Thursday, December 21, 2006

A few more pics!!!!

here are a few more!!!

More Pics.

continuing my previous post i have a lot more pics. to post.... don't think i can post all of 'em but i'll try





as you all know that Jemal's schedule changed now he finishes later than usual...which inturn means that i get tons of time to myself....i love to take a trip down the memory lane during these times....

anyways, recently i have been loking at our pictures from like 5 years ago.....its fun to look at those pictures and remember how things were back then.....some things i miss some things i am glad to be over with( eg. being carefree students..i kinda miss those days...being pregnant and the morning sickness...glad that its

well, looking at pictures from Alaska and from korea when George was young i was thinking about all those people( family and friends) who helped us through those times....just wanted to say THANKYOU GUYS!!!! we are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!!!!!!Love you all

And now some pics. from the past

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

And bring on 9 'o clock!

Oh well..looks like I will be finishing at 10pm again for the next few monthes. I and Yogita are going to try and use this time to work out...I have some excess flab I could lose. We were looking forward to a easy week...but well...I guess You can not get everything you want. I finished my work for the 9pm class a bit late today so I could not continue my story...tomorrow I will get on top of that. Sorry Omorro my cell phones battery died! Please email me!!!
Mike your right we do have to talk about Alaska!

Ok I gotta go!!!

TA TA!!!!!!!


Thursday, December 14, 2006


I would like to dedicate this post to Jemilah, Lanya, Mike and Omorro, and to Jeol, Steph, and Hueysin. I have been reading some of our past entries and I must say I forgot the good feeling I got when you all would reply to our post back then, and now. It really feels good. Mela when you posted in response to my tummy really made me feel good, that you shared my pain, and sympathized. Lanya your questions about our activities here make us feel more excited about sharing them! Mike the same goes for you as well! It just feels so good. Jeol you make me laugh when you post. You share in some inside jokes, for example the dude would acts like a kid but wants to be treated like something else...(I still have not figured him out!). I also love to read you blog as well..I promise I will post there. Steph your post are very nice too! Very cheerful, and upbeat. Poor twin brother, I know that you read this blog often but do not post much but I love you man!

So after taking a trip down memory lane I just wanted to say that everyone who make us want to post more! Also....I want to improve my writing, and spelling. You all have been very understanding of this area of weakness on my part!


Part 5 to come! and tomorro is friday!!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO

Ok I gotta go....1 more class then it is home time!!!



Monday, December 11, 2006

Part 4

Ok so anyways we had about 4 hours to wait and we both, or rather I know knew that we should remain alert. Now let me tell you about George during all of this, I am sure you might be wondering what he was up to. George was very excited about flying in an airplane..he does not remember the flight to Alaska, then returning to Korea about a year later. I got him hyped up about the take off, and landing tell him that it was the most exciting part flying. Our route that we were taking included 2 stop in Hong Kong, and another in Thailand. So this meant many take offs and landings. But alas George is but a babe! When we first took off he was fiddling with his blanket while talking to us about planes crashing like in daddy's game....heh. So I had to quickly tell him that talking about planes crashing while flying was strictly prohibited! Also he slept during most of the flight...which left Yogita and I plenty of free time. At one point in Bangkok's new airport I was using the facilities.....when I heard a voice..."Mommy wheres daddy? Is he taking a boo boo? DADDY DADDY STINKY!!!" Lets just say that from within the stall my bowels suddenly decided to stop cooperating!

Well it was an uneventful wait until I got hungry. So after gathering up alot of courage we headed over to buy some vittles..actually I was the one feeling nervous. We had seen some kid eating what looked to be a tasty beef or mutton sandwich while drinking something...some dairy product by the look of it. All while my mouth was watering watching this kid...kinda strange I know...but..well...there was nothing else to do and it help keep me awake, watching his slow methodical mastication of his late dinner or early breakfast....

Well we head over to the counter I proceed to order the same sandwich, and some water. I think we also bought a slice of cake too...I think... Anyways the guy tells me....5.20 its 5.20 now at this point I had over rupees 17,000, and more where that came from. So I am thinking...5.20...maybe he means rps 520. So I am fiddling with my money when Yogita notices that I am reaching a 500 note. She quickly says..."How much was that?" At this time the guy says something like 120 or something. I found out that cheating foriegners is common place. He was sucessful in cheating me out of almost 50 rupees. Yogita kept laughing at the situation saying that we should save the water bottle as a gift to Abu her younger sister; saying that it was soo expensive that it must be special. I was starting to get pissed the more I thought about it, and well I wanted to go over there give him a ham sandwich...but I did not.

When time came to get on the airplane we felt like dog poo, except George. He was still sleeping and dreaming. I will have to continue from this point. I will ask Yogita to post more pics again.

Ok I gotta go TATA


Friday, December 08, 2006

Pics continued!!!!!

here are some more pics from india. George fell in love with my sisters and had loads of fun. Here are some pics of him with my sisters.....also there is a pic of me and my younger younger sister adores her Jiju(brother- in- law in hindi) as you can see in her cute pic with jemal. We are so happy to have recieve these pics. they bring back such good memories for us. Thankyou abbu!!!!!

pics from india!

ok here are some pics from india. there is a pic. of george with my mom and dad, then there is another pic. of me and jemal in traditional indian wear. George met a few kids in india... so here is george with his friends, then there is the pic of the new bride and the groom(my older sister and her husband) for the most fun pic. "Jemal on an elephant"!!!!!!lol

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Part 3 continued...

Well anyways the guy is really nice trying to covince us to take the taxi service. He even showed us the break down the taxi fare. Well anyways he so helpful he even showed us where to go to take the domestic flights.

Now I should note that there was another man in booth who was not so nice. He was telling the whole time...taking a flight is more expensive. However imagine our surprise when we find that the flight is only about Rps 4000 for all of us!

At this time it was about 1am and the next flight to Lucknow was at 6am. There is this waiting room (that you have pay to enter, it is very cheap but I felt like a Farengi handing out slips of latinum).

We had to wait in this room for about 4 hours! Sleep was out of the question as we had many valuables and Yogita warned me that sleeping would invite thieves, and likely we would have many things missing when we woke up.

This was very true, because outside I noticed something. Everytime I would look away or a few feet away from our luggage these young men would angle closer looking over our baggage...even though I was very tired due to the result of these experiments I was on gaurd and could not rest!

Ok I will leave the story here I must make coffee before my last class...Abu...these late classes SUCK!!!!!


Monday, November 27, 2006

I have an extra hour!!!

It feels sooo good! This time will allow me to rest up. I want to use this extra bit of time wisely.
Actually I had better get going! I have class in about....2 minutes....


P.S Abu we can not wait until the internet is setup over there! You can send us the wedding pictures!!

...your President.....The honorable Jemal Edward Hogan the fifth.

I have not forgotten!!

Ok this is just a short note to say that I have not forgotten. Lets just say that recounting the little that I have has brought back vivid memories.
It is so strange, when ever I go abroad and then return the time spent away seems like a distant memory. Just another stamp in my passport. However recalling events is such a good workout for my spent memory cells.

Ok just an update today. We are still adjusting. George looks great in his hand me downs. I am having issues with my digital camcorder...might have to buy another one if this problem turns out to be more complex and more expensive than the camcorder is worth.

Mike I am not sure about April.

Ok I gotta go!


Friday, November 24, 2006

Part 3

Yeah I would say it was warmish but the dry air made you quite thirsty even though the heat was not intense.

Where was I....yes we where in the airport and it felt strange. The airport felt like it was from 20-30 years in the past. Immigration was very simple no questions asked. They just made sure you had all of your stamps and bingo they let you through. Once we where through the formalities (one officer told me that I looked Indian, I was wearing a Pajama Kurta...I will check with Yogita on the spelling) I went out into the receiving area...and it was was soo quiet as we emerged from customs...there were signs with people looking for people who just arrived. Well that is normal..I have been to many airports...but this was strange because it was sooo quiet! No music no background noise of any kind...just quiet eyes scanning you checking to see if they knew you.

Once we past that area we able to see booths where we could hire a taxi, or buy bus tickets.
There Yogita and I checked out the taxi fares...and we found that Yogita was right it would be over Rs 8000. Once I heard that I just started to walk away. However, the guy there kept calling us back haggling with us....but I was not in the mood for haggling...I was too tired. I was n ot rude to him but I did have to turn down his repeated offers....

darn....ran out of time again....I will be back!!!!!


Thursday, November 23, 2006

India part 2

I am actually writing these brief little posts just before I have to go a company class. I have about 10 minutes to write this....darn...wasted time writing that...and now I am wasting time writing right now.

On with the story:

When the plane was finally about to land in India Yogita had fully recovered and we were going over our plans on what we would do once we got to the airport. I wanted to rent a car and drive to Lucknow, or maybe take an express train, while taking a domestic flight to Lucknow was at the bottom of my list.

Yogita on the other hand wanted to fly out of New Dehli or maybe have family members come and pick us up. We did not inform people that we were arriving and I pointed out that if we asked them to drive us to Lucknow we would be putting alot of stress on them to drive the 5 hours or so to New Delhi.

Yogita pointed out to me that renting a car might be more expensive than flying, take longer, and end up being more stressful. So we were left thinking about this as the plane landed. My first impression of India (in the winter) was that it was warmish cool...if that makes any sense. It was cool but after moving around a little you felt warm. I can only imagine what it would be like in the summer.

We first checked out the taxi fare (rental was out of the question) was 2 twice as expensive as time is up...I gotta go!

to be continued.....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

India Part 1

Ok I will try and give you some idea of what our trip was like. I intend to do it in parts because, there are just so many details.
We arrived in India on Friday morning at around 1am. The domestic flights to Lucknow would not begin for another 4 hours! Now top this off with the fact that it already took us over 12 hours with a 30 minute stopover in Hong-Kong, and a 3 hour stopover in Bangkok. In Bangkok Yogita suffered some mild food poisoning which was hell for her. Imagine repeated vomiting at an International airport over a span on 4 hours, with now where to actually sit down and rest. Even on the flight to India she vomited twice, however she recovered in the middle of the flight.

Ok part 2 will come tonight Korea time.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's Here!!!!!

we are leaving tomorrow...we will be flying out on friday morning. We are so Excited!!!!we are bringing empty bags along...we plan to go on a shopping spree...yu!hoo!.....we will update later with pics....bye for now.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday...hump day!

Wow it has been quite a week so far. We have been very busy at the elementary school and I have started going back to the high school. It feels good. Our trip to India is getting closer, my father in law is really looking forward to showing me Lucknow, Yogita's home town. Actually Lucknow is a big city, 300,000 people more than philly. We plan to leave in the 2nd or 3rd week of Nov.
I have post some pics of us....darn I gotta go!!


Friday, October 13, 2006

Well it is the end of a very busy week.
Let me start of by giving a recap of our holiday week. Basically it was very relaxing and well fun! I was able to get a cool new cell phone (so people my number changed in the middle, the first 3 numbers are the same as well as the last 4 but the middle 4 are now 6363)
I am finally on a proper service now no more prepay issues.
George really suprised Yogita and I. His Korean is quite fleunt! He speaks Korean as well any child his age. We went to a park in Gunsan (Un pa) and we with a friend of ours and her kids. (I will be posting pics of them as well) While we were with them George just starting talking to them in an effortless flowing manner. I was like...amazing. It is as if his mastery of Korean has been working on some subconcious level then suddenly that day some connection was made.

I am lagging far behind Yogita and George when it comes to Korean, I main strong point is my is my only strong point....and well it is not so good....kinda elementary.
Oh and apparently I have read Hangul fairly where according to Yogita..she is likely just being nice.

This week a teacher went on vacation and I was left with covering 2 of her classes in addition to my already heavy load....more much energy is needed.....

It is 50% over though and for that I am very happy. I can't wait till I get my old schedule back.
I miss going home at 8pm...I have become such a wimp...last year around this time, I had a schedule similar to this one, for me it seemed like a walk in the park. Now.....ugh.

Ok I gotta go. My car is in the shop (the undercover needs replacing...nothing big, but It was damaged when I went over a speed bump...and I do want to replace my courtesy lights every 2 weeks....also with the winter coming on I really do not want ice and snow from getting all up under hood and around the area near the front drivers side wheel.


Thursday, September 28, 2006


Yogita tells me that I am becoming too lazy with posting pictures...
She is right...I have the to cf cards with pictures dating back to the spring of this year. I really have to find time to upload them here. I think when I do post them it will be pages of pictures with captions.

Ok here goes i will log out and then take the picts off of the cards.
At least step one will be completed. The next step is ulra easy using a program that comes with blogger to upload the pics.

Ok I will get busy, Mike I am sorry...I will email at the school, I will have more time then!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Next week....WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it is about time..we will have a chu-sok holiday of proper length.
You see tuesday is a national holiday (what the holiday is I have no idea), but there is a 1 day gap then....thursday friday and saturday where friday is the actually "chu-sok" day.

Now there are some upsides and downsides. Firstly the good: next week the day in between the holidays we will get off! So that is about 6 days....Oh YEAH!!!
This leaves us the option for travel!

Now here is the bad: traffic....there will be gridlock all over the South Korean roadways....from your country roads to your highways (well at least that is what people tell me...)

Last year we where able to experience a bit of that, which resulted in our visiting Chon-nan, instead of Seoul.

Some friends in Jeon-ju will take us on a tour...(I hope it will not be a tedious lets run around to all the nice places in Jeon-ju for about 10 minutes....especially since I will the freakin' taxi driver! which will rule out any possiblity of listening to my favorite music, Choi-chen-hee, hiphop, and hindi music!...whew...what a run on sentence....)

Our trip to India is approaching fast..........

Ok...I gotta get those darn pics uploaded....ugh...sleepy...need green I am drink a disgusting concoction of coolaid with lots of sugar, and powered green tea from the green tea capital of South help if you are not too busy with your studies which sound nice btw......more run


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hump day.

Ok firstly Omorro I will be sending you an email, and you too Mike.
Melah your right, I need to post some pictures. My pc is having some strange issues.
I think it is due to the fact that it needs a reformat. We are making progress in our plans to go to India...I am getting a bit more excited as the time draws near.
It has been awhile since I have traveled. It will be SOOOO cool. I want to rent a car while I am there. GM Daewoo of course, Joel can tell you about the quality of Daewoo cars, about the Daewoo driving experience!

We heard about a couple who used to work at our school Matt, and Steph that they have returned after a trip to the states.

Ok I gotta go wash spit off of my car....the sob's...story for another time though!


Monday, September 04, 2006


Ok on a good note the weather is getting better these days. No more humidity, no more feeling like your a fish i water when going outside (remember we have an old a/c).
Oh some more good news our a/c bill has gotten MUCH lower due to better control over our use.

But is monday....ugh.

I need to post some pictures.

Ok I gotta go!


P.S GI's suck...stay away...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Long Weekend!

well, this week we ended up hanging out like 3 days in a row.....and well, tonight we are going for our movie night...finally alone...just

Anyways here is a good we were hanging out with a bunch of foreigner's( english teachers and GI's)...a couple of GI's and a canadian teacher got into a kind of a friendly argument. so the GI goes "you're not a man!" and the candian teacher replied " I'm Canadian"......Lol.....

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Heh..Jeol your right, make that 5 countries. Well..that kid...I think he feels that people will be impressed if they hear his stories...NOT. It feel good friday is around the corner. It will mark the end of this week. This week really did fly by. I guess seeing that we will be having many weeks with no holidays means that we will be having more 5 day weeks. I am such a wuss ... I mean we get so many 3 day weekends and those wierd days where there is a holiday in the middle of the week. Kinda strange those holidays but it is nice. Then we have 2 long holidays...ah the life. Jeol your temporary apt. looks nice!

What are the specs on your computer? I wish I could take your van off of your hands...lpg compact size...great car to have (especially for all of the company classes!) Ugh...I can;t drive stick shift to save myself!

ok i gotta go!


4 more weeks to go!

Thats right 4 more weeks to go until Chu-sok is here. Cho-sok is similar to thanksgiving day in the States. It seems like it is a bigger holiday here. Basically in Korea there are 2 major holidays, Chu-sok, and Sol-nal (lunar newyear). Koreans are really big on the lunar calender. Many use it to determine their age. At our school there is a young teacher who has only finished high school....he is about 20 years old...(might be younger...he is known to exaggerate alot!). So he might be able to say that he is 22 (although in America he would be 20, and in Korea based on the solar calender he would be 21) So I think he is using the lunar birthdate.

So basically the lunar new year is a big deal. Hoewever both holidays are similar in that families get together (crazy traffics jams!) and spend time. For us however we go on trips. We used to just travel around Seoul, or go to Pusan (we were staying in Ulsan at the time). Now we have a car, that changed things last year...but we ran into heavy traffic for the first time in Korea...not fun!

So we will take a few small trips to surrounding areas.
Next month we will book tickets for our trip to India (Hindustan), and I will apply for a visa. It will the 5th country I have been too. I am really looking forward to it!!!

Ok I gotta go!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Middle of the week.

Yep it is wednesday my knees are killing me.....
On Sunday Yogita and I saw the movie: "Two for the money" I tell you...I will never gamble. The movie was well done, great acting, seeing Al Pacino with a heart ailment was something different. Watching the movie brought back some of the excitment of watching football games cheering your team on, especially if they are the underdogs.
The new school semester will begin early Sept. that means 2 saturdays a month I will be working in the mornings. It is a fun little side job.

Ok i gotta go....longest day in the week for us!


Monday, August 21, 2006

The end of summer in sight.

First Mike I will email you after I post this. I am afraid we are too busy to be able to make a trip to Alaska this year. However, next year...early perhaps in Jan. we might be able to visit for a few days.

Yesterday was nice. We went to the meeting in Jeon-ju a sister was going baco to the Philipines, it was sad. It makes me think about what it would be like to leave Korea for good, if we decided to do so. There are just soo many good memories we share here. I believe that a person must make thier own happiness. You can not expect some thing, or other person to fully make you feel happy. Having faith in Jehovah, is something a person must do. You can not rely on person B to tell you happy!

So even if we leave Korea next year, or the year after next, even if it is in 5 years. I am sure we will be happy. In Alaska we were happy, it was a real adventure living there!

I think if I were asked where would you like to go to next...I would have to say India. I guess that is another reason why I am so glad that summer is ending, because our trip to India is approaching. I can feel the excitment building up.

Yesterday we had a really relaxing weekend. We basically drove to different places out the in the countryside, ate breakfast, walked around a very scenic lake only 30 minutes north of Gunsan. Then in the evening we watched some "Lost" episodes.

Oh yeah Melah I have to get back to you about torrents... basically it is a new kind of peer to peer file sharing protocol, that is MUCH better than napster, and Kazza lite programs.

Go to Oh and Omorro that is where I got gigs of Marvel comics too!!

Ok I gotta sign off. Pictures will be coming soon...later this week perhaps..can't let this month go with out some pictures.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The hot days of summer.

Sticky sticky sticky. It is summer in Korea. I remember when I first came to South Korea (remember Huseyin!). It was sooo muggy at that time!
Lqast year we got an air conditioner does alot to help. Except that the elect. bill goes through the roof. I am talking like 200-250 bucks! Well that is what it cost us last year when we had it on most of the day and through the night. Now we just sorta use it during short periods of time.

Tomorrow is monday but there is a holiday on tuesday so that means that we are going to have what I call a Monday/Friday. That is a monday that will feel like a friday...i love those.

Ok I am installing an old game...Huseyin do you remember that game I got at Young-san but could not make it work on my computer? The one where you can control clans in medevil japan well the name is Shogun: Total war.

I gotta go!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Vacation time!

Well it is finally our vacation. But first I need to address everyone's concern over the N. Korean issue.

Here in South Korea the situation is not tense. People here are of the opinion that N. Korea would never attack the South due to having the same blood lines......
Anyways in my opinion I do think that this situation will become serious enough for war to break out. If war did breakout I think that N. Korea would bear the brunt of it, at the outbreak. It would give us enough time to get out of dodge so to speak. However I think the real danger is when Kim Jong Il dies, or if something happens on the inside of thier government.

Launching missles is not a new ploy, and the "long range" missle blew up. With the U.S increasing military assets in this area, air craft carriers, bombers (b-52's) on Gaum...I really think that N. Korea would not attack so as to lose power.

Anyways I am rambling. Do not believe everything in the news. While it is being portrayed as big news in America often the headlines here have nothing to do with N. Korea, or if it does it does not capture the headlines for long.

Bottom just is not considered a big deal here, there are some protests in Seoul..but then again...there always are.

Yogita and I along with Goerge will be traveling to North East of South Korea. That area comes close to the DMZ, and is said to be very beautiful. We will keep you all posted with pictures.

We have been compiling the videos we have taken with our camcorder....we lost some because I let the darn tapes sit too long. We will be sending them out later this month.

Some really big news...the most important to us...Yogita will be baptized on Saturday!!! I will try and catch this on tape...but it will be very crowded...I might be able to get the file from someone else.

Melah we have loved the pcitures on your site, your kids are sooo adorable. We too are considering having more children...

We have a new teacher at our school replacing Joel...I am glad you got into your program man!

We will post some updated pictures of George.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Can end this series with out the lady of the house...Yogita the first...Queen of ....GUNSAN!! Posted by Picasa

Did the same damm thing in Alaska...walking....IT WAS SOO MUCH FUN. Now instead of walking and talking, we drive and talk.........George is his pimped ride!!!! GO BIG DADDY!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Here I am accepting a gift at the end of my summer class at GM Daewoo....yeah......I was the P.I.M.P ....well....ok....maybe not..... Posted by Picasa

Delivery boy!!! We where in Alaska at the time this was taken...Alaska really is a beautiful much to do and see.  Posted by Picasa

Ok....I clicked publish before I could add a comment...ugh. This going back a bit further. He really is enjoying the Ice cream cone. Posted by Picasa

Blast from the past part 4. Posted by Picasa

Blast from the Past part 2. We would walk everywhere!!!! George would be strapped to my back, and off we would go! I am suprised when I think back to my ability to walk for hours...literally hours...stop by a resturant eat..then walk some more. As you can see George loved it...and so did I. Posted by Picasa

A blast from the past. This was perhaps.....3 years ago? I was at Hanglass funny how that darn room has never really changed. I was teaching English on saturdays, usually Yogita came with me....after I was finished teaching we would walk around the area. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 26, 2006

Wow yogita has been soo busy!

Yogita has been quite busy posting, I must say I love to read her posts.
If any of you are into rpg's then you ought to check out our lineage blog!

Lanya i will get back to you about Mom, and my number. Actually Lanya Mike has our number, and I think Omorro does too.

I just found out that my scedule will be very relaxing for the next 3 months. I want to take full advantage of this. I want to start working out with Yogita....I know Joel...I have been procrastinating for....months.....but...I am serious this time!!!! I gotta look good for the summer!

Recently I had my car repaired...I did not go to the people I usually go I ended up paying about 30 bucks more than usual (You have to love that about Korea).

In Korea car repairs are cheap when compared to the USA, I mean in some cases dirt cheap!

Yogita's car needed some major body work done, and a new radiator installed...your talking a good 2-3 days labor.....600 bucks! No actually it was $570!

My car is considered more expensive...the only thing that is more expensive is the car insurance which is about 1400 bucks a year, so about 116 a month...

Oh and taxes...Koreans tax foriegn made cars like crazy...I pay about 700 bucks a year.

Goerge is such a good boy these days. He very very talkative, and I do my best to listen and talk to him. I will spend more time with the little guy. He is getting bigger, recently he got a haircut he looks cute either way! One thing we are considering with him is his education. In Korea kids start "studying" at 4 years old! I mean serious get down studying...which is....very very hard and near to impossible but we actually saw it first hand at a Kindergarten we used to work at. Even babies at 3 years wher addmitted. I must say that I do not think it is doing them any good.
These kids have no real life. Thier social life revolves around schools and academies. You can see students walking home at around 11pm!

In short it is NUTS! Let them have fun and play. In our apartment the families do not have much thier kids have a normal life of playing doing school homework and the like. So after school you can see them playing with thier friends. One hand you feel good about it, but on the realize that other kids scorn them cause..well...they are poor.

Well I gotta go. We have installed a car TV in my car and we need a special device that will allow us to watch stored tv programs (which will be stored on a 60gig HD), it is sort of like a media player.

Ok take care everyone!

oh what do you think about msn live?


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Korean Team Lost!

Korean soccer team played switzerland on friday and, they won't be moving to the semifinals.....well, thats the end of the world cup as far as the korean team is concerend and oh well, end of the "world Cup Season" here in was shortlived but it was loads of fun!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


adding to what i was saying yesterday, i got this email from my sister-in-law today and here is an excerpt from the message:

Attitude, after all, is everything.
>>Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about>itself.. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34.>>
After all today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

Thanks alot Falanya. talk to you soon!

Friday, June 23, 2006


The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.
William James (1842 - 1910)

I was just lazily browsing the internet when i came across this quotation and well, it got me thinking...... I do agree that a lot in life depends on our attitude towards the situation.....I love Jemal and he has thaught me alot about different things but this one perhaps the most important thing i learned from him is to turn every situation into a "positive one" , to look for good in every circumstance. I have to agree i'm not so good but i try. Sometimes I wonder how Jemal can do it... be so happy even when we are riding a low wave....but he does it! and it helps and inspires me.....i'm happy to have him

Soccer Fever!!!!

It's the "World Cup Season" here in korea, And believe me it is a "Season". Like every season it has its up's and down's, things people in general like to do or even has it's own fashion.
Here in Korea you can see people dressed in Red t-shirts and bandana's with the korean soccer team's slogan, and even these cute hair bands with "horns"(for those of you who don't know, the Korean soccer team is also known as the "Red Devils").

Kids and adults alike are worked up these days specially if the korean team is playing andMy! Oh My! the Blessed sleep is sacrificed too(some games are at 4 am)

I for one Love the "World Cup Season"
First, cause it comes once every four years so it's much like Leap Year and like leap year it is special.
secondly, since most people are confined indoors we(Jemal and I) can walk and explore in "Peace".
And the last reason...oh what the Heck! IT'S SOCCER!!!!!! I Love It!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The hectic 2 weeks are finally over......last weekend was our 'Movie Weekend'....we went to see poseidon on saturday and on sunday we watched x-men. well, as for the movies:

Poseidon:- we weren't expecting anything so the movie turned out to be good. Actually, this new movie theatre just opened up and some parts of it are still under construction..anyways, so after the movie we took the stairs down and got lost...felt almost like we were in the movie ourselves.....finding our way out....we were cracking up the whole time...the whole situation was something that would happen to us or we would get ourselves into.

X-Men: we were expecting alot from this movie so we felt a bit disappointed. It was good but they messed up the story..... that's not how it was in the comic books and also wolverine looked different.....they did'nt do his character well in this movie...anyways, we liked the 1st and the 2nd ones better than this new movie.

on another note, George is doing great and we are planning to take a trip to India in November. also we upgraded my computer...It ROCKS Now!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I can see the LIGHT!!!!!

Yeah....thats right. This course is almost over. It was nice, but it totally drained me.
Well...I guess....yeah I was drained. Omorro we have information to pass on to you.
Next week Lanya we have to talk about the email you sent us. We loved the photos on your blog.

Steph, the stamps that we go where actually quite cheap, and took only about an hour. I believe the one we have was about 15,000 won. It took them about an hour or so to engrave our names in it.

The location is in Insa-dong. They are easy to find, the name of the kind of stamp you want is :
도장. They will give you a selection of stamps, then you can tell them what you want engraved.

We are looking forward to a nice peaceful weekend, just chilling at home, glad that a very busy week in behind us. Oh..I think I have the High school class on saturday...

Ok I gotta go...Tata!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

A new member to the family is born!!!!

Omorro thanks for the message you left on my yahoo messenger!
Melah thanks for the email, and we are eagerly looking forward to the pictures of you and Nick's baby girl! If we have another child, or adopt a child I want a girl.

I will email you Melah!!

I guess Mike, and Shavonne's little one will be the next to arrive.

Wow....maybe we really ought to have another little person!

Other news:

Yogita and I are still very busy, due to shortage of teachers, and the intensive course, but that does not mean we are not thinking of Nick, and Melah!
We are really trying to spent more time together reading these days due to our busy schedule, so afternoons (about 40mins or so), and evenings are most time we can spent is drag. I find that I really miss being around Yogita......*sniff*.

I remember when Yogita was pregnant....(babies are really on my mind!). She said that she loved it because I would pamper her and take care of her..... I must admit it was an exciting time for us. We would still travel too...even with Yogita tossing up her guts on the much better to have your own car here!

Even then we still had loads of fun...with the "Jemal...I need to *urghk!!!!*....sorry....."
LOL it was something.....and to think it was 4 years ago....
Little George has come a long way, he is such a smart bright little boy! His Korean is quite fluent, as is his English.

I upgraded Yogita's pc the other day... it was nice, I am getting ready to build another pc to send to our family in India I am very excited about this. We can communicate more often! It is something Yogita and I really look forward to!

Ok I gotta go now...

TATA Daewoo!!! .....heh...just had to throw that one in!

*Oh TATA they have a totally kick anus Big rig in is the bomb!
...I think it might even be an automatic.....

Friday, May 26, 2006

One sunday afternoon we hanging out a local park (Un-pa park) It was a nice day. This week has been pretty easy I think. Next week wed. will be a easy day because my company class will be canceled, and my elementary class. That means I will have ALOT of free time in the middle of the day. Yogita is having some back pain, so next week we will get that sorted. So far all in good. Actually I still have to send those dvd's now. We have already burned them. Ok I gotta go!  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 21, 2006

OK here is another. This was taken last year when Yogita cut my hair....I think it was in the spring more like March or April not May also the year is wrong in the camera...gotta fix that! Anyways I promised to post this ages ago...Today we were going through our pictures.....found this old thing. Oh by the way the program picasa is great for archiving all the pictures, and movies on your pc.....really nice interface...I love it! Oh and Mike I will email you my number....14 properties!!!! Where is your older brothers cut!!!! Nah just joking!! It is good here that you are back to teaching drama...acting is your thing Mike! Posted by Picasa

OK this is very old I meantioned this pic ages ago...maybe last year? Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 19, 2006

Yogita's favorite pastime! SOOOOO CUUUTTTEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Here is the before shot.....looking soo juicy! Posted by Picasa