Thursday, December 21, 2006

A few more pics!!!!

here are a few more!!!

More Pics.

continuing my previous post i have a lot more pics. to post.... don't think i can post all of 'em but i'll try





as you all know that Jemal's schedule changed now he finishes later than usual...which inturn means that i get tons of time to myself....i love to take a trip down the memory lane during these times....

anyways, recently i have been loking at our pictures from like 5 years ago.....its fun to look at those pictures and remember how things were back then.....some things i miss some things i am glad to be over with( eg. being carefree students..i kinda miss those days...being pregnant and the morning sickness...glad that its

well, looking at pictures from Alaska and from korea when George was young i was thinking about all those people( family and friends) who helped us through those times....just wanted to say THANKYOU GUYS!!!! we are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!!!!!!Love you all

And now some pics. from the past

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

And bring on 9 'o clock!

Oh well..looks like I will be finishing at 10pm again for the next few monthes. I and Yogita are going to try and use this time to work out...I have some excess flab I could lose. We were looking forward to a easy week...but well...I guess You can not get everything you want. I finished my work for the 9pm class a bit late today so I could not continue my story...tomorrow I will get on top of that. Sorry Omorro my cell phones battery died! Please email me!!!
Mike your right we do have to talk about Alaska!

Ok I gotta go!!!

TA TA!!!!!!!


Thursday, December 14, 2006


I would like to dedicate this post to Jemilah, Lanya, Mike and Omorro, and to Jeol, Steph, and Hueysin. I have been reading some of our past entries and I must say I forgot the good feeling I got when you all would reply to our post back then, and now. It really feels good. Mela when you posted in response to my tummy really made me feel good, that you shared my pain, and sympathized. Lanya your questions about our activities here make us feel more excited about sharing them! Mike the same goes for you as well! It just feels so good. Jeol you make me laugh when you post. You share in some inside jokes, for example the dude would acts like a kid but wants to be treated like something else...(I still have not figured him out!). I also love to read you blog as well..I promise I will post there. Steph your post are very nice too! Very cheerful, and upbeat. Poor twin brother, I know that you read this blog often but do not post much but I love you man!

So after taking a trip down memory lane I just wanted to say that everyone who make us want to post more! Also....I want to improve my writing, and spelling. You all have been very understanding of this area of weakness on my part!


Part 5 to come! and tomorro is friday!!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO

Ok I gotta go....1 more class then it is home time!!!



Monday, December 11, 2006

Part 4

Ok so anyways we had about 4 hours to wait and we both, or rather I know knew that we should remain alert. Now let me tell you about George during all of this, I am sure you might be wondering what he was up to. George was very excited about flying in an airplane..he does not remember the flight to Alaska, then returning to Korea about a year later. I got him hyped up about the take off, and landing tell him that it was the most exciting part flying. Our route that we were taking included 2 stop in Hong Kong, and another in Thailand. So this meant many take offs and landings. But alas George is but a babe! When we first took off he was fiddling with his blanket while talking to us about planes crashing like in daddy's game....heh. So I had to quickly tell him that talking about planes crashing while flying was strictly prohibited! Also he slept during most of the flight...which left Yogita and I plenty of free time. At one point in Bangkok's new airport I was using the facilities.....when I heard a voice..."Mommy wheres daddy? Is he taking a boo boo? DADDY DADDY STINKY!!!" Lets just say that from within the stall my bowels suddenly decided to stop cooperating!

Well it was an uneventful wait until I got hungry. So after gathering up alot of courage we headed over to buy some vittles..actually I was the one feeling nervous. We had seen some kid eating what looked to be a tasty beef or mutton sandwich while drinking something...some dairy product by the look of it. All while my mouth was watering watching this kid...kinda strange I know...but..well...there was nothing else to do and it help keep me awake, watching his slow methodical mastication of his late dinner or early breakfast....

Well we head over to the counter I proceed to order the same sandwich, and some water. I think we also bought a slice of cake too...I think... Anyways the guy tells me....5.20 its 5.20 now at this point I had over rupees 17,000, and more where that came from. So I am thinking...5.20...maybe he means rps 520. So I am fiddling with my money when Yogita notices that I am reaching a 500 note. She quickly says..."How much was that?" At this time the guy says something like 120 or something. I found out that cheating foriegners is common place. He was sucessful in cheating me out of almost 50 rupees. Yogita kept laughing at the situation saying that we should save the water bottle as a gift to Abu her younger sister; saying that it was soo expensive that it must be special. I was starting to get pissed the more I thought about it, and well I wanted to go over there give him a ham sandwich...but I did not.

When time came to get on the airplane we felt like dog poo, except George. He was still sleeping and dreaming. I will have to continue from this point. I will ask Yogita to post more pics again.

Ok I gotta go TATA


Friday, December 08, 2006

Pics continued!!!!!

here are some more pics from india. George fell in love with my sisters and had loads of fun. Here are some pics of him with my sisters.....also there is a pic of me and my younger younger sister adores her Jiju(brother- in- law in hindi) as you can see in her cute pic with jemal. We are so happy to have recieve these pics. they bring back such good memories for us. Thankyou abbu!!!!!

pics from india!

ok here are some pics from india. there is a pic. of george with my mom and dad, then there is another pic. of me and jemal in traditional indian wear. George met a few kids in india... so here is george with his friends, then there is the pic of the new bride and the groom(my older sister and her husband) for the most fun pic. "Jemal on an elephant"!!!!!!lol

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Part 3 continued...

Well anyways the guy is really nice trying to covince us to take the taxi service. He even showed us the break down the taxi fare. Well anyways he so helpful he even showed us where to go to take the domestic flights.

Now I should note that there was another man in booth who was not so nice. He was telling the whole time...taking a flight is more expensive. However imagine our surprise when we find that the flight is only about Rps 4000 for all of us!

At this time it was about 1am and the next flight to Lucknow was at 6am. There is this waiting room (that you have pay to enter, it is very cheap but I felt like a Farengi handing out slips of latinum).

We had to wait in this room for about 4 hours! Sleep was out of the question as we had many valuables and Yogita warned me that sleeping would invite thieves, and likely we would have many things missing when we woke up.

This was very true, because outside I noticed something. Everytime I would look away or a few feet away from our luggage these young men would angle closer looking over our baggage...even though I was very tired due to the result of these experiments I was on gaurd and could not rest!

Ok I will leave the story here I must make coffee before my last class...Abu...these late classes SUCK!!!!!