Saturday, August 06, 2005

SonYu Island!

....What can I was wonderful! George had a blast and met many new friends!
Yogita, and I had loads of fun. We ate seafood, hung out with a family some really good friends of ours.....we sort of feel like we are part of the family here. It was great!

We went fishing but for only a short time, the tide was coming in and we had to quickly leave the rock we where fishing on. We will go fishing by ourselves next weekend.

When we visited the Island we saw our directors home town. We met her older, and younger brothers, and thier wives, and family. We feel closer to her (my boss, and good friend). I can't wait to tell her about our trip!

Ok on to some pictures.

Actually there are series of small Islands in this area. The one we stayed on had bridges connecting islands to each other.
The 2 boys you see in the pictures above are George's friends, and our students, and friends. We are also friends with thier parents as well, I hope to do more fishing with thier father!

Yogita's hair blowing in the wind! Oh..we all got sun burned! Yogita, I can understand, George? Of course. ME?! Sheesh, I thought my skin could handle it....darker skin tone, and all...but NO, I got sunburned too.

Oh...I should also mention that we have never missed our cars more in our short driving lives!

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Unknown said...

Jemal you should know better than to not where sunscreen out on a boating trip. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. What would mom say?
So you caught a boat out to the island you stayed at? Did you do any fishing? What kind of fish can you catch? I think travis and I spent $50 for nothing when we each got our fishing licenses. I don't think we will be going fishing this year...unfortunately. Really I want to fish for Halibut because it tastes kinda like chicken...
Your blog is open to the public?
Need more pictures of you guys!