Monday, August 29, 2005

Had a nice restful weekend!

Ok So I am on a 1 month break from my Saturday class, and now I go to a High school and teach there for about an hour. This means that for the time being I have extra time......oh yeah!

So I got some much needed, and spent time at home. We played lineage, went out for pizza, it was the most restful Saturday yet! This is Chu-sok month so we will have a 3 day weekend...actually it is possible to have a 5 day weekend if chusok falls on weds, because it is a 3 day holiday.

You know Koreans do things in a such way that it is easy to predict thier behavior.
For example: Chusok....people will hit the road at around the same time, and clog of the roads for HOURS! Rest stops will packed, a 2 hour trip will take 5 or 6.

I am not saying that Americans, or Indians do not do this, of course we all do it is human nature. However, we try to avoid those patterns. For example daejon beach is a very nice place to visit. However, Koreans will only go there in large numbers during the summer season. (same as back home). SO if you want to have a great during off peak seasons. If you want to have a look around Seoul, Chu-sok is a good time to try! Millions of Koreans will be leaving the capital and heading to smaller cities, towns, and villages. Actually Gunsan will be a bit more crowded in certain areas. You will really notice a difference in the country side as cars, and mini vans line the dusty but very serene country roads. Those cars seem so out of place....I mean the usual sight would be tractors, or Korean style pickup trucks, motorcycles and the like.

Ok...before I sign off I will run spell check...I am terrible when it comes to spelling!


p.s I actually only made 3 mistakes! Way to go Jemal!

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