Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The "hump" day!

Yep wednesday is here. Pino....I have more muscle is ALL muscle!

Lanya your right we need to post more pictures, so tomorrow or friday I will post some more pictures we took of Son Yu Island. I think I will post 10 pictures.

Anyways today was actually much easier due to the fact that one of our major company classes is on vacation this week. So today I got more rest. Also there is a 3 day weekend coming up, so next weeek will be only a 4 day work week. Not bad....August is shaping up to be the easiest month so far!

We will send a package to India, Yogita's dog needs some things, and I promised chocolate to her younger sister....sorry! I hope you can forgive me, I have had an extra load of classes for the past 3 monthes. We will try to make this package special!

George is speaking more Korean than English; well in public that is. He is soo much like Yogita, in personality, and looks. He is getting taller these days, also about 3-4 monthes we completed his potty training. It was easier than we thought.

Ok...I gotta get get ready for my last class!



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