Thursday, July 28, 2005

It is thursday and I think we will have a rainy stretch of weather. This weekend we have many plans. Yogita and I will try and give our rods a test run, and go fishing, then we will visit a small town (Impi). I want to play lineage also this weekend.

I must post more pictures of Korean food. Falanya yes, Koreans do eat live octopus, and there have been a few cases where people have died because the thing choked them on the way down! Needless to say I will NOT be eating live octopus. I will try to post some pictures of Korean food.

Ok I gotta run!


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I will have chicken today!

So my day is winding down now. I have just one class remaining. I really like the students in that class. We have alot of fun during class, they are a funny bunch of people. Almost all of them are extremely busy during the day, so this time 9pm is the best time for them.

Let me give you a glimpse into my day.
It begings at 6:20am when I get up to get ready for work.
My first class is at 7am, then after that I drive home, for breakfast.
My next class is a company class, that begins at 11:30-12:30 in the afternoon.
My next class is another begins at 12:40, and finishes at 1:30pm.

after this time I am free until 4:00pm, but by the time i get home it is around is a 30 minute drive from the industrial zone.

Ok so I start again at 4pm-5pm. GM daewoo then begins at 5:45-6:45pm, then I must rush back to the institute (I drive other teachers and we all have classes that start at 7pm)
So that is a 7pm-8pm class, then i have a 1 hour break so I eat a snack at this time. I then have the class that I meantioned above. This class generally last a bit longer than one hour because....they love to study!

So all in all I have 7 classes.....ugh. It is tiring but my day flies by sooo fast!
I am always driving somewhere listening to my music at very high volume! I love my job.

Ok I gotta go!


Monday, July 25, 2005

Nice alot of rest.

Well it has been awhile since we last updated. We have traveled to Daechon again.
We couldn't believe our eyes, we saw many Korean women wearing swimming suits. This just was not common a few years ago!

We had ice cream, and shellfish, all in all it was a nice experience.
We will go fishing this weekend...maybe...we will take our rods for a test run.
We bought 2 fishing rods last sunday. But we have to get more tackle, though.

There are alot of nice places for fishing around here!

George had a ball he went to a swimming pool with other kids from the daycare.
They all looked so cute!

Ok I gotta go...I now have 7 classes a week tired....



Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Middle the week!

This week has strangely flew by! I thought that today was tuesday. I like when I make that mistake....learning that today was wed. put me in a very good mood.
Tomorrow is thursday, and thursdays are always nice because friday comes after.
Fridays....the easiest day of the week!

We got some Indian movies in Seoul over the weekend. So tonight's movie night will feature an Indian movie! WOOOOHOOOOO. I love bollywood movies..I can catch a glimpse of India, and Yogita tells me things about India when we watch the movies. I learn sooo much.

George is very polite. He always says please, thank you, hello....err...well...polite ...ya know? I will be putting together a dvd to send to our family in Alaska, and Philadelphia, and to our family in India. I think everyone has a dvd player so it should not be too difficult for them to view the video.

Dvd burners rock! In Seoul we picked up a hdd, (80gig) which we will use when burning movies, or pictures to dvd. Finally our hard drive problem is fixed. We now have enough hard drive capacity to suit our needs.

My computer is back up to 1gig of ram! 3200 ddr ram!...My games fly now! They load fast! and I experience very little lag!

Ok I have just one more class for today then I am free....


Monday, July 18, 2005

Our Trip Was Fun!

The trip was alot of fun. We left on friday night and came back on Sunday afternoon...we did some shopping for food, books and computer was very exciting...We could'nt find the new book from the series we are reading of Robert Jordan's "Wheel Of Time" but we placed an order for it...we should recieve it in 2 weeks.

just driving around seoul was so different then here in Gunsan..i and Jemal had fun figuring it out though.....We also picked up some Indian movies....we watched one last was nice although a bit sad....George had a ball in Seoul. We will post some pictures from the trip later.

Oh Yeah! and we did get lost even though we have navigation so i guess Jemal did'nt miss the getting lost and exploring part that much...somehow WE(Jemal and I) seem to get lost pretty often after all said and done....LOL(honestly i love it) :)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Friday is here!....Well almost.

Ok so we are making plans to take a major trip this weekend. We want to leave Seoul on friday night. That has always been our tradition. Leave on friday night when the buses would not be so crowded. Then get to Seoul at around 1 am then check into a motel, put George to bed. Then we would then stay up make plans for tomorrow then watch some tv or a video, then sleep.

We then get up early about 8-9am to shower, and to get a head start. Rush hour in Seoul is crazy but Saturday mornings it is not soo bad. Anyways then the fun begins we would take the subway to the different distinations we wanted to visit, shop like crazy then head back to the Motel, and rest. Sunday we would do a little more shopping then head back to our home. (Ulsan, and now Gunsan)

I do not miss living in Seoul but whenever I visit I am flooded with memories, and emotions. I always remember the fun we had in Seoul, the good memories. Exploring different areas, and getting lost. (I guess Navigation has one short coming!).

But Seoul is like a big supermarket/department store to us. We can find whatever we need in Seoul. There are even some nice Mountains to hike in Seoul. Ahhh the nice memories.

Ok i will play some computer games then head to bed. Night night!


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sleepy day.

My eye lids feel sooo heavy. Last night and every day this week I have been going to sleep by 2am.

Yogita and I have been staying up watching tv or playing lineage.

We are ready for our trip to Seoul, boy navigation is sweet. Getting around Seoul could not be easier now.

It is starting to get more humid, but it is still relatively cool.
I heard that it will rain tonight....perfect setting for our movie night. Yesterday we went out with students....we did not have neng-myeon......we had fried chicken, and was...ok. Maybe tomorrow I will get neng-myeon.

ok I have to sleep then prepare a test for my students.



Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Really nice weather today!

We have had a rainy stretch for quite a while. Rainy and muggy weather was the norm. But today the weather was awesome! Clear skies in the morning, very cool, dry weather. This type of weather is not the norm for this time of year.

I think I will suprise Yogita by having a movie date tonight instead of tomorrow night. (Our regular movie nights is wed.).

Goerge drew a car sort of looked like a car. He really likes pizza, so I will get him a pizza later this week.
George has soo many toys is it not funny, his favorite is a pooh bear. He named the bear Ah Gee (baby in Korean), his other stuffed animal "stitch" he named baby....

anyways tonight I will have neng myon with my students, and I will take pictures of it....YUMMMY!!!!!!!!

Ok I gotta go now!


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Some pics of Seoul

Ugh I am really sleepy right now...I know we have more pictures on cd's...but...I am too sleepy to look for them. In about an hour I will take a look!

The one with Yogita sleeping was taken when we were on a bus, and the other picture was taken when we were on the train. UGh bus and train with a little baby...never again!


Well another week down!

We are getting closer to that 3 day holiday next month! I can't wait...then we will get another 3 days holiday in September, and I think another one in October...not sure about october though.

Anyways pretty much a run of the mill week in our small city. We saw a couple of movies, I had fun teaching my classes.

Next weekend we will go to Seoul....7 days days...cause I will leave friday night.

I do not understand why Koreans do not drive more. To put it simply it is cheaper! Also if you drive at the right times it is MUCH faster! Only the ktx (Korean bullet train) can beat all over modes of transportation in terms of speed.

But it is does not run 24-7, and getting tickets can be difficult for weekend trips, or on holidays! One must order tickets well in advance. If you can read hangul ordering the tickets online is an option...and you are more likely to find tickets available. Nothing sucks more than going all the way to the train station only hear that tickets are sold out, and you will have to leave at a later time, or stand up the whole trip! Ugh! Screw that! Get a car I say! Drive to Seoul, then park at the hotel, or motel (parking is reserved for you, and trust me parking in Seoul is a nightmare! Not to meantion traffic!) Then once your car is safely parked, you can take the subway, or buses; to get to your destination. I think if your a wiz at parking, or you have the balls to park in some odd position, or on the sidewalk then driving into the city is an option for you.

Anyways Seoul has my favorite place in the world! Electronic Land! I will post pictures to show you just how nice it is! It is a HUGE mall, devoted to nothing BUT techie things, pc's, notebooks, pda's, digital cameras, camcorders, all types of pc related hardware, cd players, computer games...whew...the list could go on, and on.

But Seoul has other things to offer..I will let Yogita tell you about those...the electronic market is all that is on my mind right now!

I will post pictures of some of our past travels to Seoul.

I think teaching in Seoul was fun...but waaaay too hectic. However visiting from time to time is needed! It has soo much to offer!

Ok i gotta go!


Monday, July 04, 2005


Ok..mondays are supposed to suck right? Well...mine was ok! All of my classes up till this point have gone very well. Yogita and George are doing ok (she looks soo cute driving). Anyways...dont tell her I told you that....

Anyways, George had a miserable day. He wet himself....tisk tisk. Yogita and I played lineage together in the afternoon. OH...and I ate too many that is one thing that sucked about my day so far.

Have I meantioned that I am addicted to green tea? Yep...I must have the bitter tasting stuff. I drink many cups a day...about 5 to be exact. On a good day then I can drink a couple of "doubles"...this is where I put in 2 tea bags and let that bad boy soak, until it gets very bitter....higher concentration...more effect! So leave illegal drugs alone! Stop drinking coffee!, drop that coke!, is that pepsi? Toss it!
Cause green tea is in the house!

Ok I gotta run...i have a new private class....more money, but...less time...same old story. BUT next weekend we will go to SEOUL!!!!! I will tell you all about the friends there!!! I really have to go....getting late ya know?.....Crap....yogita is tickling me....arrrgghhhh.....

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Another Week!

We had a blast this weekend...we visited this place we haven't been to in a while and met some old friends...we also went out shopping with rained this weekend so we also got to stay in, cuddle, watch movies and play with was FUN!

well, its another week......hopefully it goes smooth for to go.


Start of a new week!

OK here are some pics of George. He has loads of fun every day.

His favorite korean song is NA-bee-ah. A Korean childrens song. His favorite American song (is it american? Maybe it is safer to say western?) Is twinkle twinkle little star. These shots where taken over a period of time, from our arrival, until very recently! Ok enjoy!

Ok so now on with the pictures!!