Monday, August 22, 2005

The package has arrived!

Well the package we sent to India finally arrived! I was very happy to hear about it from Yogita.

Next we will work on sending a computer over. I will build it myself, and make sure it has the needed software with which my in-laws can communicate with us more easily.

I have call Alaska, but I so busy I just have no time. I will find the time perhaps this week I will call. I haven't called in a long time.

Last weekend was very tiring but alot of fun! We went fishing at a local park 운파 (Un-pa if you do not have Korean fonts installed...well...also if you do, and you cannot understand Korean).

This park has some beautiful views! There is a good sized lake, even a small amusement park. Dotted along the egde of the park there are numerous resturants. It seems that duck is very popular in this area. Many of the resturants serve duck. However you can find some "healthy" Korean food. I say "healthy" because...well..Korean food in general is quite healthy, and lean. Also Koreans tell me that these resturants serve "healthy" food. Perhaps it is super healthy?

I want to try them out see what the hype is all about. I have had Korean style duck.
I must is very different from what I have had in the past. I will post some pictures the next time I have duck.

Well I went fishing in Un-pa lake, and together we caught 3 Bass. We will cook them up later this week. I want to go back to that lake again, especially if the bass we caught is really good! I went out for 2 dinners, and when to a PC room.....ugh I am sooo tired. George had a ball at the lake, he played with his friend Gwan-woo. They are the same age and are similar in personality. I forgot the darn camera so guess who did not catch and pictures of fish we caught!

Ugh.....I still need to find time to find out how to post videos on this blog. There is so much I can show you. Oh and I going to burn those dvd's....gotta find time!

ok I gotta go!


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