missed my bro Josh and his wife. I wished we were all there together. There were some really nice bonding moments.

Oh an update that needs mentioning: Josh and his wife have completed the renovating of their house! IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! My first day there Sun-ju (Josh's wife) let me use her bathroom. Everyone was shocked! Son-ju does not want guys to use her bathroom (it is not an issue as they have 3 bathrooms!). She said that only I could use her toilet. I know it is a small thing but I felt special. I felt bad at the same time because I had to miss Josh's wedding.

We visited their house I guess it would have been a month ago. I have to say I grew even close to Josh. When we move to Iksan I will be spending more time over at his place.

The Yogi and the boys are having a nice time taking care of Oskar. Oskar is a White Shepherd. Cute dog getting bigger and more lovable. Also I bought my first SLI power desktop. I will post pictures here soon. I need to post more pictures on this blog.\


Monday, June 18, 2018

Final two weeks at Apple.

It has been an amazing two years. The best I have spent in all of my time in Korea. Work was so professional. Everything was handle properly with special attention to detail. It taught me just how bad I had it at the other place I worked. Late pay, severance handled like a bonus (paid over a period of 4-5 months). Taxes filed but tax returns always ended up "missing". Must have been the lawyer they hired to do the papers...right. Holidays were set in the schedule. School events were actually really fun! Hanging out with staff was very nice. It was too much for me at one point. I had never been praised for my work in such a genuine manner before. After one event I broke down in the car on the way home. The volunteer work my wife did cleaning up after the events, sometimes helping to set them up, was so appreciated. Our boys were made to feel so welcome that my sons feel that my bosses son is like a brother to them.

I am sad that this chapter must end or rather change. I think change is a better word. These were wonderful times. I will remain in contact with my current boss Ms Choi. She is a really wonderful example of a strong, intelligent, honorable woman. I there are so many adjectives that I could use to describe her. My former boss I can say some nice things as well. She was not a terrible person. Just a person who needed to delegate more.

My former boss Mrs. Cho NEVER cheated anyone on pay or bonuses. She is a kind person, just lacks key leadership skills such as effective decision making. At times her emotions would guide her actions. I would say that she changed when her father died. I can understand how this can effect a person having lost my own mother. Mrs. Cho has a good heart, she is on the other hand bad with handling money and needs some she trusts to do that for her.

Some fond memories of Mrs Cho is when she stayed with Yogita at the hospital when I had to work. A wonderful woman in the wrong position. Eventually the stress got to her and she made the mistake of telling me I should get another job. Actually, she wanted to pay me less. I am glad she made that mistake in communication. I would never have met Josh a famous photographer who is a brother to me and Yogi and an Uncle to our sons. I hurt him badly by missing his wedding. I will do my best to make it to up him. I would not have met Ms. Cho. The sweetest yet like Ms Choi strong and very capable person you could ever meet. ..I have to go...class time. This marks the start of a 2 week count down.

sad but...I understand.


Thursday, June 14, 2018

My first Sli pc rig!

Wow what day yesterday was. You see I made a deal with a friend of mine Steven Loach to sell me a great older gaming pc at an awesome price. Many people do not understand the nomenclature when it comes to buying computer graphic cards. Older graphic cards are really really nice. The cards I am using are gtx 780ti x2. That means these 2011 cards top end cards at the time, work together to give me the performance of a gtx 1070. It actually out performs the gtx 1060 in some benchmarks. The numbers stand for something. For example: 580ti. The first number is the generation. The second number in this case 80 tells about the performance class of the card. 80 is the highest. While 60 is a budget card but has very good performance. While the 50 is a budget card that can play games of the year it was produced but not at the highest settings nor will you get high frames per second (fps). Frames per second is very important up to a degree. Basically it is how many times your graphic card displays the image on the screen of your monitor. Low fps means that you will have very poor performance. You will feel like everything is moving in slow motion. This is not the same as lag. Where your game becomes unresponsive due to internet latency issues.

So I have a card actually two cards top end that work together for gaming, video, or photo editing, and encoding. My previous card was a 770 a nice card would still have issues at extremely high settings. system currently has 64gb of ram!!!!! WOW! I can run so many apps. The system is just so buttery smooth. The cpu is a 6 core 4th generation i7 with hyperthreading so I have a system with 12 cores effectively. Very future proof. The cpu is water cooled, the case is beautiful, with LED lights glass panels so you can see the goodness inside. I will likely mount my old massive drives in this case. I have a tera byte drive, and a 1.5 terabyte drive I want to use. I am running the OS and a few games on a 500gb ssd. If you didn't know already ssd is the way to go for computing. Faster...MUCH faster. Lasts much longer. Runs silently. I will post a picture on facebook. It is a monster machine.


Monday, May 21, 2018

A change is coming...

This might be 2012 all over again. It looks like we might be relocating back to India, or Iksan. Of course Iksan is the best option. We would be near a lot of friends.

Here are the options. One stay in Korea. This is the best option. Easy to make good coin, very nice for our lifestyle. Education for the boys is a very nice option. In the future jobs for them is also a nice perk. Foreigners who can speak Korean, and English with a very marketable skill equates to finding jobs easily.

Second option move to India and go on to the Middle East from there. I have always wanted to spend some time working and living in the Middle East. There are some nice perks that as well. Tax free, good salary, easy to save money due to the lifestyle. Cons are terrorist activity which at times have targeted foreigners, women have fewer freedoms. In Saudi Arabia women are going to be allowed to drive in June. Yogita is not so keen on that idea. LOL

The third option would be to stay in India. India works well in a number ways, Being free to do most things an Indian can do, while being able to obtain a salary much higher than average coupled with a very low cost of living. This makes India a strong option. Education for the boys is a good point as well.

Option 4 return to America. We could return to America and teach in Alaska. Um...if we have to we can do it. I just love living in Asia.

I just came back from a job interview it went really well. There is an issue with the start dates. The new location has the housing 500 meters away! It is right next to a nice shopping entertainment area.

I had to miss Josh's wedding....but what can I do? I must focus on the matter at hand.

Ok I gotta go!


Tuesday, April 24, 2018


I have been living abroad for 17 years. I love it. I actually feel a sense of freedom from the things I grew up around. When I was 16 years old police officers cut me off while I was walking my dog with police cars. I think there were 4 cars that blocked my path. It was terrifying. They drew their guns inches from my face. At that moment my brain played back words that my mother taught me. Listen and obey EVERY command they give you. When you speak use proper English, not ghetto slang littered with curse words. I did all of those things. I was not hurt by the cops.

It seems that things have gotten worse. Being black means that by default I am on the radar when cops are near. When I was in my first year of university I was with two friends. One was white the other was Asian. The officer who was white, patrolling a predominately white area kept eyeballing me. He would not take his eyes off of me. While asking us what we were doing it was evident that he was talking me. This was a little over 20 years ago. Again, my mother's words were replayed in my head. The cop looking amazed that the black kid was actually in a nice college and left us alone. 

Today people seem to react violently or aggressively towards the police. I think this might be due to people becoming fed up with the treatment they suffer over and over again. We need to change police culture. It is interesting to note that while blacks suffer more in terms of population ratio. Whites suffer a lot too because...there are more whites. Police shoot more whites than blacks every year. I think it should be noted that the media wants to divide people. It creates drama, tension and brings out the worse in people. This, in turn, creates revenue. More people click on the article. More people pay attention to the sensationalized news.

I think the bottom line in America comes down to three areas that need addressing. One police culture needs to change, gun availability, and the public needs to treat law enforcement officers with respect. You see a cop there should not be a shiver of fear down your spine or a feeling of rage due to some past negative interaction.

I am want to stay away from America for some time. It is better for my boys, and for me.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

A new member of the family!

Well it has happened. After so many years Yogita and I adopted a dog. The boys love the little rascal. Goerge is doing a very good job cleaning up after him. Jeyo follows him around making sure that he doesn't get into trouble. 

We think that he is mostly Labrador mixed with some other breed.  It is nice having a dog again. Brings back some very nice memories. We decided to name him Oskar after my first dog.

Tomorrow night we will head up to Seoul, we want to have some fun doing what we did 18 years ago. The next morning we will pick up a couple of study books for George. he will be taking a test in a couple years maybe sooner. Why not get him cramming now!

Ok my students are. I really love Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Fridays too!


Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Programming why not?

I have started to learn more and more about programming. In my case, I am learning python. Many experienced programmers have suggested that I start with python, and eventually learn java. So I am taking it slow. I will be reading many books and playing some simple coding games. Eventually, I will take a college course. I can see that being able to code, or debug is going to be a hot field. In addition, it is something that I could possibly do from home.

In life, there are no easy jobs. Even if you have no job and you need to make a living...that is hell. Way back when I used to work at a convenience store I thought "this is easy!".  Wow, I was totally wrong! You have to maintain stocks, check the fridges every hour and record the temp, remember do drop everything and help a customer. Clean clean clean clean, that never stops.

When I was a science tutor wow what a challenge. I found myself not only helping students with difficult chapters in the text but also listening to their problems. Many would come just to get things off of their chest.

Teaching English in South Korea has been quite a rollercoaster ride. Working 10 hour days, driving 50kms a day just for work. Teaching all ages and realizing that each age group requires a different approach.

Likewise, when I think of learning a new skill such as coding, I know this will not be an easy road. However, I have always been fascinated by how computers work. I learned about hardware. Hardware cannot be fully understood until you understand how programs make use of hardware. I want to learn what all those strange numbers and symbols mean. So I will start off by reading some books and playing some simple coding games. I will move on from there to working on practice exercises.

So here we go!