Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Will have a busy day.

Yogita's wisdom tooth is causing her alot of issues. Very painful, her cheek is swollen, she is not eating solids. Poor Yogita. So Today we will stop by the dentist (he is my student), and we will have the tooth treated. We also have a little shopping to do. We have a meeting today....teachers meeting that is. We have a intensive course comming up that we must prepare for. It is for 2 weeks, in June.
It will be a challenge. This weekend is a 3 day weekend! Maybe we will go somewhere,
or perhaps we will rest. Who knows, ok I gotta go long day ahead!~


Monday, May 30, 2005

Nice weekend!

We went to 대천 beach (dae-chon) It was nice! We went into the water up to our waist.
We wanted to go father but we did not have a change of clothing, or proper swimming wear. So in the future we will stay there overnight. I want to go into the water up to our chest and ride the waves! I used to ride waves with my brothers, and sisters when I was younger. It was so much fun! George on the other hand is afraid of the water so he just plays on the beach.

Our supplies are getting low, and we are developing a strong itch to travel. So Yogita will draw up some plans. Our possiblities are USA, Hong Kong, or India.
India is at the top of our list. We really want to meet our family there. In the future they will visit us here, and when we return to the United States.

George is having alot fun these days...we think he has developed a crush on a girl at the daycare center he goes to.

Ok that is all for now. My schedule will change this week. Might less free time for a while...but that is ok...work is after all work.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Middle of the week!

Yesterday we went to a nice Korean resturant with students from my morning class. We had a blast! Today was a bit rought because I got to bed late yesterday. I slept well but I think I really needed alot more sleep, than the 4 hours I got last night.
This weekend we will go to Dae-chon beach. I will not have classes on saturday morning! YESSS. That means that I will have more free time. Or we will go somewhere near Gunsan, and take pictures of the countryside. Last weekend we went to Ok-San, and took many pictures of farmers planting rice. It was a beautiful sight, Yogita took very nice pictures. I will post the pictures tomorrow, or maybe on friday.

Ok I have to go. Bye for now.


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Yogita had just got her hair done! Posted by Hello

What the heck?! Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 21, 2005

I could not resist! Posted by Hello

Taking it easy one saturday morning playing lineage! Posted by Hello

Yogita and George! Very cute!!! Posted by Hello

The same day, at woelmyong park, very close to our apartment. Posted by Hello

Our Daewoo Espero. Goerge is posing! Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005

Had a good nap today!

Normal day overall. Had a really nice nap. George has a slight cold. Yogita was feeling under the weather. But when I got back from my late company class, she looked great!

Tonight we will practice driving with her as well. It is so interesting how similar we are. We both get obessive about the same things! Be it traveling, learning something new.

WOW I gotta go!


Saturday, May 14, 2005

Our new flagship!

Like Yogita said it is a beauty! My boss will have me drive some of the teachers to company classes. She will help me out with gas money...what a cool person!
Time to post pics here....I will try later during my break...no...maybe Monday next week.


We will take the Arcadia for a long drive.
Yogita did not mention that the car is fully loaded with options!
Ok got to go!


We Got Our New Car!

On Thursday we finally got our new car...it a GM Daewoo Arcadia...it's shipped as an Acura Legend to America...anyways, the car is sweet....driving is smooth the car has a lot of space. It's a big car here....the design and the inside and the outside is BEAUTIFUL........we love it!

Also, my driving is improving...yesterday i practiced alot with Jemal it was fun...i am planning to take my course test next weekend....

Today we are going to take a road trip to Pusan located on the East coast ..its very pretty .....we will go with Randy...i and jemal will be visiting Hay-un-dae beach after almost 4 years and Randy and George for the first time.....

well, gotta go get dressed...i will post about our trip and the weekend....

Have a Great Weekend!


Thursday, May 12, 2005

A lot has happened!

Well, a lot has happened since I last wrote....We went to jeonju..It was fun...The kebabs were ok....Jemal got me a really pretty outfit from jeonju.

This whole week I have been practicing driving with jemal..he has been great! really nice and patient....Anyways, on Tuesday I drove us back home from the school...No accidents or close calls.....It was FUN!...That was a major milestone for me.

Well, as for any news on Arcadia we still don't have it...The paper work is almost complete.....Hopefully we will have it today.

Today jemal has to go to jeonju...He has been busy like a bumblebee this whole week..Hopping back and forth...LOL

this weekend we are planning to take a trip with Randy to Pusan....We all are very excited about it.

well, talk to u later.

take care.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Looked the Arcadia (Honda Legend).

It is sweet! It is black with tinted windows...not too dark. With leather interior.
It has a sunroof, is very spacious, the dash has plenty of space for our nav unit.
It is very comfortable....very!

Oh well...I think late next week all of the paperwork will be finished and we can drive it off of the lot. Can't wait!


Friday, May 06, 2005

Weekend Plans!

This weekend we are planning to visit this kebab place in Jeonju that we heard about....I am hoping that the kebabs taste like they do back home....anyways, we will check the place out and i will post about how the trip went!

Bye for now!

Today Was Unexpected!

Today was very unexpected....i had to fill in for another teacher...i got to meet my old students..it was fun!
Also we saw our new car that we want to buy...it's SWEET! very BEAUTIFUL!

Tonight we are planning to eat Samgyup Sal...umm...YUMMY!

A Trip Down The Memory Lane!

This wednesday we decided to go to ulsan......it is located on the east coast of korea, we live on the west coast....so we practically cut across the center of korea and went all the way to the east coast...it was FUN

The trip was very exciting...it was very beautiful...we visited the place we used to work and the places we used to hang out at...it was fun looking at those things after almost 4 years and reminiscing...we took some nice videos...i'll post those here too....

We also went to the beach, and had some raw fish...ummm...delicious!

so all in all this holiday was fun!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Yep thats right. We will finally go to Ulsan...this time we have our nav system to help get us there with out getting lost. Heck getting to Busan will be a breeze now!

We might be getting another car next week. It is an older Korean luxury car...1999 model. It is sweet. I have to post pictures of our first baby...I do not think it was shipped to the United States. It is the Daewoo Espero very comfortable with a sporty look.

I love the car, but I love the Arcadia even more. I am driving everyone around me crazy, talking about that car!!!

Ok gotta go!

2 more classes to go!


Monday, May 02, 2005

Navigation is SWEET!

We went to Impi a small town near gunsan to give our new navigational system a try.
Well....it worked wonderfully! It is in Korean but that does not matter because we can read, and write Korean. It has a touch screen so we can enter the name of the location we want to travel to, and it will plot the fastest possible course for you.
EVEN if you make a mistake it will update and give you a course to help get you back on track.....SWEET!

So we where in Impi and I told Yogita with much new founded confidence..."We are going to go to the beach (dae-chon beach), and get our feet wet!" Well 50 minutes later we were pulling into the parking lot located just 50 meters from the beach!

I will look into buying another car (GM daewoo Arcadia / Honda Lengend) I just fell in love with this car. Both cars we will ship back to the United States. So our car is pretty pimped out right now LOL.

Ok gotta make lesson plans....oh did I meantion...it is just 4 days in this week?
Wait...maybe Yogita did. Oh and George likes the new Nav unit too!


Sunday, May 01, 2005


This weekend was fun. On saturday we went out for lunch with some friends to this resturant call AHOP....Jemal odered pancakes which turned out to be a complete rip off.....they were tiny and only 2 ...LOL....anyways afterwards we had to get some work done on our car so that took a while.

By-the-way we got a GPS system for our car...its COOL! we went to Imphi today..its a small town but absolutely breathtaking....we also went to Daejon beach today...all this and we did'nt get lost...Thanx to the GPS.....

Well today was a lot of fun....another week tommorrow..but this will bwe a 4 day week so thats pretty cool.....well, i gotta go....play some lineage and kick some serious A**.....