Saturday, April 30, 2005

Weekend travel plans!

Well Yogita wanted to go to Daegu...but I suggested taking a shot at going to Ulsan.
Where we lived in the countryside for about a year and a half. We will see. Maybe we might change our minds in route to Ulsan, and look up this place in Daegu! I want to see if we can purchase a gps unit before we go. We also have a lunch appointment with some friends, we will eat at a place called ahops. Man I thought that they served pancakes......but it seems like a fusion resturant...I hope it is good!

Take care!


Friday, April 29, 2005


Another friday.....i love it today because i don't have to go in today ...but i have alot of stuff i want to do for the next week.....

This morning i looked out of the window and saw no Cherry Blossoms...they're GONE!...we could'nt go to wolmeyoung park and grab some pictures in time...a little dissapointing...but oh well!

we don't have any plans for the weekend yet...but i do want to stop by this kebab shop in dageu i heard about..we will see!

well Good Luck with your day.


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

long time no see!

Well...we had a nice week last week. I guess I was just too lazy to post.
Well George is getting bigger...and cuter....and more naughty...

Yogita, George, and I had steaks in Jeon-ju last weekend. It was nice.
We have been exploring Jeon-ju more these days. Soon we will have to head to Incheon and pick up Yogita's sister in law. Getting there should be pretty much a straight route up the Sohaean highway.

Other than our adsl modem getting replaced nothing much of note has happened.

Well take care!


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A sunny day.

It is really nice today weather wise. I drove to Jeon-ju and back to Gunsan in record time (without speeding), actually traffic was really light. It was a lonely drive though...Yogita had to get ready for classes.

I am becoming more comfortable with driving around Jeon-ju. If we are going to live in Cholla province it is helpful to get to know the biggest city. Shopping places are everywhere, nice western resturants are everywhere in Jeon-ju. Another city I would like to know more is Daejon. Daejon to me is like a small Seoul. It has a similar feel to it.

We have lived in Seoul for some time and have visited Seoul countless other times, so we know Seoul well. However distance means that we can only visit at the most 1 time a month. (Well...maybe more when the weekend class ends).

I am very tired from the drive and I missed my regular dosage of green tea...ugh...must guzzle a couple of cups before the start of the company classes.


Went to Jeon-ju but passed right by the store!

Ok the weekend was very busy. We had a ball went to Jeon-ju with a teacher from our school....he is very funny. I found out that the store we ere looking for was right in front of us the whole time. we know. I talked to my sister in law, and mother in law. It was fun...but...i need to improve my hindi!

Ok it is getting late, and I have to goto Jeon-ju again......err.


Sunday, April 17, 2005

It Was Fun!

Yesterday Jemal and I got a CD+mp3 system for our car.....Its cool! It sounds loud and clear.....It was fun driving up to jeonju and listening to our music nice and loud...We had a blast....Later we hung out with jemal's student for some khamja thang and drinks........We saw a weird Korean custom, where they smack the bridegroom's feet during his bachelor party..It was HILARIOUS!

Well, today we are going to play some lineage and then go out shopping...Anyways jemal went out now...Said he wanted to check the new CD player out..But I think maybe he went out to get me a present or flowers to surprise me..He said he will do that someday....Anyways I'm just guessing (and hoping)....LOL.

ok got to go...Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Yogita called home last night.

We found out that the phone cards we normally use have had the time limit extended to 20min! So we figure if we call India twice a week, then our family in India will be more connected with what is going on here in with us in Korea, and us with them in India.

Yogita's younger sister just got her passport! Great! So she will visit us, and I must bring alot of chocolate for her.....and she had better bring many many hindi movies.......well...i hope she can.

We are really excited about her visiting us. I talked to my mother in law....darn i really must learn more hindi yogita is a great teacher but I am poor student.

Today we will go to the park, have a nice look around enjoy the outdoors. Tomorrow promises to be very busy!

Ok I gotta go~!


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Was sick this week.

This week I came down with what felt like a flu. High grade fever, body aches...ugh.
But it is now thursday night so only 1 more day of work before the weekend.
Actually this weekend promises to be very busy. One of our new teachers will hang out with us, and we have an appointment with students...all on saturday. It should be alot of fun. We want to go to Daejon and look at a store where American products are sold. Maybe I can find some raisin bran!

Ok almost time for my last class.


Thursday, April 07, 2005

This week really flew by!

Well it is thursday, one more day left in this week. Today I will have dinner with my students. I think we will have a blast! Yogita and I will play lineage tonight, we were too busy yesterday night to play.
Yesterday for dinner we had strawberries....thats right just was actually filling.

George was a good boy this week. I have to post some pictures of George...I think I will do that later today. We took a bunch of pictures when we went to Daechon.

Ok take care.


Monday, April 04, 2005

Finally made it to Daechon!

After weeks of dragging our feet we finally made to Daechon, AND to Wal-mart.
It was ok over all. I mean they have some American products, and they are over priced. It was a nice trip, saw alot of nice scenery. We shot some videos, and took pictures.

Next trip....Ulsan! We will take a trip down memory lane!

Maybe next month we attempt to go there, we should have gps by then so the trip should go more smoothly.

Ok see ya!


Saturday, April 02, 2005


Well the weather is nice today...actually very nice. However it might rain later. Yogita wants to pick up some pork ribs from a new style bbq chicken joint. Instead of frying chicken like most local chicken places, they bake the chicken. This particular place also offers ribs. Yogita is excited about it so we will stop by there.

ok gotta go!


Friday, April 01, 2005


This friday we will go to Weolmyeong park. I hope to shoot some short videos, and take many pictures. We could really use the workout, so I hope we get some good hiking in! I need to find a good walking/hiking stick. I have heard that they sell them at E-mart (a local retailer like walmart back in the states).
So I will stop by there and check out their sports section.

Ok I gotta go! Thanks goodness its friday!
AND there is a holiday next week!