Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Part 6 The airport and to Dad's place!

When we arrived it took little time to unload the plane the whole time I was pressing Yogita with questions. About food where we would stay, what things would I get to see, shopping propects. I have like...rps 16,000, and another 16,000 in dollars. I so wanted to see what shopping was like! Yogita had told me so much!

When we finally located our bags this fellow comes over and politely takes the trolley in which we would use to take our luggage to the taxi. I was suprised. I mean I am so used to doing things like this myself, I was sort of taken back...I thought...wow...I do not deserve treatment like this...

Then came our first little dilemma. How much should we pay him. I figured 40 rupees would be enough, but Yogita told me that it was too much, but felt we should anyway..she has a very generous heart. Well what do you know! The guy then said "Could you please give me 100?" He said this in Hindi to Yogita at which point a lively conversation started. It turned out that the man felt like forigners rarely come into Lucknow airport and was asking if we would allow him to overcharge us just to sort of help him out.....

crud...I gotta go....maybe I will finish up this stage of the story later tonight.....or tomorrow...so busy!!!!

Ok I gotta go...


Monday, January 08, 2007

Part 5 The airplane and my first impression

Ok so anyway we felt like dog poo, I mean we had been through the mill. Poor Yogita had a bad case of airsickness (we maybe it was the food...who knows for sure). On the final leg of our trip to India she was feeling much better. So on the plane she was exhausted, and only wanted to sleep, I on the other hand was very excited, and worried at the same time. How would I be received, I had always felt that Yogita's sisters strongly disliked me. My Hindi was so poor, so so poor. I really wanted to talk to Yogita about how I was feeling but. She was fast asleep just minutes after takeoff...poor thing. George was also sleeping, soundly! He was so well behaved; George showed remarkable discipline throughout the whole 15 hour or more ordeal. He would play by himself and talk to Yogita and I.When we arrived...well I can put it...there were two things that stuck out in my mind. First the airport, later the traffic. Ok the flight was short and pleasant no turbulence of any kind. 45 minutes later we flew into Lucknow airport. My goodness the airport looked sooo...classic...like something from the 60's or 70's. They rolled those stair thingys up to plane (I have only seen it on TV, and in movies up to that point), it was old and rickety. Out of the airplane we were met by a slightly damp warm climate. I smiled...I could not help it..finally I was here, I and Yogita worked so hard to get to that point...the main difficulty was getting the time off...after all who would want to reschedule a wedding cause we were late?I will recount those hardships later....ugh so stressful!Ok I my time is expiring...I must put some work together for my class for Tuesday night.

Tata Daewoo!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Our second 4 day week....

Well it feels like wednesday but it is actually thursday...feels good. I am working my butt off...at the elementary school where we teach we have gotten more students...even though their level is at the least 6 months behind the rest of the class. I am hoping that when I sign a new contract next month we will get a totally new batch of students...that way we can use the same curriculum that we used last year (after tweaking it here and there). However, if they do not...then we will end up in a real mess, with students who are more advanced studying with students who should be in another lower level class.

I have been having so much fun chatting with family in India, that I do not feel that I miss them so badly. See in India computer access is increasing, but it is still very difficult to access the internet if you do not have a pc at home. Now that is not to say that it is impossible it is just that going to pc rooms are expensive (relatively speaking).
I think that I have taken it for granted. It is easy to set aside time to chat with family in Alaska, but Mike...it is more tricky with you on the east coast. Omorro I miss our chats...I would like to resume them...I will try and remain signed in on yahoo messenger, Mela I realize that you have your hands full, but I will try to be available to chat on the weekends. Lanya you seem to be available just when I about to head into work....

The past two weeks have be loads of fun basically. We traveled to Seoul during the x-mas holiday, and...I got a traffic ticket....I was driving in the bus only lane trying to avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam...Yogita and I thought we have gotten away with it. You see in the other 3 lanes cars were not moving at all. The bus lane was very clear. So we had an option risk being pulled over by the cops, or racing ahead behind one of the express buses. Ofcourse you know what we did...we waited until we saw another car and raced after them...heck maybe they knew a way to get passed the cops? There is a gadget that allows you to detect if someone is using a laser, or radar gun to monitor speed. We assumed that maybe they had that, so we followed them. Whenever we heard a siren we would pull back into traffic. We got home in very good time. Today promptly we recieved a ticket, with a photograph, showing my sexy ride, with the order to pay 60,000 won. Crap! I just got a another speeding ticket...radar gun got me! Another 30,000 won there.

Ugh...it sucks!
Ok tata daewoo heavy trucks!