Friday, August 19, 2005

At the end of a four day week!

Ahh friday. Actually I am going to use this post to show Yogita how to post pictures on this website. I have also found a way to link videos to this blog as well.

One second I have to call Yogita!

These are some pictures of a nice park near our old apartment in Anchorage!
Ok I have just shown her how to post pictures here so now she will.

I want to transform our blog into a sort of photo journal.

Anyways it is friday, I will have dinner with my students tonight, sam-gyup-sal.
I will make sure to bring the digital camera along.
I have lost my cell phone (hand phone in Konglish). So I and Yogita will look into getting new cell phones. Some more news I will go fishing on saturday! We are going for bass....I will MAKE SURE to bring our crappy digital camera along!

Ok I gotta go!


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