Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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I was unable to update to a number days because for some reason I could not access our that sucked! But it is all ok now.

I want to answer some questions that have been asked namely the live octopus eating in Korea....Lanya....yes they eat it while it is alive, and I have heard of reports of people choking on them....will I do the same? NOWAY!!!!

Gas here cost about....$1.40 cents for a liter, so multiply that by 3.78 and you have one gallon....let me use my calculator on my computer......Oh my goodness!!!!
It is over $5.30 cents for a gallon!!!!! In Seoul it is about 5.60 cents getting closer to 6 bucks!!!

Ok is there a solution! YES! I will have a LPG tank installed in my car (it cost me 100 bucks to fill up!)
Installation will be expensive but the cost of lpg is a little less than the cost of gasoline stateside. Now remember, if I travel to one end of Korea it is same as traveling to one end of the U.S if you consider that you are going from part of the country another part. For example if I go to Pusan, or Seok-cho then it is like going from Philadelphia to west coast, or to Florida. So to get around is not as pricey. Here a 4-6 hour drive is considered a very very long drive. It is like...driving cross country....(in the states it would equivalent to driving across one state!). So to get to Pusan I could use 1 tank of gas, and have a little left over. The price of round trip bus tickets for Yogita and I comes to arround 80-90 bucks, minus the comfort of your own vehicle. So everything sort of balances out. Also I make pretty good money...not great or awesome but pretty good, so it does not effect our budget to greatly, also the school helps me out by paying about 50% of my fuel cost. IF I got a lpg tank (luiqidfied petroluem gas) then the 50% the school gives me 9-6 monthes out of a year would be more than suffiecent for a full month!

So I will be looking into getting secondary fuel tank. It would smaller than the main tank, but it would cost about 15 bucks to fill it up (40 liters) or 30 bucks (80 liters)

Ok I will post some more pictures of Son-yu island.

take care!


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