Thursday, March 29, 2007

We are will be having another addition to our family!

Yesterday weI found out that that we will be having another baby!! We are happy about the news as we feel that 1 more child is needed. I am hoping for a girl even George seems to want a baby sister...oh well..we will see. Two boys are fine by me, but a girl.......ah that would be sweet.

This week is almost over, we want to go on a walk Yogita's leg has almost healed fully. So we are happy about that. We want to go on walks and join the gym in our building. I miss working out on the wieghts, Yogita could do some walking (treadmill), or some stretches.

Ok I have to go, I might be starting a new class today.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

....Meet the new Arcadia!

Ok lets start out with some medical news...Yogita is recovering nicely. Today we had to return to the hospital for check ups, and to talk with the insurance people. They have been so kind to us! Next week or so we will be getting compensation for our injuries, and suffering. I think the sight of poor Yogita hobbling around really made an impression on them.

Yogita's spirits are high though. She has a mutant healing factor! George has been a great help! He aids Yogita pretty much all day long, while studying...what a sweet little guy. I will be posting pictures of him here shortly (for mom in Alaska) Actually I would like to apologize because because mom I know you want to see regular pictures of George. So I have purchased a digital camera, will pick it up tomorrow.

Today Yogita and I bought another Arcadia. This one is White...I might change the color later on. It is like the former one, except the sound system is much better. I will post pictures some time later. Lets just say it was a sure bet, it saved us in that accident...strong structure, large crumple zones, and of course...airbags. I thank God that no one was killed, injuries can heal, and machines can be replaced. Sorry about not calling Mom, I will, I have just been pretty busy. Lanya I missed you online the other day!!!

Ok I gotta more class to go then....friday!!!!


Monday, March 05, 2007

Some Bad News!

we got into a car accident friday night. A truck hit our car...the driver was drunk....thankfully nobody got seriously hurt. Jemal got some muscular damage on his shoulder and legs and i broke my right ankle....nothing seroius though. I have to go back to the hospital on wednesday either to get a cast or a surgery depending on the seriousness of the injury. Jemal has been a great help. he has been carrying me up the stairs and helping me get around in general....little George has been helping me alot too running around doing simple chores for me. please remember us in your prayers. we love you all.


Friday, March 02, 2007

A monday friday.

Omorro I missed you online! Just missed you!!!!

Today is actually friday but yesterday was a holiday so it is kinda strange...but in a good way. Next week I will be heading back to GM daewoo after a 7 month break, I have been going to 2 other companies. My schedule will be nice next week allowing me to have some free time in the middle of the day. It means that I can take a nap, and a shower in the middle of the day i the summer. In the summer I shower twice a gets so muggy here. George's studies are going well. He is in the process of earning his toys back (he was a bad boy a few days back), but he has been doing very nicely these days.

It is rainy today...perhaps tonight we will stay at home and watch movies, or tv series. It looks like a gloomy day.

Yogita's desktop was infected with many virus's so many that core systems files where infected and windows would restart after just 5 mins. I have installed unbunto (sp?) it is a linux os. I have already reformatted 1 of her I just to install it. We are both curious about it. For all you who might not know linux is a free open source os. The main issue for us is compatibilty, as all of our programs are windows desktop and my notebook both have windows xp (the desktop has pro, and notebook has home), yogita's notebook has windows 2000.

To anwser some questions raised about George: Melah he will not be alone he will live with his grandfather, and grandmother there. Lanya I want to live in India for a number of years but not anytime soon, we will be in Korea for perhaps 4-5 years more..maybe longer. There is alot that we have going on with us here. The english group in Jeon-ju will be becoming a congregation soon so that will mean that Yogita and I will be needed in a major way.

Ok I gotta go take care!!!
Pinky didi have a good holiday and remember to stand up with yo hands in da air like ya jus don't care and say: I pink and I'm proud b***h!! LOL!