Monday, November 27, 2006

I have an extra hour!!!

It feels sooo good! This time will allow me to rest up. I want to use this extra bit of time wisely.
Actually I had better get going! I have class in about....2 minutes....


P.S Abu we can not wait until the internet is setup over there! You can send us the wedding pictures!!

...your President.....The honorable Jemal Edward Hogan the fifth.

I have not forgotten!!

Ok this is just a short note to say that I have not forgotten. Lets just say that recounting the little that I have has brought back vivid memories.
It is so strange, when ever I go abroad and then return the time spent away seems like a distant memory. Just another stamp in my passport. However recalling events is such a good workout for my spent memory cells.

Ok just an update today. We are still adjusting. George looks great in his hand me downs. I am having issues with my digital camcorder...might have to buy another one if this problem turns out to be more complex and more expensive than the camcorder is worth.

Mike I am not sure about April.

Ok I gotta go!


Friday, November 24, 2006

Part 3

Yeah I would say it was warmish but the dry air made you quite thirsty even though the heat was not intense.

Where was I....yes we where in the airport and it felt strange. The airport felt like it was from 20-30 years in the past. Immigration was very simple no questions asked. They just made sure you had all of your stamps and bingo they let you through. Once we where through the formalities (one officer told me that I looked Indian, I was wearing a Pajama Kurta...I will check with Yogita on the spelling) I went out into the receiving area...and it was was soo quiet as we emerged from customs...there were signs with people looking for people who just arrived. Well that is normal..I have been to many airports...but this was strange because it was sooo quiet! No music no background noise of any kind...just quiet eyes scanning you checking to see if they knew you.

Once we past that area we able to see booths where we could hire a taxi, or buy bus tickets.
There Yogita and I checked out the taxi fares...and we found that Yogita was right it would be over Rs 8000. Once I heard that I just started to walk away. However, the guy there kept calling us back haggling with us....but I was not in the mood for haggling...I was too tired. I was n ot rude to him but I did have to turn down his repeated offers....

darn....ran out of time again....I will be back!!!!!


Thursday, November 23, 2006

India part 2

I am actually writing these brief little posts just before I have to go a company class. I have about 10 minutes to write this....darn...wasted time writing that...and now I am wasting time writing right now.

On with the story:

When the plane was finally about to land in India Yogita had fully recovered and we were going over our plans on what we would do once we got to the airport. I wanted to rent a car and drive to Lucknow, or maybe take an express train, while taking a domestic flight to Lucknow was at the bottom of my list.

Yogita on the other hand wanted to fly out of New Dehli or maybe have family members come and pick us up. We did not inform people that we were arriving and I pointed out that if we asked them to drive us to Lucknow we would be putting alot of stress on them to drive the 5 hours or so to New Delhi.

Yogita pointed out to me that renting a car might be more expensive than flying, take longer, and end up being more stressful. So we were left thinking about this as the plane landed. My first impression of India (in the winter) was that it was warmish cool...if that makes any sense. It was cool but after moving around a little you felt warm. I can only imagine what it would be like in the summer.

We first checked out the taxi fare (rental was out of the question) was 2 twice as expensive as time is up...I gotta go!

to be continued.....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

India Part 1

Ok I will try and give you some idea of what our trip was like. I intend to do it in parts because, there are just so many details.
We arrived in India on Friday morning at around 1am. The domestic flights to Lucknow would not begin for another 4 hours! Now top this off with the fact that it already took us over 12 hours with a 30 minute stopover in Hong-Kong, and a 3 hour stopover in Bangkok. In Bangkok Yogita suffered some mild food poisoning which was hell for her. Imagine repeated vomiting at an International airport over a span on 4 hours, with now where to actually sit down and rest. Even on the flight to India she vomited twice, however she recovered in the middle of the flight.

Ok part 2 will come tonight Korea time.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's Here!!!!!

we are leaving tomorrow...we will be flying out on friday morning. We are so Excited!!!!we are bringing empty bags along...we plan to go on a shopping spree...yu!hoo!.....we will update later with pics....bye for now.