Monday, August 08, 2005

Ok Dong-su here they are!

Hi one of my students Dong-Su really wanted me to post these pictures of a dinner we had together, last weds. night.

These are the memebers of my late night class I mentioned before.

Man next to me is West Cloud (his name in Chinese means "west cloud".
The man sitting next to him, and paying the bill is Mike. Both of them are god friends and are very fun people to spend time.

Setting across from me on my left is Jun, he works at the airbase and has picked some nice English skills through his job! Next to him is Dong-Su! I forgot to visit him in Impi one week ago, but it is ok, because we visited him yesterday. It was fun, I also met many of his friends.....I mean we....Yogita was with me. We almost allways do things together!

Ok now on to the pictures!


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Jeyo said...


Ugh spam posters...ok i will delete this clown post.

Advance my life?


pino said...

look so good....!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want to go sun-nu island..
but i have a exam....
next 4th... so i don't go there...
how are you???
you look some fat.....
have a nice day to your familly....