Thursday, December 27, 2007

End of 2007

Well...not quite..we just go off from a 4 day weekend..we have another is very nice.
We stayed at home drove around a bit, took care of our ISP. Now we will get our service fee reduced, get free cable tv for 3 months next year, and free internet access for 2 monthes, along with a 50,000 won gift certificate Yogita enjoyed that!

The weather is warmer than expected, in Muju there was no snow except on the peaks...I loved that. Snow in Korea just does not match. Well in our region. Gunsan just is not well equipped to deal with snow.

George and Jeyo are doing fine, Jeyo had a cold, nothing serious. The up comming 4 day holiday...maybe stay in, perhaps go for a short drive. We dont have any concrete plans.
I want to take Yogita on a drive, but the question is where? There are so many places to see...places where we have not been too. Ah we will see.

I will post some pictures of the kids up here. And a recent trip we took to Onsan..we saw some really pretty sights. I want to go along the east coast...just sort of drive up or down the coast...but that plan might have to wait until later next year. Perhaps when Abu comes we can do that.

I want to take both cars out for a stretch...but gasoline prices are still high. Actually the price has come down somewhat so that is good.

Ok I gotta go Omorro whats up with you new CD? Can you send the files to me?
Mike how was Alaska? And Melah is there alot of snow this year? In Korea we are seeing record lows...cant say i;m upset though.

Abu when you come here I think we should look into putting together 3 pcs (the box you have has enough components for 2, and I have enough spare parts here for another 2).

I want to build a pc that I can use here at the school...just need to figure out space and how it will work, once I do is easy to just set it up and go!

ok i gotta go

tata deawoo!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The aftermath

Well after volunteering...I can only say is a real mess out there. I also ended up getting sick, came down with the flu. I am on the mend though.I will post the picture I had my students take of me when I went up to Tae-an. The oil slick has actually sunk into the ground. We spent about 2 hours using absorbent material to soak up any oil puddles, and used fibrous material to wipe away the oil from rocks. It was backbreaking. Then after lunch we proceeded to the toughest part of the job, going after the oil that had sunk into the ground. This meant breaking up piles of oyster shells that sort of stuck together, and getting at the thick congealed oil underneath. This was a hands on job.....and tough. One of my students vomited.
All in all it was good, our work had made some good progress on that beach.

All of us will be going to Muju for the weekend. Well actually next week on Monday we will leave. I want to take some pictures of this region it is really pretty. Actually it is very nice all year round, very scenic. ok I gotta go..


Friday, December 14, 2007

Tae-an Peninsula Clean up

I am sure that many of you have heard about the oil spill that has hit large areas of Tae-an. This will have some very widespread effects on the west coast. Seafood prices will likely skyrocket, as Tae-an was a major center of shellfish, and fish farms. Our Boss Yogita and I are spearheading a volunteer operation of our own. We are recruiting from among our high school students, and maybe other teachers. On Saturday we will all go to the affected areas to sign up and offer assistance where it is needed. George and Jeyo will be staying with friends in Gunsan for the duration.

Mike to answer your question, Jeyo and George are doing great. They are bonding quite well. I must say it is annoying to have hear people assume that George MUST be jealous. It is quite the opposite, they are inseparable. George loves to just spend time and watch Jeyo. It is really quite sweet. Mike and Melah how are your little ones? I will post some updated pics soon.

OK I gotta go take care!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Two 4 day weekends are coming!

Yep..thats right! Christmas in Korea falls on a tuesday this year....which would mean that we would have to work on Monday...however our boss has decided....we will have the 24th off as well. Now newyears also falls on a tuesday....and well newyears eve we have off as well! Ahh I love that! When Abu comes she will enjoy a 5 day holiday with us in Feb.

We will travel for that holiday....the big question is where...lots of traffic during that holiday.

We went to a trip out to Onsan where we used to live. It is located on the east coast (well...5km from the coast). It is basically a countryside area surrounded by HUGE industrial complexes. At night it looks quite spooky.....ok i gotta go!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We are almost ready

Abu I sent the documents...they should arrive in 3-5 days..I will send the tracking number.
I liked dad's idea about the pick up...need to look into it more. As you know we have lots of time.

Today was soo busy...I had to go to a new company....they are doing a HUGE renovation project for the old downtown area...they will also extend a road along the coast...well...bordering Gumgang will look really nice! It will also be easier to get around Gunsan with that road in place.

I went to the post office, and now I have to prepare more for classes tomorrow....ugh. There is a positive note though, I will be getting home much earlier than before even though I am juggling 3 company classes (which really is nothing compared to the 4 classes I had 2 years ago!).

Jeyo and George are getting along just nice. There is not a hint of jealousy in George. He feels a new responsibility in helping take care of George. I try to remind him everyday that babies are treated differently, but he is also special. It is working nicely.

I will be posting more pictures of Jeyo soon....I took a batch of pictures in which Jeyo's eyes are open.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


You just have to love DSL cameras.....the resolution is amazing. Yogita and I were so surprised..Jeyo LOOKS 100% like George....perhaps and older version of George....Jeyo is a bit bigger...LOL ONLY a bit

I will upload another picture of Jeyo where you can see George sort of measuring his head with his hand. It was not as easy an operation as with the first. Chronic low blood pressure is something that Yogita and have to deal with. Well during the procedure there were a few tense moments...well...frightening....I kept my you life flash before you SOOO scary! Yogita is my life....she is a part of me. Currently we have made the hospital room our home. My new sleeping on the floor next to Yogita's bed...due to her is best that we sleep like that for now. Ok I must go....I am so amazed Jeyo and is as if they were cut from the same exact strands of DNA.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Well next week Jeyo is scheduled to arrive, that is tuesday morning. We have been getting things ready for quite some time. This week will be the final round of pre-birth shopping. Late next week we will see what other things are needed, and get them as needed.

We feel like veterans now...I just hope Yogita will be able to be up and about like our first pregnancy.

This past weekend we all took a nice short trip to Byunsan peninsula. I will be post pics of that trip. Abu we will take you there as well..there is a ok i gotta go!

New Due Date!!

Yep thats right! Jeyo is scheduled for delivery on Nov. 20th....we are soo excited! We have many things to prepare for this week and next. We want to stockpile on diapers, and trash bags. Korea has a special type of plastic bag you can use for trash that comes in different sizes. They are expensive when you consider they are not a pack of 50 bags for 7.99...more like 11 of the their largest bags....still smaller than your typical trash bag in the states for.....12,000 won (13 bucks....maybe a little more)

George regularly talks with Jeyo every night and Jeyo is very responsive, moving alot, almost like he is playing in the womb.

Ok I gotta run...I have some recent student pictures, and family pictures to upload.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Today was tiring.

sry. about i said I AM TIRED TODAY!.....why? donno...we have been getting good rest and all. We are thinking about what to do for our anniversary this weekend. I want to have a quiet weekend with just the three of us....reading, talking playing....maybe oing to a beach.....but i guess people here who know us and our friends would like to i was thinking maybe friday we can hangout and then saturday and sunday can be for us....but then maybe not because Jemal works on saturday and he does'nt like hanging out on friday nights when he has to work the next day.

so we will see.....i have been thinking alot lately about us...our marriage...and one thing i have realized is that it's alot of work....both partners have to put in alot of effort if u want to make it work....but then again nothing good comes easy. I really like the fact that overtime we have grown so much Jemal puts it 'we have become one'.....everyday we learn more about each other and its not always's like riding a roller's exciting but scary at times....but i'm happy i'm riding it with Jemal and of course we have our seat belts on always(we have discovered how important praying and reading the scripture together is)

i have to go now...bye and takecare.

Today was tiring.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Is Here!!!

Well, this week is almost we have no more holidays until Christmas. Today is kind of a hump day....maybe it's the heat but i feel sleepy.....we are going for a walk in the evening....we like walking, exploring and talking. Tomorrow we will do something with George. He has been a very good boy and has been studying hard. His vocabulary is increasing and he knows some of his spellings now....he is trying to make longer sentences these days and express himself more.

i gotta go now. i'll update more later.

Jeyo signing off

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Well i guess it is time!

I have not post for some time...Yogita took over...I LOVE THE POEM...but, I am afraid my writing talent...falls far short...I can say is SOO NICE.

Our wedding ann. is coming up, I am planning something for next week. That means my 8pm class will be canceled...Ben can help me with that.

I am going to take all of us somewhere nice, and quiet...a place for just us! I am thinking the south coast this time..I want us to wake up early and then go to beach let George play while we read our books, and I can have a drink..I am thinking....some soju with grilled shellfish...then after eating we will walk along the beach, and go into the water...looking for the jumping fish that we found in Daechon beach. I remember when we went there....we and Klye (brother), and his wife and son and the 3 of us were in the water trying to catch the fish...these little jumping little guys that become airborne for a few seconds as they jump from wave to wave. I remember other people sort of just looking at us, a Korean family and an Indian/American family (American in Korea), grabbing at these fathom fishes that moved liked the swift waves that carried them!

It was amazing because those onlookers soon joined and laughing hysterically when they were able to catch or grab one the slippery little buggers! Ahh such good memories...this is why we have returned...this is where we belong.....screw the notion that one can only "belong" to the place where they were born....that notion is null and void. If you are happy where you will be willing to give up certain "comforts" to have that which makes you and your family happy! George loves the beach!! Now I think Abu loves Korean beaches...I know that in USA we have more variety, and in India there is more variety too when it comes to beaches, and the sort..but Korea...ahhh there is a feeling experience have to come here..and live here for some time...every place has this. I think what you need is to be happy, and comfortable where you are. The friends here are amazing, through them we have learned things
and through us they have learned things. The exchanges are wonderful and they never end..they just take on different shapes and forms.

I love this place...I love what it gave it me! My little wife, and are our little children. Is it easy? I work long hours...but I get paid better than AM paid better than most....but it is not about the money...if it were well I would have stayed in Seoul, or Ulsan, stayed in Anchorage (long term that is).

Instead I am here..where our hearts

well it is late...when this week ends so will start a 6 week run with no holidays....ugh it is ok though.

Friday is here!!!

Have a good night and a nice weekend!


An Anniversary Poem!!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another dayoff!!!!!

well, this has been a FANTASTIC month so far. First we had the thanksgiving week and ended up having only 2 work days that week and now tomorrow is another national holiday.

During Chusok we spent alot of time doing things we love to do.....taking short trips, spending time with eachother and George, reading, for tomorrow we have nothing planned....we might just take a short trip or chill at home.

George is getting taller....he loves talking alot these days and asking endless questions.....we(jemal and I) are loving this phase. we can talk to him more and actually get to know him as a person better.

I am in my third trimester now and still finding it easy to cope with all the changes. Its actually better than last time......i plan on working until its time to give keeps me active and feeling healthy.

Jemal is doing good. His schedule has changed but as usual Jemal is handeling it and enjoying it. I love his happy-go-lucky keeps me from feeling depress when changes happen. I am always looking for the good in every situation these days.....another lesson i learned from Jemal. THANKU Mr. H!!!!!

well, that's it for now.....i'm going to start this new series that Jemal is reading and said is really nice......we are actually reading the SAME SERIES, SAME figure.

enough said...time to go....this is JEYO reporting from S.KOREA....Peace Out!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The State tells you what do to.......

/rant on

Well what do I mean by that? These days we have been watching many documentaries on the website they have this really nice set up where you can watch different programs and everything is categorized by show type, be it movies, tv shows, japan animations etc..

Well we were watching one about these child detention centers. It was shocking. These people who are not even parents themselves in some cases were dictating what parents should and should not do. It was not only this documentary is was others too. Basically this is what happens: There is some family situation. Then the grandparents step in, or some other person and makes an allegation in most cases with out informing the parents. Then these two bit social workers who act as if they have Phd's (like that matters). Will come in and pass judgment. My goodness when I was a kid I think Mom and Dad would have been reported for the spankings, that I rightly deserved. The end result is: kids are taken away from their families (i do not mean worst case scenario when drugs, or some very obvious abuse takes place...for example there are witnesses to the event). The kids are put in a system that ultimately does the same things that got them taken from their parents, sexual, physical, and verbal abuse. The kids are often neglected.....funds are not spent as they should be.

Basically what really hit this home for Yogita and I, is that even we where accused of abusing George.....why? Birthmarks! Some two bit social worker would have come into our house stating that they can see "signs" of abuse. The two large areas of blue marks. Of course a doctor would have ruled that out....which was diagnosed in Korea, by a number of doctors. Hmm then again Yogita does not understand the meaning of "birthmark", she is from even when she explained..."they are birthmarks!!!". All she got was some very real threats of someone going to child protective services. YUCK. There was no discussion...just accusations.
Just like in the documentary. Now I am not saying that in those cases nothing happened to those kids, but the solution? Screw the kids up worse!!!!

So America.....the days of raising your kids are gone, corporal punishment in schools are a thing of the past, it is even dieing in Korea. (oh and by the way you all would think Korean students are SWEET, but it is changing these days).....In the end this system help, among others helped me to make the decision on George, and Jeyo's education, and where they will grow up. Here in one will approach you and tell you how to raise your kids...I mean...they can try..but it stops right there! Unless like I mentioned above there are some documented cases.

Ask yourself in a situation where a parent displays poor parenting, should you place the child in another setting where the same thing takes place?


p.s Babyboomers.....grow up!!! The old ways are good, just look at the youth today and ask yourself was it like this when I was a kid......

/rant off

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weird Dream!!!

At times i get these dreams where i destroy by mistake one of my gadgets.
Well I guess it was 2 nights ago...I dreamt that I had sort of pulled the outer cover off of my 512mb sd card....which reminds me of the 4gig card that went bad almost over night. UGh.

Today is wednesday the hump day....Yogita and I have finished Nip Tuck season season 4, cause season 5 is airing now.
So once again we are in need of something new to watch while playing lineage.

We have been working out in the evenings for about 3 weeks. I feel great. I am looking to do more cardio tonight...and tryout some new machines.
Yogita walks, and uses some light weights. It keeps her feeling good so I am happy.

George is doing well, he loved transformers so much that he balls up these little pieces of paper and they become "robots" capable of meta-morphing..... To the untrained imagination it looks like he is just balling up the paper bits more...I love his imagination...reminds us of ours. Yogita and I even dream about games that we play!

Omorro I will have to chat with you in length over the weekend, to give you feedback. Great stuff though!
Vista is a crap OS. I think I will need to wait until I can get more out of it.
For now I am thinking of just getting a second hdd, then load vista on one of them, and xp on the other. Then I could just change the boot priority when I need to.

Before I sign off I am just glad that dream about the card was just a dream. I have some nice pics that I have not put on my desknote yet!



Friday, August 24, 2007

Hi all!

Well this month is almost over...September is Chu-sok so that means a 5 day holiday. George is really getting taller these past several weeks. I need to change my tires....I have to choose between Japanese (yokohama, or Korean brands which tend to be cheaper).

Yogita is feeling a bit weak when it is very hot, but she is still active.
We are going to take it easy for these next several weeks. Well...until Chu-sok that is.
We need to stock up on books, maybe make some last minute upgrades to our pc's. Yogita's pc is still single core, i will give her my cpu, and i will get a faster duo core or a quad core....depends on price....if ur using a single core system for games......tisk tisk. Muli core cpu's are very multi task friendly. I think one can even use dual monitors......I am thinking about that.....

ok i gotta in korea it is have a good weekend!


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hump day!

Today will be the last class of the morning company class for this semester. We will start again around septemeber, maybe in the second week. That means i will have more time in the mornings. I can catch up on sleep, spend more time with George.
Omorro have you sent your cd's? I have not gotten them yet?
Yogita is doing better, we have set up our air conditioner. It is much more comfortable at night for her. We are now 100% mosquito free. I installed a net around our window which totally blocks the little buggers.
George is studying more than ever. He will be heading to India perhaps in the spring or summer of next year. So we are adjusting his educational plan to match that.
I might get more responsiblity later this year, or early next year. I can fill you all in on the details when that happens...if it happens.
I need to get new front tires...after driving for over 1000km 2 weeks ago I can see where my front treads are getting is nothing dangerous, it is just that I need it taken care of before the baby arrives.

Ok I gotta go....this humpday is a sweet one but next week is even better. It is independence day in Korea.....I am thinking about going to a valley.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

funny comic

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Updates!!!!!

well, it's already thursday......this weekend will be awesome~ we are getting monday and tuesday off for summer vacation so, we will have an extra long weekend. we are soooo looking forward to it. we have'nt decided if we want to take a long trip or just a couple of short trips around gunsan. Also, we are planning on buying two copies of starcraft to brush up our skills before starcraft 2 comes out. last two weeks there was an event going on in lineage so we had loads of fun, made crazy money and got needed armor and weapon upgrades.

We are also looking forward to going to seoul and buying some more books. In other news, i'm doing fine just having normal lower back pains and fatigue but i'm keeping myself busy....George is doing great.

Jemal just finished his class so i goota run.
will post again later.


Monday, July 23, 2007

First post in almost a month.

Wow time sure does fly. I was doing some overtime and we had a new teacher arrive. She is American and seems to be coping well.
The teacher that left us, Ashley was alot of fun to be around great sense of humor. Abu you remember her, she is very tall.
Have fun Ashley!!! I will be posting some pictures of a farwell party we had.
Omorro sorry about missing u online!! I got to get that address to you...I will give you the School's address.
Jemal Hogan

Hyundai Foreign Language Institute (현대외국어학원)
Na-un 1 dong 795-2 Gunsan si
Actually in the main post office here in Gunsan works one of our students. She will see my name and make sure that it gets to me. She might even come to the Institute in person. She has done so in the past for us and other teachers.
Today yogita and I looking into getting new everyone you can call 2 numbers to get into contact with us.
George had alot of fun yesterday, and on saturday.
Ok I gotta run...many new students are signing up today and getting level tested right now...
More later!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Making preparations for Abu's return.

It has been so nice to have Abu with us. We did alot of traveling, and looking around. We introduced her to new food, and places. I got to know Abu more.
I am hoping that maybe we get a pair of web cams, and start video chats. I keep thinking of Melah whenever I think of you have one Melah? I always thought that both Nick, and you had one.

We have finished packing abu's bags, we will be making some changes, and weighing it to make sure it is not so heavy. Abu did quite a bit of shopping here.
I hope everyone is well, Lanya I am glad that you will be getting back to work. Hearing of your recent medical issues, has had us worried...ALOT.

Omorro I will email my address to you, I missed you online over the weekend...I was in Seoul.
It looks like maybe this year we will not be taking a trip to India...I might be busier than my boss I thought. We have teachers leaving, and those classes will need to be covered until replacements can be found. Ok bye for now!


Monday, June 25, 2007


Well this is the last week of Abu's visit. We will be sad to see her go, but we have made such good memories. I hope that we can use a web cam on friday night when we chat, that way we will be able to see each other. Melah, you have a webcam dont you? Well if you do we can have video chats! I am very excited about it!

Tonight Yogita and Abu are doing some shopping along with George. I think they are likely finishing up now.

I felt a little tired today..might be the muggy weather or perhaps it is rain?
My day went really well, I found out that I will be getting a new class, I knew I would be become busier. We will be having 2 teachers leaving, and that means my work schedule is going to be crazy!

I have loads and loads of new pictures to upload....I think the post for the remainder of this week will be just pictures with comments.

So Tony don't worry those pictures are coming.

I gotta go!



Sunday, June 10, 2007

the beach

Abu and tatul did alot of dressing up..they look so sweet!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

more pictures!!!!!!!

Here is the new batch....yogita and sanyogita got a look around our neighborhood...they had so much fun. I was able to catch a pic with them sweet~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you all enjoy these shots, actually the picts near the water is the area where I take company classes, Gunsan's Industrial zone.
Ok I gotta go~~~~!!!!
Mike i checked out your blog...your looking good!!!!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mission accomplished!!!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

5 more days!

In five days Abu will be visiting us. Today we had some things dry cleaned, and when we were talking to the dry cleaner lady, we signed up to get milk delivered to our house.
Yogita is happy about it because they gave us a "gift", a pressure cooker. I like the arrangment because one they have lactose free milk, and two it will save us money in the long run.
Since I have married Yogita I have learned quite a bit about milk. In India milk is used in many ways to make desserts! So regular supply of milk means I can have my favorite sweet dishes prepared at anytime.

I feel sleepy I will go and clean up my car...Abu it is a bit of a cluttered mess.

I feel sleepy..oh some news...North Korea tested another missle....and gas prices are $1.66 per liter now...people in America should not complain....3 bucks a gallon is a nice deal! The only thing that is ok about these high prices is that Korea is really small. That means on a full tank I go all over the place (provided there are no traffic jams, and you stick to expressways). On a full tank I can go about 550Km with out my low fuel light coming on under the conditions meantioned above. fill would be $1.66x68 liters (18 gallons) Typically I get about 50 liters to fill up my tank...I never let my fuel level drop too low. So usually when we are going on a long trip 300km+ then I fill up. On average it will be about 112 bucks to fill up!! Oh and forget about premium fuel....tack on another 15% or so.

Ok I gotta get to my chores!


Monday, May 21, 2007

A nice little drive 2 weeks ago!

Notice the scenery it is so nice! We took a drive near muju. We all loved it! I have more like these I will post them as well. OK time for bed....night night!

George's Creation!

Ok here it is today is very special....a double post and one with pictures! Here is George's new hair cut LOL, and you can see his pictures. I think Yogita will want to provide more info on those! Ok I gotta go!


The start of a 4 day week.

Well this thursday will be a holiday here in Korea. We will be going to bethel which is located in Chon-an. The congregation will be renting a bus (not to my liking), but there will be a number of activities on the bus, singing, and games...I will have to see what I can do. I have found that I like driving, I like the freedom, and relative privacy. I mean..I can fart whenever I want belch, stop and grab a bite to eat. If Yogita is feeling queasy (she suffers from car sickness/motion sickness) we can stop and take a 5 minute breather. Also if we feel like speeding (160-180km/hr) we can do so.

I want to visit but being cramped on a bus feels like my wings will be clipped, I should say "our" wings because yogita and I are of the same opinion.

Nonetheless it will be a great photo op. Abu I will make sure to post those pictures before you arrive to give you an idea of what you will be seeing when you arrive.
Ok I have to get back to posting pics ok by.

Oh sorry about missing your call Tristan! Give me a number that I can reach you at!!!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It is pouring now makes me think of the coming rainy season. Soon Abu will be visiting us. We have some paperwork to figure out...very simple actually, but I will call the Korean consulate in New Dehli to make sure of a few things...I do not want a trip to New Delhi by Dad wasted.
I gotta make sure we have everything straight.

Today even though it is rainy, and damp (which leaves me feeling sore, and stiff) I had a great day. Tonight we will be photocopying some documents, then faxing them.
Tomorrow we will mailing some documents.

George and I got a hair cut, Yogita did quite well by me..but George...LOL LOL LOL. He looks like an escaped convict!!! He loves it though.....I will be posting pictures of him, and I soon.

Ok I gotta go. Love you all!!


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ok some more of our apt complex

Well I just had to include my little family. Our complex is actually the oldest in Gunsan...about 30 years or so. These pictures do not show the recent changes that Yogita and I have made.
It looks so nice now.

The car....

Ok this is the can see the nav I love tech! The wheels are not stock. They are ...I think...15's the tires are 17's.
This car is actually more powerful than the old car. The old car had about 215hp...this one....220...just a 5hp difference....
Handles nicely too!