Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ugh it is a rainy Saturday!

Oh well it is rainy today. I and Yogita will play lineage instead of taking a nice walk.
I have a saturday class so I spent the morning getting for it.
I will take the written test again next week on wednesday! This time I should pass.
The first time I took the test I ran out of time and actually rushed through the test.......
This time I will pace myself much better! Pass and then try the course test.
The problem will be the road test......they say you need 10hrs behind the wheel in order to
take that portion of the test. Perhaps I will get a car to practice with by that time......hopefully!

Oh well that is all for now....maybe we will go for a walk this evening!


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

It is tuesday.....not a bad day.

Ok so it was cold and cloudy, but I was able to get my daily walk in today, plus Yogita and I walked to George's daycare center. It was great. I love to walk and talk with Yogita.
Classes went well. I have to watch a Korean program then tell the class about it...
They must watch a English program and take notes, then the class about what they saw.
Next week is a 3 day holiday.....NICE! However, now the problem arises what to do with our
free time? Oh well we have wed-next monday to figure it out.

Ok guess that is it for today.


p.s I hit level 49 in lineage.....YEAH!!!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Another Sunday.

Well I have not posted anything here for a few days. Friday night I went out with my students.
We hung out at beer plus, and later went out for Kam-ja-tang...potatoe soup....very very nice.
Actually it is more like a stew I think.
Saturday I played Lineage, while Yogita caught up on her reading. I also am searching for some nice video clips, for my classes. Listening skills need alot of improving!
We also went to sign of the goof troop, thank goodness for that!
This week will be very busy in and outside of the classroom. We will have presentations this week, and as well as listening practice, with free talking. I also have to go to Jeon-Ju and set up another test date. Ugh, after that I will have to enroll in a driving school.....

I have more pictures to upload, I will get around to that later this week, maybe thursday.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Today's news!

Ok yesterday I had a BALL!!! It was great I went out with students drinking, drank a very interesting but tasty drink......forgot the Korean name...yummy. I really am babo sometimes I finally stopped dragging my feet, and I have posted some of the pictures I and Pino, took.
Min Jee thanks for emailing me the photos, I will upload them here as well.....YOU CAN TRY TO LEAVE MESSAGES...Korean is ok, but even a little English is great!

Ok I will see you all tonight!


Here is the doctor! Byeong Min is a hard working student, really tries to use different expressions, a pretty nice guy! Also..he knows my favorite color! Black is beautiful!!! But so are many other colors! He also has a great voice! Posted by Hello

My beautiful wife....YOGITA after this dinner we went to a singing rae America we would call it a karaoke. LOADS of fun but I only really know one song very well....i want to learn a Korean students know the song...amon na amon na... Posted by Hello

This one cute couple from my class. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I am older today!

My wife and I both are the same age. However, I was born in Jan. so this makes
me older! I will 26 for about 3 monthes until she catches up to me in March.
I do not feel "older" I feel ....the same. However, in South Korea they add a year to your age, this is because they count the time from conception until birth.
So I am 27 here in!

I will upload some pics later...I have been dragging my feet about it lately....
But yesterday George was not feeling well, so Yogita stayed home and I took her classes....ugh I am I was tired.

Ok see ya later.....hopefully with pictures of my students!


Saturday, January 15, 2005

Today in South Korea

Well it was a cold morning....we stayed in and played lineage....i made it to 90% in level 48
so I am happy about that. However Yogita died 2 times, and she is level 48 so if you play lineage
you know how hard level 48 is.

George had alot fun today, so much fun that he did not take his nap.....ended up sleeping early.
Yogita braided my hair yesterday.....we took some pictures so I will post them here.

Tomorrow....maybe we will relax at home.....


Friday, January 14, 2005

4 Months in Korea.

Well it has been a long time. We have finally arrived back in Korea after being away
for about a year. We really really missed Korea, living Seoul, traveling to Pusan. We worked in the countryside for a year, and then moved over to Gunsan to work. We have been here so long that it begins to feel like home. We are well treated...almost like family.

Nowadays one of the biggest projects we have other than teaching is learning how to drive
and getting a car. We really want to travel all over South Korea, whenever we want, under our own steam. We have a son so it is much more comfortable to be able to hop in a car and go some where. Nowadays we only travel late at night.....our son's bedtime.....LOL.

Anyways I failed the first driving only 2 points!!!!!#%## Ugh oh well...back to Jeon-ju to give it another try!