Monday, April 30, 2007

Today will post pics

I will be posting loads of pictures on our blog. Today is the day.

So my update will be short. On Saturday we went to Chung-eup, a town about 60km's from here and ate raw beef! I will be posting pictures of that, it was awesome! I felt like a tiger tearing into soft flesh!

Also that area is soo beautiful mountains, valleys, with large lakes.......

Ok I am off!


p.s come. I might upload pictures from know on until I am "caught up"

Friday, April 27, 2007


i went for a checkup today. Everything is normal and my due date is Dec. 2nd. these days i have morning sickness and i feel tired but other than that everything is good. George is growing bigger and more inquisitive these days. he (like Jemal) wants a baby girl ........

We are doing great. our house is coming along nicely and George is starting to learn how to read and simple maths. Jemal has a one month break from his Saturday classes so we plan to use that time in ministry and spending more time together. well, that's it for now!!!!!

signing off: Jeyo

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our house is almost finished!

Well what do I mean by that? Well a while ago Yogita and I decided to make some changes to our apartment. Namely we wanted to make our house more welcoming, and comfortable. Our project is not truly finished...perhaps the first stages are. We have put in a nice little living room table, with a cute rug. Yogita has put some wallpaper bordering up...I do not know what to call it perhaps someone could fill me in there I will be posting some pictures. In addition Yogita has added some really nice wall hangings, and a plant!

We also placed a nice rug in front of the all looks really nice. In our bedroom we have setup a nice big desk (for both of my pc's, and my notebook), while Yogita has a smaller desk for her desktop, and her notebook has a snug space to store it in.

Our bedroom looks more spacious that it did before with all of wires that plagued us before tucked neatly behind the desk in a more organized fashion.

So it is much more comfortable than before. Now all we need is a new fridge, and some other minor things. George is going to be getting a mosquito net for the summer...they are so helpful. other than that...I gotta go!

I will be posting perhaps a few pages worth of pictures. If you all could please let me know if there is anything in particular you want me to post please let me know.

k I gotta go


Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday's should suck!

And so far mine has not...well for poor Yogita it did. Sorry Abu yesterday I fell asleep yesterday...I guess it was all the driving around, on Saturday, and then on Sunday.

Yogita has been vomiting a bit much these days...she is able to keep milk and fruit down.
She also takes naps daily.

This morning I was feeling a bit under weather...I mean heck it is a monday afterall.
However, my classes went great (welcome back Rira).
I have a 1 month vacation from my highschool class (this is normal actually as this a testing period).

So I will have more free time on the weekends. My guts have never felt better and Yogita tells me that the pain in her ankle has been becoming less and less. I really look forward to our long walks together. We will be getting ready for Abu's visit this month..I hope that we will have completed all preparations in good time.

Oh...Mike your right...I should be posting pictures up here....I will have to get the pictures from Yogita's notebook.

The summer is approaching and I can feel it. In India it is sooo hot! 40 degree days! Ouch!
George seems to have fallen in love with fire trucks....interesting.

Ok I gotta go!


Monday, April 16, 2007

Seafood saturday!

Ugh George and I both got food poisoning, yogita was smart she did not eat the raw fish....
I have diarrhea yet again...nothing painful mine you....just well....diarrhea.

George had a rough time yesterday. He had a spell of vomiting, and diarrhea. He is almost
ok, just needs a stay on his plain diet.

I bought the game it is so much fun!! I forgot how much fun we used to have playing that game.

We also went up to Daejon...bought some American food, it was a nice trip.....

Today we are having some desks delivered (a very large computer desk, and a smaller one).

I mean...we need some serious deskspace for 5 pc's...heh! Plus I can use the desk as workspace to trouble shoot our machines.

Oh and wait for vista to release a software update the! What I mean it driver support looks very very pretty!!!!!!!


Monday, April 09, 2007

Vista, and a duo core 2 cpu....OH YEAH!

We took a trip Seoul last week and we were able to pick up a duo core 2 cpu, and 2gigs of ddr2 ram. In addition to that (if you thought that was not enough) I got a 320 gig hhd.....for 90,000 won (maybe 93 bucks?) We also upgraded to windows vista.

Let me tell you this...the duo core cpu is very very nice! Usually I do not hope on to the first thing to come out, but well we figured why not? Windows vista (basic) is like xp with a load of options. I will explore them more later (it is in Korean).

Duo core cpu's rock! I downed a 1.5gig file, was formatting a hhd, surfing the net, while transferring files from an external hhd....the verdict? There was no loss in speed. Usually with single cores there is a noticeable slowdown when you have multiple applications running.

Even with hyper threading there is noticeable lag.

I am happy with this cpu and I am thinking about duo monitors now, I can watch a movie, and play lineage. Or watch a movie and finish up a lesson plan. The possibilities are endless!!

We also able to pick up many books...they should last us about 2 monthes or so.

George got a new book, and soon he will have his own PC, but with many rescrictions (educational programs, and supervised pc games). He has this idea that he will be able to do whatever he wants with it LOL.

Ok i gotta this mondays almost over!!!


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Almost over!

The paperwork with the insurance company is almost over. We feel that they have compensated us quite well, we have been able to get a better car than before (much cheaper too!), and with the other cash we will be upgrading our pc's. We have recently gotten 2 newer model notebooks.

On the subject of upgrading pcs....duo core cpu's seem to be the way go. However I am not about to jump on the bandwagon. I am thinking about picking up a 3 ghz cpu for myself (currently mine is only a 2ghz overclocked to 2.4ghz) Yogita on the other hand has much better cpu 2.8ghz, I have not overclocked her cpu yet.

Needed motherboard, more ram (about 1 gig more for me, and yogita), better graphic cards...need to some more research in that area, in terms of hhd space...I think I will be getting a larger hhd, the 40gig, and the 8gig that I am using is barely cutting it. I think....80gigs will be enough, I am not a fan of huge hhd's because if they fail...and you did not backup data...then...100 or 250gigs......gone just like that. However, with smaller hhds you have to burn backups because you will run out of space.

I am hoping about 700,000 won should be enough for these upgrades....actually if I go to Young-san...500k should be enough. Maybe even less. I will be looking into prices this week, and make the purchases next week.

ok i gotta go Yogita is telling me something about...well...I better log out!