Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday monday monday...

Ok so Monday is back but last week (Omorro I tried to call you did you get my message?) we came off of a really nice 4 day holiday. We stay in and around Gunsan. It was so relaxing. I am discovering that there are many things to do here in our little town. Hanging out at E-mart, seeing a movie and one of the 2 big new cinemas. There is another one but it is old and sucks.

We have many scenic places nearby. We went down near the docks and took a stroll. We also drove near the fish market.
For monthes I have had itchy feet. We both did. We had to travel, drive and drive and drive. Now after returning from India, we are now a bit more relaxed. I just want to hang out more at home with my famliy. Our house is a mini pc cafe (we have 4 pcs all networked). We have a little cd/dvd, avi player, for cars. However we also use it in the house..allowing us to watch some program while all of us sit on the bed, or Yogita and I play Lineage slaying dragons finding treasures, while enjoying some program. We love reading at home we read the same books (series). It is great! We do not understand it when we see couples who want to spend more time with other people rather than with each other.

Ok I gotta go now...need to take a urination.

tata GM Daewoo!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Part 6 continued

So the baggage guy wanted us to allow him to overcharge us. His reasoning was that foreigners rarely come into the airport so he earns very little money. He made it seem as if I and Yogita (as an NRI) owed it to order to help him out.

So we paid him the money (I felt sorry for him even though I should not have). My father in law (from here on out I will refer to him as dad, I have two dads now!) told me that people like that prey on the goodwill of others.

The money we paid him was waaaaaay to much.

Anyways on the way from the airport the first thing that I noticed was of course traffic. There were so many different types of cars, motorbikes of all kinds of configurations, 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers....ect. I saw bikes, 2 wheeler, and 3 wheelers know as rickshaws. Perhaps Abu, Dad, or Yogita could correct me if I am wrong, but I think the motored 3 wheel vehicles are called tempos....heck...I think I am wrong...I will get back later about that.

Firstly traffic in is a very active organism that seems to flow in a chaotic sort of way. This is to someone viewing, or experiencing it for the first time. Picture the scene: vehicles of all types moving in close proximity to one another, horns going off repeatdly, some people in other lanes (heading in the opposite direction) "flashing" their high beams.

I mean you can see huge trucks, buses, along with a myriad of smaller modes of transport all flowing along. In the car I was angry at first...I mean what smack was going on? What was the motorcycle in back of us pretty much riding up on our butt, honking his horn?! On our sides I could see cars, and other motorized vehicles coming way too close.

I was more than a little surprised. I would have to admit I was not afraid, I guess I was fascinated that it all seemed to work. When I paid closer attention I noticed that drivers had this little signs on the back of the tempos, and rickshaws that said: Please use horn. I then notice that many cars were manufactured with out side mirrors! Then I could see why...due to heavy congestion. Cars that did have side mirrors had them folded in. It soon became apparent that if one did not honk their horn, it could cause a huge accident. No one would know I was behind them. It is not easy to just crane your neck and look to see who is behind you. The honking of your horn is sort of like a reminder "hey I’m back here!” Flashing the high beams also serves a similar purpose especially at intersections. You can notify others of your intention to make a left turn, or some other maneuver.

All of this was going on in my head, while Yogita was giving directions to the taxi driver. There seemed to be a little confusion of where dad's house was. I will leave that portion of the story for another time.

I had better use spell check now...
ok I have to go...

See ya!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

After a long time

This is not a continuation of my India trip..perhaps tonight I can keep going with that.
This is just an update. These days we have been less busy than usual. We just came off of a
4 day holiday, we stayed around Gunsan and basically took it easy.

Let me point you to a cool website another English teacher told me about (thanks Ben!)
the wbsite is it is the best! You can watch movies, tv series, and what not in streaming video. Some of these files you can download as well. Just one thing..if you have a p3 cpu...make sure you are running plenty of ram, and have atleast 1ghz or better. On my notebook, and Yogita's we are able to watch programs nicely...however Abu's cpu just can handle the not worry abu...we are going to send you back with a good strong pc. I will slowly build it when you arrive.

Sorry Omorro some things came up and I could not leave you a voice message...tonight i will.
Mike your blog is looking so nice..your writing style is very nice...I really enjoy reading your blog. Melah I missed you the other day! Next week we have another holiday (gotta love Korean holidays!).

George is now on a regular study program. Right now it is just abc's and simple writing...I will be introducing other subjects over the course of this year. We will be sending him to India for his primary education. So we will be preparing him for that.

I am learning Hindi these days...tonight I will review everything that I have learned so far..I want to make plenty of sentences tonight....I have to show my teacher that i can do it! (Thanks dad!)

I will be more busy soon...GM Daewoo....right around the corner.

Ok I gotta go for now.

ps: hanging around Gunsan has never been more fun...going to countryside, the riverside, and heading out near the airport, we even went to see a movie..bridge to tarabithia...nice movie too!

ok Tata Daewoo!