Monday, June 05, 2017

More tech hardware coming our way!

To the people who say computer games are a waste of time....bugger off! For my family it is a very cheap yet fun source of family togetherness. I do not mean playing GTA 5 and teaching my boys how to hotwire cars. But games that have some historical background. Or others that are just fantasy games, but working together you achieve some common goal.

I am not saying that pc gaming addiction is not something to watch out for. It is! So we set some time for this. I had to explain to a co-worker that yes I have over 7 pcs BUT they are not gaming most of the time. Even on holidays we are watching youtube, Netflix, and gaming.

Anyways there is new hardware that will join and perhaps complete our set of pcs. I will post pictures of it in coming days.

Stats it has a 3rd gen i7, this means it is future proof when programs become multi thread applications. So in a day when most people are able to run 8 core cpus our old i7s will still be able to work until we make some upgrades. We can actually take our time. Gpu nothing special here but it has a gtx 460m cuda (it has gtx 560m power it aint the latest but it isn't a slouch!).

It has a 128gb ssd, with a 1tb 7200 rpm HDD pretty standard stuff. It has an odd issue with the battery and ac adapter but..that don't phase me. 17..6 inch screen....OH...yeah that is sexy! Backlit keyboard....I love these so much I am going to make sure we get a couple for our desktop PCs.

The next thing on the upgrade list tablet pcs (the ipad2's will be wiped and given to the boys).
Oh and unlocked smartphones the galaxy 8s plus....oh my what a sexy beast of a phone!


p.s if you love gaming stay away from i3's, heck grab an older i5 if price is an issue.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Summer is coming...

Well finally we have some relief at the school. You see for 2 weeks we did not have air conditioning (the guys who clean it every year screwed up). It was tough. Now ah sweet cooling air!
My friend Josh told me that he read that this year will be a very hot summer. Well after living in Lucknow for two summers in 2008, and 2013 I think we can make due. I will looking into setting up second hand air conditioners, or portable units (I want to ship them ahead of us should we relocate to India).

Summer camping plans are set on one condition we will not follow our our friend and his family. He will follow us, poor Yogi. The boys are doing well, George now has facial hair gotta teach him to shave. Jeyo is up to his usual antics. Yogita is finally starting to teach me Hindi. I will be downloading vocabulary list, and common phrases on my own. I also plan to listen to Bollywood music the oldies. The newer The older music I can actually hear words, and phrases. Older is 2000 not 1955. So..perhaps not that old.

We are at a crossroads again. Stay in South Korea, or head to South Asia (India) which was my original plan. We will have to see how things pan out. This decision depends on Yogita and I, and George. As George is getting older it is time for him to figure out what he would like to do, and if it is compatible with staying here or not...

ok meeting time


Monday, May 15, 2017

Sometimes people screw things up....

So we are loaded and ready for a 2 day camping trip. My friend decides to go ahead of me. He left about an hour ahead of us. We told him which site we would be staying at. However my friend choose a type of camp site Yogita and I hate. It is one of those places with gravel and trees no place for your car, it just looks too "prepared". Also you are in very close proximity to other people. The site we like has a "wild" feeling. It looks like a forest with a sandy ground. The sites are more spread out providing a bit more privacy.

In Korea many people enjoy the crowded in places. There are different reasons for this preference. The most common one I think is feeling like you are close to people not isolated, or alone. There are those who have large and very expensive set ups.....they tend to be in more crowded sites.

So we plan on making sure that they join us or we will go alone. Oh it is free at the larger sites if you come late at night.

So we only stayed one night...the next day the cars fuel pump decided it was time to quit. One the upside Yogita and I got to ride in our car while it was being towed pretty cool! Yogita and I took a nap while the boys played pc games. Later we both hung out at a park in our neighborhood has some fun talking and walking.

We plan on more outings in the small parks in our area.

ugh Mondays can suck sometimes... (I need to replace the car battery...)


Tuesday, May 09, 2017

First camping trip of the year....Maybe??

We are gearing up for the first camping trip this year. We are planning on staying at least 2 nights.
However the weather really doesn't look like it will agree with our plans. Wait..update it seems it will be very hot instead. Actually weather patterns near Gunsan change like crazy. So if it does rain we will postpone. My friend and his family, who we are going with are new to camping.

So we are going to set up we have a bunch hand held lithium ion powered fans. We will charge them up and put them to good use. I am hoping we get our old spot Friday night. That spot is perfect! There four trees that support our `tent poles, 4 trees that close together means plenty of shade.

There is the beach nearby so we can jump in the water to cool down. Saturday morning we will go to the seafood market to pick up some goodies for lunch. But my friend will not be there...LOL He will return Saturday morning because of his private classes. Poor dude.

So as it stands Weds, and Thurs night we will get all of our camping stuff bought.

So until then...


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A short little break.

Right now middle school, and high school students are preparing for and taking exams. Actually this period they are taking exams. This means that some classes have either one student, or the whole class gets shut down. Sometimes you get those students who when in your class who feel that they can leave the stresses of academia behind. Those kids will come to your class no matter what. I will have a class with one such group I love spending time with students like that. We will have a topic based discussion for perhaps 10 - 40 minutes depending on the level interest in the topic. If they are not interested in the topic we will study our text book. All the while they pour out their hearts to me. I listen and ask questions, never judging, or assuming I understand what they are going through.

I aim to be approachable by all, including my own sons.

When I was a child I grew up in a loving household, with caring parents. My father and mother cared for me. As I grew up I realized that my father felt unable to communicate directly with me, and my brothers. This was hard on me. I made some stupid life choices which I feel would have been lessened if my father had spoken to me. Oh lets look at the whole picture. My parents decided to have too many kids. They did not realize that having a large family would cost so much. Times were changing, they had all 5 of us in a matter of 4.5 years (twins yay!). So, my father, being responsible took on three jobs! He worked himself to the bone. My mother was dealing with her own issues, a illness that was hard for doctors to diagnose. When they finally did it was lupus. I grew up learning mostly from my mother.

Now that I am a father, I have seen some pretty good examples of a father engaging with their kids. I emulated these people. Mr. David Noor, of the Indian Navy, was one mentor. Even watching my wife also helped me. Also seeing what my father did (working very hard) and didn't (not spending time with his kids) helped me. I do not want to sound like I am blaming my father. I can say I am trying to overcome our (my father and I) difficulty to engage with our kids. I feel it is a shared issue that was passed down generation to generation. So to Jose Hogan....I am so glad to have you as a father. Your shortcomings are mine as well. I was just lucky to have very good examples to teach me what you could not. This takes nothing away from you Dad. It is what it is. For me though..the buck stops here.

If I can spend time with my own students, overhearing them say "Oh I can't wait till it is tomorrow we will have Jemal for one hour". I want my sons to say the same thing. It seems to be working. I WILL NOT GIVE UP. THE BUCK STOPS HERE! When George and Jeyo are fathers this trend of having a very very hard time to engage well with their kids will be a thing of the past!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

An itch to go camping!

It is getting warmer during the day now. It is still chilly at night but who cares when you have electric heating blankets. The weather is really mild during the day then start a nice little fire eat some good food...then huddle in the tent reading or watching videos until lu lu la la land claims your soul.

The thing is I want a tent that can deploy faster and is easier to set up. Our current big red tent is ok but it takes a bit of time to set up, and on a windy day.... Once while camping a strong gust knocked the tent half over. Poor Yogita was having one her migraines when suddenly *poof* she was looking up at the sky instead of the tent's ceiling.

So I am on the look out for something large that can deploy easily, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Yogita has already turned some promising finds on portable air conditioners. So on the home front we will enjoy this summer a lot. Last year we lost a PSU to heat....this summer I am hoping to save up a bit of coin because I want to get a GTX 960 or 970 for Yogita and I later this year.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring is coming...

Spring in Gunsan is very short, and pleasant. What this means is that the long hot, humid summer is around the corner. We will be buying 2 portable air conditioners this year. Maybe we will have an AC put in, but it depends on if the landlord will allow us to drill holes in the wall for the condenser. Another apartment we stayed that was an issue. So perhaps this time round we can get a couple of wall mounted units, or settle for the portable units.

Of course it is important to stay cool and comfortable with out a doubt. However, we have 3 computers running in our room that can benefit greatly by having an AC. It sounds nuts but it is so true. The first piece of hardware that goes on our PC's is the Power supply unit (PSU). When it gets too hot the fans in the PSU can not deal with the heat. I am talking about gaming, not surfing the web or watching youtube videos. Gaming means that the PSU is going to heat up to supply the wattage needed mainly for the GPU. After a PSU failure the thing that goes is the motherboard. Nothing sucks more than to run a dozen tests hoping for bad ram, or perhaps power cables, or the SATA connectors have find that you need to replace a motherboard. Then when you start looking for a replacement you find that your CPU is just to old...which leads to either risking a second hand unit, or pouring cash into getting a cpu/motherboard combo. Managing cooling means your old system can last a few more years. Lets face it my i7 3770k cpu is still doing just fine running at stock even though 6th generation cpus are out now. I bought my i7 back in 2012....five years and still going strong with no overclocking even though there is room in my set up for it.

Gpus are usually more sturdy with massive heat sinks, and large fans. You also have the option of using software to make sure that your fans are spinning at top speeds if you know you are going to be gaming. I have noticed that our GPUs haven't burned out...we make sure to clean the fans regularly, and monitor temps during gaming.

So...Spring is coming...gotta get an AC cause first...its too damn hot, second.....our hardware needs cooling too!