Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A change in my schedule!

The school has hired 2 new teachers. This means that my schedule will become much easier. I will be able to spend more time with my family (I see George for about 30 minutes a day...sometimes less than that).

This weekend we might head back to Daejeon. Our supplies are running low. Actually I am excited about going back. They have some great pizza! It is HUGE!!! I will take a picture of it. Korean pizza's are more like a medium sized pizza, I mean a Korean large is a medium in America. The the taste....AWESOME! Not too greasy, with enough toppings to make me and Yogita happy. (George will eat almost anything that looks like a pizza).

So I am excited about my schedule change, and about our trip to Daejeon.


p.s: I will post pictures of our recent trip...I was busy last week, and I forgot.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New Resolutions!!!!!

Well, both of us are trying to get more organized and use our time wisely.....I will be updating the blog more often.....Also I'm planning to get back into arts and crafts, embroidery, knitting and writing.......I enjoy these things...Haven't done them in a while and since I am taking a break from work from next week I want to spend more time doing the stuff I like...Also I want to do some crafts project with George....Last winter I did some knitting and made a couple-caps for myself and jemal and a scarf for jemal...That was my first time...It was fun! So I want to knit a few things this year...

well, I gotta run...Class Time.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Getting more organzied

That is my goal. I am writing things down more these days, and checking them off once I complete them. This is helping me alot!
Today if I do not have my company class (more like a 1 on 1 class), then I will drop my notebook off for repairs. Next week I will repair the external hard drive I bought. Once those repairs are finished I will be able to offer more multimedia content in my classes. I am thinking about using a audio/video program 4 times a month.

Ok I have class. I will post pictures from my desktop...the function to post from this blog is not working.


Monday, November 14, 2005

Wow it has been some time!

Well my schedule was absolutely crazy! Ugh But we are able to manage.
I got some new hub caps for my car....boy do they make a huge difference in the way the car looks (ok...well....to me that is!, besides yogita likes it too!).

Last week felt longer than usual because was doing about 9 classes a day. One of our teachers had an operation.
I think most of this week will be normal. I have to post some pictures that we took on a trip a couple weeks ago. I keep forgetting to bring the digital camera, and camcorder.....so I have missed out some nice photos!

Oh Mike I just forgot! The dvd's are ready! We just have to mail them out to everyone now.

I just need to stop procrastinating.

George is picking up some bad habits from the Korean children at the daycare center.
But all is well.

ok tata for now!


Friday, November 04, 2005

Another busy weekend ahead.

I will meet my morning students for dinner tomorrow evening. But I have made plans with another student. Babo me....I totally forgot that last week my morning class students made plans to have dinner with Yogita and I.....

So I will have to reschedule our plans with another friend of mine...bummer. It is ok I guess, I really ought to improve my memory.

This week really flew by! Of course having the wednesday off helped speed things up a bit.

This weekend we where going to eat at Outback steakhouse, but as you know I forgot I had prior plans...so....no Jeon-ju this week.

It was a nice week, going to Dae-jon, watching a free movie on Monday.

Ok I gotta go. I really have to start posting more pictures here.....


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Trip to Dae-jon

Well this is the third time we have gone to Dae-jon this year.
The first time we took back roads, we had no maps, only a vague sense of direction.
Funny thing is it was sooooo much fun. We knew that Guemsan, was near Dae-jon and that is located northeast of Gunsan. So about 4hrs later we reached Dae-jon.

The next time we went had naviagation. It was ALOT easier. Getting into E-mart was a bit tricky. In that area there is alot of traffic. So if you miss a turn there is no option for a quick u-turn.

This time we went because we wanted to check out Costco. We bought RAISAN BRAN!!!!
Boy it has been over a year since I had that cereal! We bought 2 boxes (each box has 2 bags). We also go 3 large blocks of cheese, trailmix (about 70 of em), picante sauce (for our low carb diet), and prego spagetti sauce.

We will return in about a month.

The drive back was uneventful but fun.

George is getting spoiled at the Day care we take him too. Here in Korea most parents spoil thier children....even more so with boys. So George gets the red carpet treatment at the daycare...it is starting to irk me. I am thinking about pulling him out.

At home he tries to pull off tricks that he does at the daycare....to no avail.
Ahhh he just doesn't realize that I see right through what he is doing.

He had fun at Costco and alot fun during the drive, but every and then he likes to test us. He does not realize it yet but....the spoiling he gets might come to an end....

Ok take care!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Good times!

Ok so today went pretty smoothly. In the early morning class we have the managers coming. This winter will be very interesting I think.

Tomorrow we will decide on where to go but it looks like there is a remote possiblity that we might go to Dae-jon with other teachers from our school.
It sounds pretty fun!

But if we do not go to Dae-jon then we will drive to some other place. I want to get an early start, see some of the countryside in the morning. We want to eat at the place we decide to go to. So that means stopping by a rest stop for breakfast, then a local resturant at the location we chose.

So this week will fly by.

These days I am thinking about what car I want to get Yogita. Now she drives our first car. But she really wants to get another car (after driving mine that is).
I have my eyes set on the Kia Enterprise....it is very nice looking sedan. I think that it fits her. But think she might go for a 4 wheel drive, or some small SUV (wait a minute...almost all suv's here are classified as small)

George will have a ball tomorrow I will take out the babyseat that we got for him, and use that for our trip. He loves it! It gives him a better view of the road.

Most Korean children are not restrained in any way when they are cars. But George never fusses..I think he just loves the view! My schedule is very busy I see him for about 30 minutes a day on average, so tomorrow will be special for all of us.

ok thats all for now..tomorrow I will post some pictures of our adventures.