Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday...hump day!

Wow it has been quite a week so far. We have been very busy at the elementary school and I have started going back to the high school. It feels good. Our trip to India is getting closer, my father in law is really looking forward to showing me Lucknow, Yogita's home town. Actually Lucknow is a big city, 300,000 people more than philly. We plan to leave in the 2nd or 3rd week of Nov.
I have post some pics of us....darn I gotta go!!


Friday, October 13, 2006

Well it is the end of a very busy week.
Let me start of by giving a recap of our holiday week. Basically it was very relaxing and well fun! I was able to get a cool new cell phone (so people my number changed in the middle, the first 3 numbers are the same as well as the last 4 but the middle 4 are now 6363)
I am finally on a proper service now no more prepay issues.
George really suprised Yogita and I. His Korean is quite fleunt! He speaks Korean as well any child his age. We went to a park in Gunsan (Un pa) and we with a friend of ours and her kids. (I will be posting pics of them as well) While we were with them George just starting talking to them in an effortless flowing manner. I was like...amazing. It is as if his mastery of Korean has been working on some subconcious level then suddenly that day some connection was made.

I am lagging far behind Yogita and George when it comes to Korean, I main strong point is my is my only strong point....and well it is not so good....kinda elementary.
Oh and apparently I have read Hangul fairly where according to Yogita..she is likely just being nice.

This week a teacher went on vacation and I was left with covering 2 of her classes in addition to my already heavy load....more much energy is needed.....

It is 50% over though and for that I am very happy. I can't wait till I get my old schedule back.
I miss going home at 8pm...I have become such a wimp...last year around this time, I had a schedule similar to this one, for me it seemed like a walk in the park. Now.....ugh.

Ok I gotta go. My car is in the shop (the undercover needs replacing...nothing big, but It was damaged when I went over a speed bump...and I do want to replace my courtesy lights every 2 weeks....also with the winter coming on I really do not want ice and snow from getting all up under hood and around the area near the front drivers side wheel.