Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ugh here are the pictures!

It has been too long since I have updated.

We have had 3 weekends in a row that where very busy.

This up coming weekend we will spend alone...I think we need the time.

Just cuddle and play with George, read a book together, play computer games together.

Go shopping. Go for a walk. Take pictures around Gunsan (sounds boring to some people but...we love it!)

I will post 5 of those pictures that we took!

There is alot to see in Gunsan. Driving can really take away from alot of the experience.

The GM Daewoo workshop (an intensive English program) is coming to and end....2 more days left. Last week heavy snows caused a cancellation of my class on the first day.

We recently bought a heater (fan that heats these coils and then heat radiates out from the fan) George uses that. We got a electric blanket. So this week we will get another blanket for George, and we will get another heater.

Yogita's desktop needs upgrades....her pc can't keep up with gaming nowadays....her 1 gig of sdram (133mhz) just is not enough, and her graphics card is well...crap.

I mean it should be a nice card for what we want to do with it. However it just can not handle heavy 3d rendering without the vpu resetting the cards settings to default....UGH!

I gotta lot to say because it has been awhile since i posted.

here are those pictures from around Gunsan.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Triple update today!

Yep thats right. I will update with pictures, and of course this short message which might get alot longer depending on if my students arrive this morning...poor Jeol.

You see in Korea there are seasons for almost everything. Take Jeol's class for example....well his 7am. He has 2 new students that have just started attending his class maybe...this week? That means that they will likely come early, and regualarly.
He has another student, he is quite dedicated to studying English..he comes early. So that means while I am writing this entry on this snowy morning He is teaching. (btw it is coming down in sheets, which USUALLY means that students will either come very late or they won't show up at all) Now this season high school grads (on vacation) before entering University will have about 3 monthes of time to study English or do whatever they so please (or rather whatever their parents would so please). Many flock to the local Hogwans (Adademy, institute, coaching school....).

This is also the Kimchi making season. So last week I received butt loads of kimchi...I mean Yogita and I. Boy we have enough to last a life time. I would like to give a shout out to Li lah, Byung wons mother, and our nieghbors! From them we recieved quite alot of kimchi. Actually Li-lah gave us the largest amount. Actually I think more people gave us Kimchi.... but I am not sure. Kimchi is like a pickle cabbage. Spicy, savory, red...juicy...a bit salty...goes well with most things. It can help you if you are on a diet cause you can add it to almost any dish, and it can fill you up, and seeing that is it low in calories, and get the picture!

Well actually one student did finally show up! He is better than I. If I where him I would have slept.

Ok read the next post! SHocking news! (well not shocking if you have lived in Korea)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Some pictures from Son-yu Island

Right now we are in Bu-an.
We are meeting my friend, Mr. Cho.
I drove his family and my family out to Bu-an to meet with him at his factory.
He lives at his factory in the winter, and his family visits him from time to time.

Anyways he has many pictures from our trip Son-yu Island earlier this year.
I found one really nice one of George.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Trip to Dae-jon 2

Well not really our second trip we have been to dae-jon about 4 times since we returned to Korea. However this was our second trip to Costco. We had alot of fun. Jeol came with us. He is our co-worker. He loves music and brought his mp3 player (it has a whopping 2gigs of flash memory!) That is twice as much as my sd card in my pda. Yogita Jeol and I (George was sort of sight seeing....) shopped to our hearts content. I got my usual Raisin bran, and trailmix granola bars. Yogita got cheese, candy (i forgot the has ground up almonds...well not ground up more like...almond bits..O.o with a toffee center....really nice!)

I am loving this new schedule. Finally after 3 years I have a nice schedule..I intend to make the most of it....I know my schedule will change always does.

This morning my students asked me what number is used to call information...Lanya, melah, Omorro, and can back me up on this but we used to always call 555-1212. Another number is 411 (i am sure the 2 numbers call the same place...)

I checked online...and of course both numbers are used for the same I seriously am doubting my memory more and more these days....this morning I actually thought I might have made a mistake.....>.<

Anyway I showed my students and told them that 411 would likely be a better choice to use because it is more simple. The 555 number....sheesh...I am rambling on.

Yogita got into a fender bender.....she feels low about it. It is really my fault I should done 2 things. One I should have installed the chains on her tires. Two, I shold have tld her not to drive seeing as though she did not have chains on her tires....babo me. I will but her a is not too expensive (about 500 bucks more than the espero) but it has abs, front and rear disc breaks...basically a better car all around.

Later this year or early 2007 I will buy her a Enterprise (Kia sedan)

Jeol and I where talking about how in Korea koreans just don't seem to have fun.
Maybe it is a different perspective. For example if I go bowling with my friends it does not really matter if I am not very good.

But in Korea they seem to have a formula for every outdoor activity. For example: swimming you MUST wear special gear, general playing around in the pool is not seen at all, just a bunch of people doing some serious laps. In Philly I remember the pool being a fun place. You don't know how to problem..just hang out and play. I started working out a few monthes ago. A friend of mine Korean could not just enjoy a good workout. He had to give advice. No do it like this. No not so heavy like this. It was I ignored him. I told him that I am going for strength training. He did not understand..instead I got the in Korea it is done like this....narrow minded.

So many activities here are governed by rules. Playing pool, bowling, fishing, going to the beach, there is little variety in the way Korean people do things. I guess it is the homogenus culture. In America we do things differently....and well....I guess we also do things the same as everyone else.
In my opinion we have more fun. Or rather we know how to have more fun. I am sure my students would disagree. I guess it is a matter of perspective, depends on which side of the fence your on. I still think that in America we have more fun.