Thursday, June 30, 2005

Our movie Night was Fun!!

Yesterday night was wednesday which means movie night for was fun. We watched's a Si-Fi movie and it was directed by the same guy who directed Cube....anyways it was very interesting and for a change i did not fall asleep during the The owner at the dvd place is really nice ...he gave us free drinks...for those of you who don't know we went to a dvd in korea these places are just like movie theatres and have big screens but these places are more private...only for couples....we love the place we go to....very nice, clean and comfortable....not to mention Jemal and i do get free movies every other week or every three weeks.....

well, today is thursday.....which means tomorrow is friday...which means WEEKEND!!!!!yeah! lol...that's how i look at it.

Got to go. Enjoy your day...oh by the way! George is 3 was his birthday on he is getting bigger and can speak korean and english fluently and a little hindi...okie dokie. Bye.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rainy wed.

Today is rainy...ugh. At least i can postpone getting a car wash. And Yogita's car....darn hers needs a wash more than mine.

Yesterday one of my company classed was canceled. That meant extra free time! So I hung out with Yogita's kindergarten class. It was nice.

Then I played some lineage, and we both took a much needed nap. These muggy days really sap your energy. Anyways tonight will be movie night! The setting could not be more perfect! Rainy weather, and in the middle of the week.

Yogita's cd player can play mp3 files, as well as regular CD she played some hindi music on our way to the school this was soo nice!

My car however needs a burned copy of CD files (not mp3, or wma), and it is hit or miss if the darn cd-r will play. Hence I really want to get to Seoul, and pick up some nice hindi music (i will test them for compatiblity with my system first!), and some movies, it has been too long since we bought, and watched hindi movies together.

So yet another reason why we need to get to Seoul. Also I have heard some nice things about the Costco we will be checking that out as well.

Oh by the sucks in Korea. It is similar to Emart (major Korean chain of superdepartment stores). It sucks mainly because it is just a rip off of EMART.

Your better off going to Emart, for shopping.

But..we will have to look into Costco (might even get a membership if it is really nice!).


Monday, June 27, 2005

How I learned how to drive.

Well Falanya it is a wierd story.....

Just before we left Omorro helped us with the basic mechanics, and gave us alot of tips. His hands on training was the only training I was able to get. Due to lack of time, and our having to return to Korea well ahead of schedule!

After we were here for 3 monthes we decided it is time to buy a car. Remember I had not driven since Omorro taught me in his car. SO I had no license, only a general idea of what I would need in order to drive in Korea. That being a written test (english of course), and a course test (sort of like a obstacle course...), and a road test. Ugh 3 parts!!!!

So We decided that the best way to learn would be to get car first, drive around get experience then take the 3 tests. So basically that is what we did. I remember going to the second hand car dealer, and going through the paperwork on the Espero....boy was I nervous. I thought he would ask me the big question "I need a copy of your drivers license" Well...he didn't ask for it, boy were we happy about that!

So it comes time to drive the car off the lot! ....Let me tell you this, they pack cars in those lots like sardines! So I asked the dealer in an offhand manner to drive the car out of the lot. Then...I drove us lost...was late for classes, but it was a real rush! Now we could go all over Korea with out getting on buses (babies can be a pain in the neck in those situations), trains, or relying on other people.

So with our new found moblity we traveled! To Dae-cheon (large city located centrally in Korea), got really lost, but finally made it. The more we traveled we realized that getting lost cost time, and energy. Enter navi gold! Our navigation system..getting lost is a 5 minute process for the unit to update our position, then relay a course correction to us. We traveled over 1000 km once....boy was I tired, but it was sooooo exciting.

When we bought the Arcadia (Acura Legend), the difference was AMAZING. The espero has a 1.5L V4 engine, and you feel every bump! But in the Arcadia....acceraltion was SMOOTH, braking effortless, at highspeeds the engine was a low hum. And the interior....soooo comfortable, power seats.....sunroof...lots of other nice things about the car, cd changer....lots of music.

Now Yogita has the espero, and she ferries me to, and from work, and she drives to her workplace. SO learning how to drive was actually, well....exciting!

I should add that I passed the last test (road test) the day we purchased the Arcadia. So I have a Korean drivers license...I will post a picture one of these days.


I Changed it again!

we had a very good and relaxed weekend......well, i changed the look of our blog again.......i like doing that! lol!

We are planning on taking a trip soon either to India or Hong Kong...depends on our schedules. so this week i'll start doing the research on ticket prices and stuff...traveling from korea is cheap especially traveling to South east asia.....

well, i'll keep you all posted on that....Got to go!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2005



I did not change my car....I got another one.

Hey are you free these days? WHat is your cyworld page? I forgot.....

For those who might not know cyworld is to Korea, what blogs are to Americans.
Except they are more colorful, with graphics music files......

The car I got is the Daewoo arcadia.....i love that tell me your cyworld, and lets meet up. AND YOU HAD BETTER HAVE PASSED YOUR EXAM!!!!!! ^^

The end of a busy week.

This week was a busy week! Finally, this week is over! I will not sleep in late. I have to go to Jeon-ju tomorrow. Why? Because yogita has her course test. I must teach her the formula to pass the test. I am a good teacher.
I also must take two co-workers out for Kam-cha-tang. Kam-cha-tang is a stew made from pork back. It is very yummy. But I think we should eat neng-myeon instead. So tomorrow we will have neng-myon instead of kam-cha-tang. Neng-myeon is less expensive, and it is very cooooool. Neng-myeon in English is cold noodles, with korean pears, and other mild spices. I will post pictures of neng-myeon, tomorrow.

The intensive business English course has ended......thank goodness!!!!!
Now I will have a little more free time. AAAAAAAAHHHH-SAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (Korean for OH YEAH!!!!!!!)

Ok well....i have just had a nice big cup of green tea, so I have plenty of energy now even though I am tired....

I gotta go now!!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Today Was Unexpected!

wow i have been lazy...have'nt been posting at all....anyways, today was of jemal's company classes got canceled because they have audit going we got to spend more time in the afternoon together.

This friday i'll go to jeonju....we might go to seoul this weekend...oh! by the way driving ROCKS!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

a short video from my class, forgive the poor quality! Posted by Hello

A pic of a fellow teacher. He is a great guy! Posted by Hello

Yogita the navigator! We will never get lost now! Well.....we can find our way more quickly if we get lost.....LOL. Posted by Hello

Heh this is what George looks like when we travel. I love this car seat....and he loves it too. Posted by Hello

Me in the other car we got. I think I was returning from a company class. Posted by Hello

End of Monday

Well, this day was not soo bad. The second week of the intensive course kicked off for a good start. We had a debate in the class, the students were into it that they wanted to continue the debate tomorrow...Well...sure..fine by me!

I love the fact that most of my students are serious about English...makes my job fun, and enjoyable. Heck even the weekend class is fun because those students are soo.....dedicated. We will travel to Seoul next month and attend a meeting with the friends there. The congregation has 100% english speakers, and people from all over the world.

It is nice that Lanya, and Melah visit our blog....feel free to comment. I am going to set up a ftp where you can download videos of our adventures here. Lanya I like your blog the colors are very pretty. And Melah, your son is also getting bigger, he looks great!!

Ok i gotta hit the day starts at 7am, and ends at around 10:30pm....ugh...
but that is Korea for you....

Wait until we get fishing rods, and start exploring places off the beaten trail.
(Pusan, Ulsan, and Seoul, are very familar to us, not to meantion dae-jeon, iksan, jeon-ju, and even tiny impi)

Ok gotta go!!

p.s how can i install a hit counter thingy?!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Had a BUSY week!

Yeah last week was BUSY intensive english course is 50% over.....another week togo!
Yogita and I actually stayed around gunsan this weekend.....we took our Arcadia for a blaring, safe speeds of course!!!!, sunroof up, wind blowing! It was a nice safe drivers, and bus drivers are insane! Well..bus drivers are the worse....

George spent the whole weekend singing some Korean nursery ryhme...Na-bee-ah...UGH if I hear that darn song again!!!! But he was soooo

Ne ways I think we have made a blogger out of my sister (older sister that is....Nu-na in Korean)

I hope she has alot of fun with it.

ok gotta get some shut eye....LOONG WEEK COMING!!!!!!


p.s it is time for more pictures too.....

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Yogita driving!

Yep she is now my official taxi driver. SHE JUST LOVES IT! I am so do I. We really do enjoy doing the same things. Video games, shopping, watching the food channel, war movies, comic books, basically just hanging out. It is amazing that we are so similar even though we come from different parts of the world....I think...different sides of world.....

Today she will drive her car alot! She will be my taxi driver, pretty taxi driver! We will take both cars out for a spin next weekend. I will post pictures. She looks soooo cute behind the wheel.

ok i gotta go!


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Coming down with the flu.....bummer.

Well I am getting sick...I can feel it....BUT this is only a 4 day week, and this is the end of day 2, so just 2 more days to go. I got only 3 hours of sleep monday, and tuesday knight. We met with a good friend of ours last night. We chowed down on Sam-gyup-sal (basically it means 3 layered meat, the cut of meat is like bacon)

I will post pictures of Korean dishes soon. Yogita and I are still working towards our plan of visiting India in September. I want to travel to Hong-Kong at the end of this year or early next year. We got Yogita's car all fixed up...only cost 80 bucks for all of the repairs. So both cars are up and running, Yogita drove the Arcadia today...I think she is hooked on luxury sedans......she might want to sell the Espero, and buy an another Arcadia. I love the car, so I am hoping she decides on that car late next year!

Ok Gotta go!

Today George had alot fun at the daycare. I will post more about George next time...perhaps tomorrow.
Oh...George hates fans......they scare we will have to get a air conditioner for his room.

Ok gotta go!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

3 day weekend!!!

Yep this year we have had many 3 day weekends. I love 3 day weekends. They are not too long so that when you head back to work you do not feel a bit out of place.
We are thinking about traveling again.....dae-chon beach again? Maybe....we will see.

This month we will buy a hard drive for Yogita's computer, we need a large hard drive to store movies, and pictures on until we can burn them to dvd's, and send them to family. We have a dvd burner, and cd burner. But we lack the hard drive space right now.

ok it is thursday night...tomorrow FRIDAY!!!!!!!