Tuesday, May 29, 2007

5 more days!

In five days Abu will be visiting us. Today we had some things dry cleaned, and when we were talking to the dry cleaner lady, we signed up to get milk delivered to our house.
Yogita is happy about it because they gave us a "gift", a pressure cooker. I like the arrangment because one they have lactose free milk, and two it will save us money in the long run.
Since I have married Yogita I have learned quite a bit about milk. In India milk is used in many ways to make desserts! So regular supply of milk means I can have my favorite sweet dishes prepared at anytime.

I feel sleepy I will go and clean up my car...Abu it is a bit of a cluttered mess.

I feel sleepy..oh some news...North Korea tested another missle....and gas prices are $1.66 per liter now...people in America should not complain....3 bucks a gallon is a nice deal! The only thing that is ok about these high prices is that Korea is really small. That means on a full tank I go all over the place (provided there are no traffic jams, and you stick to expressways). On a full tank I can go about 550Km with out my low fuel light coming on under the conditions meantioned above. Now...to fill up...it would be $1.66x68 liters (18 gallons) Typically I get about 50 liters to fill up my tank...I never let my fuel level drop too low. So usually when we are going on a long trip 300km+ then I fill up. On average it will be about 112 bucks to fill up!! Oh and forget about premium fuel....tack on another 15% or so.

Ok I gotta get to my chores!


Monday, May 21, 2007

A nice little drive 2 weeks ago!

Notice the scenery it is so nice! We took a drive near muju. We all loved it! I have more like these I will post them as well. OK time for bed....night night!

George's Creation!

Ok here it is today is very special....a double post and one with pictures! Here is George's new hair cut LOL, and you can see his pictures. I think Yogita will want to provide more info on those! Ok I gotta go!


The start of a 4 day week.

Well this thursday will be a holiday here in Korea. We will be going to bethel which is located in Chon-an. The congregation will be renting a bus (not to my liking), but there will be a number of activities on the bus, singing, and games...I will have to see what I can do. I have found that I like driving, I like the freedom, and relative privacy. I mean..I can fart whenever I want belch, stop and grab a bite to eat. If Yogita is feeling queasy (she suffers from car sickness/motion sickness) we can stop and take a 5 minute breather. Also if we feel like speeding (160-180km/hr) we can do so.

I want to visit but being cramped on a bus feels like my wings will be clipped, I should say "our" wings because yogita and I are of the same opinion.

Nonetheless it will be a great photo op. Abu I will make sure to post those pictures before you arrive to give you an idea of what you will be seeing when you arrive.
Ok I have to get back to posting pics ok by.

Oh sorry about missing your call Tristan! Give me a number that I can reach you at!!!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It is pouring now makes me think of the coming rainy season. Soon Abu will be visiting us. We have some paperwork to figure out...very simple actually, but I will call the Korean consulate in New Dehli to make sure of a few things...I do not want a trip to New Delhi by Dad wasted.
I gotta make sure we have everything straight.

Today even though it is rainy, and damp (which leaves me feeling sore, and stiff) I had a great day. Tonight we will be photocopying some documents, then faxing them.
Tomorrow we will mailing some documents.

George and I got a hair cut, Yogita did quite well by me..but George...LOL LOL LOL. He looks like an escaped convict!!! He loves it though.....I will be posting pictures of him, and I soon.

Ok I gotta go. Love you all!!


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ok some more of our apt complex

Well I just had to include my little family. Our complex is actually the oldest in Gunsan...about 30 years or so. These pictures do not show the recent changes that Yogita and I have made.
It looks so nice now.

The car....

Ok this is the car..you can see the nav system...man I love tech! The wheels are not stock. They are ...I think...15's the tires are 17's.
This car is actually more powerful than the old car. The old car had about 215hp...this one....220...just a 5hp difference....
Handles nicely too!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ok on to our next series

This here is our new setup as you can see all of our pc's (well 3 of them) can fit comfortably on the dest with plenty of work room for us. You can see the desknote (our LCD's are 17's, and it is well...a huge monster). However for classes it is ideal. More pictures of some of changes Yogita made will be coming.