Monday, August 29, 2005

Ok here are the pictures of Un-Yeob and Byeon-won

....This had better work!

Had a nice restful weekend!

Ok So I am on a 1 month break from my Saturday class, and now I go to a High school and teach there for about an hour. This means that for the time being I have extra time......oh yeah!

So I got some much needed, and spent time at home. We played lineage, went out for pizza, it was the most restful Saturday yet! This is Chu-sok month so we will have a 3 day weekend...actually it is possible to have a 5 day weekend if chusok falls on weds, because it is a 3 day holiday.

You know Koreans do things in a such way that it is easy to predict thier behavior.
For example: Chusok....people will hit the road at around the same time, and clog of the roads for HOURS! Rest stops will packed, a 2 hour trip will take 5 or 6.

I am not saying that Americans, or Indians do not do this, of course we all do it is human nature. However, we try to avoid those patterns. For example daejon beach is a very nice place to visit. However, Koreans will only go there in large numbers during the summer season. (same as back home). SO if you want to have a great during off peak seasons. If you want to have a look around Seoul, Chu-sok is a good time to try! Millions of Koreans will be leaving the capital and heading to smaller cities, towns, and villages. Actually Gunsan will be a bit more crowded in certain areas. You will really notice a difference in the country side as cars, and mini vans line the dusty but very serene country roads. Those cars seem so out of place....I mean the usual sight would be tractors, or Korean style pickup trucks, motorcycles and the like.

Ok...before I sign off I will run spell check...I am terrible when it comes to spelling!


p.s I actually only made 3 mistakes! Way to go Jemal!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Here you go Un-Yeob

Un-Yeob is a student,and a friend..well we are friends with his family.
We went to Son-yu Island with them a couple of weeks ago.

So here I will post more pictures of him, and his brother Pyeong-won.

Monday, August 22, 2005

The package has arrived!

Well the package we sent to India finally arrived! I was very happy to hear about it from Yogita.

Next we will work on sending a computer over. I will build it myself, and make sure it has the needed software with which my in-laws can communicate with us more easily.

I have call Alaska, but I so busy I just have no time. I will find the time perhaps this week I will call. I haven't called in a long time.

Last weekend was very tiring but alot of fun! We went fishing at a local park 운파 (Un-pa if you do not have Korean fonts installed...well...also if you do, and you cannot understand Korean).

This park has some beautiful views! There is a good sized lake, even a small amusement park. Dotted along the egde of the park there are numerous resturants. It seems that duck is very popular in this area. Many of the resturants serve duck. However you can find some "healthy" Korean food. I say "healthy" because...well..Korean food in general is quite healthy, and lean. Also Koreans tell me that these resturants serve "healthy" food. Perhaps it is super healthy?

I want to try them out see what the hype is all about. I have had Korean style duck.
I must is very different from what I have had in the past. I will post some pictures the next time I have duck.

Well I went fishing in Un-pa lake, and together we caught 3 Bass. We will cook them up later this week. I want to go back to that lake again, especially if the bass we caught is really good! I went out for 2 dinners, and when to a PC room.....ugh I am sooo tired. George had a ball at the lake, he played with his friend Gwan-woo. They are the same age and are similar in personality. I forgot the darn camera so guess who did not catch and pictures of fish we caught!

Ugh.....I still need to find time to find out how to post videos on this blog. There is so much I can show you. Oh and I going to burn those dvd's....gotta find time!

ok I gotta go!


Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's saturday!!!!!

so it's saturday...does that mean "REST"....probably we have a lot of i guess tomorrow will be our real rest's fun anyways....i just love going on drives and exploring a new place...i and jemal are so impulsive in that sense...say we are chilling at home or hanging out and we suddnely decide let's go on a's 'Awesome' my personal experience trips like that are more fun than the planned ones...ok here our some recent pics.

Friday, August 19, 2005

At the end of a four day week!

Ahh friday. Actually I am going to use this post to show Yogita how to post pictures on this website. I have also found a way to link videos to this blog as well.

One second I have to call Yogita!

These are some pictures of a nice park near our old apartment in Anchorage!
Ok I have just shown her how to post pictures here so now she will.

I want to transform our blog into a sort of photo journal.

Anyways it is friday, I will have dinner with my students tonight, sam-gyup-sal.
I will make sure to bring the digital camera along.
I have lost my cell phone (hand phone in Konglish). So I and Yogita will look into getting new cell phones. Some more news I will go fishing on saturday! We are going for bass....I will MAKE SURE to bring our crappy digital camera along!

Ok I gotta go!


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ok more pictures from Son-yu Island

Ok some more from Son-yu-do. We also have some pictures from 2002 and 2003.
In the future we will post them here as well.
Actually near Gunsan there are many small Islands, where people make a living from fishing and industries related to fishing. These people are also very warm hearted, more so than people from the mainland.



Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Could not access our blog!

I was unable to update to a number days because for some reason I could not access our that sucked! But it is all ok now.

I want to answer some questions that have been asked namely the live octopus eating in Korea....Lanya....yes they eat it while it is alive, and I have heard of reports of people choking on them....will I do the same? NOWAY!!!!

Gas here cost about....$1.40 cents for a liter, so multiply that by 3.78 and you have one gallon....let me use my calculator on my computer......Oh my goodness!!!!
It is over $5.30 cents for a gallon!!!!! In Seoul it is about 5.60 cents getting closer to 6 bucks!!!

Ok is there a solution! YES! I will have a LPG tank installed in my car (it cost me 100 bucks to fill up!)
Installation will be expensive but the cost of lpg is a little less than the cost of gasoline stateside. Now remember, if I travel to one end of Korea it is same as traveling to one end of the U.S if you consider that you are going from part of the country another part. For example if I go to Pusan, or Seok-cho then it is like going from Philadelphia to west coast, or to Florida. So to get around is not as pricey. Here a 4-6 hour drive is considered a very very long drive. It is like...driving cross country....(in the states it would equivalent to driving across one state!). So to get to Pusan I could use 1 tank of gas, and have a little left over. The price of round trip bus tickets for Yogita and I comes to arround 80-90 bucks, minus the comfort of your own vehicle. So everything sort of balances out. Also I make pretty good money...not great or awesome but pretty good, so it does not effect our budget to greatly, also the school helps me out by paying about 50% of my fuel cost. IF I got a lpg tank (luiqidfied petroluem gas) then the 50% the school gives me 9-6 monthes out of a year would be more than suffiecent for a full month!

So I will be looking into getting secondary fuel tank. It would smaller than the main tank, but it would cost about 15 bucks to fill it up (40 liters) or 30 bucks (80 liters)

Ok I will post some more pictures of Son-yu island.

take care!


Saturday, August 13, 2005

First day of the 3 day weekend.

Well I am kinda tired because I stayed up late yesterday playing one of my new games.
I will take it easy today, stay and home, workout, maybe run out later and try fishing with Yogita..The weather looks perfect for it right now..but weather in Gunsan can change quite a bit!

We finally sent the package to is easier than I thought it would step....sending the bigger package!

I am so tired of hearing about reports of U.S soliders being killed in Iraq.
The press is just trying to get a story out that will turn heads. I feel that enough is enough. Man has no idea what he is doing. That is why the mission to go into Iraq ended up the way it did. Soliders, killing innocent people, IED's blowing everyone up! But...we hear about the trained military personel who die....what about the scores of kids, and women. Or how about this, a bunch of men...whose only care in the world is to get job a to support thier families gets blown to bits....they where just standing in line. It just makes a person sick to the stomach.

Well I will sign off for now....


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The "hump" day!

Yep wednesday is here. Pino....I have more muscle is ALL muscle!

Lanya your right we need to post more pictures, so tomorrow or friday I will post some more pictures we took of Son Yu Island. I think I will post 10 pictures.

Anyways today was actually much easier due to the fact that one of our major company classes is on vacation this week. So today I got more rest. Also there is a 3 day weekend coming up, so next weeek will be only a 4 day work week. Not bad....August is shaping up to be the easiest month so far!

We will send a package to India, Yogita's dog needs some things, and I promised chocolate to her younger sister....sorry! I hope you can forgive me, I have had an extra load of classes for the past 3 monthes. We will try to make this package special!

George is speaking more Korean than English; well in public that is. He is soo much like Yogita, in personality, and looks. He is getting taller these days, also about 3-4 monthes we completed his potty training. It was easier than we thought.

Ok...I gotta get get ready for my last class!



Monday, August 08, 2005

Ok Dong-su here they are!

Hi one of my students Dong-Su really wanted me to post these pictures of a dinner we had together, last weds. night.

These are the memebers of my late night class I mentioned before.

Man next to me is West Cloud (his name in Chinese means "west cloud".
The man sitting next to him, and paying the bill is Mike. Both of them are god friends and are very fun people to spend time.

Setting across from me on my left is Jun, he works at the airbase and has picked some nice English skills through his job! Next to him is Dong-Su! I forgot to visit him in Impi one week ago, but it is ok, because we visited him yesterday. It was fun, I also met many of his friends.....I mean we....Yogita was with me. We almost allways do things together!

Ok now on to the pictures!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

SonYu Island!

....What can I was wonderful! George had a blast and met many new friends!
Yogita, and I had loads of fun. We ate seafood, hung out with a family some really good friends of ours.....we sort of feel like we are part of the family here. It was great!

We went fishing but for only a short time, the tide was coming in and we had to quickly leave the rock we where fishing on. We will go fishing by ourselves next weekend.

When we visited the Island we saw our directors home town. We met her older, and younger brothers, and thier wives, and family. We feel closer to her (my boss, and good friend). I can't wait to tell her about our trip!

Ok on to some pictures.

Actually there are series of small Islands in this area. The one we stayed on had bridges connecting islands to each other.
The 2 boys you see in the pictures above are George's friends, and our students, and friends. We are also friends with thier parents as well, I hope to do more fishing with thier father!

Yogita's hair blowing in the wind! Oh..we all got sun burned! Yogita, I can understand, George? Of course. ME?! Sheesh, I thought my skin could handle it....darker skin tone, and all...but NO, I got sunburned too.

Oh...I should also mention that we have never missed our cars more in our short driving lives!

Friday, August 05, 2005

wow it's been a while!

we have been busy....well, me slightly and Jemal alot...anyways, we have a 2 days summer vacation( actually 4 including the weekend) so we are going to SonYu Island...we have plans to go's a pretty island about 2 hours by boat from Kunsan...we are very excited...we will be leaving in an's a small island but pretty...we have been there 3 yrs. ago when i was visiting it again with George will be STRANGE....

k gotta go...i'll post about how it went when we get back!!!!!