Saturday, July 28, 2007

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Updates!!!!!

well, it's already thursday......this weekend will be awesome~ we are getting monday and tuesday off for summer vacation so, we will have an extra long weekend. we are soooo looking forward to it. we have'nt decided if we want to take a long trip or just a couple of short trips around gunsan. Also, we are planning on buying two copies of starcraft to brush up our skills before starcraft 2 comes out. last two weeks there was an event going on in lineage so we had loads of fun, made crazy money and got needed armor and weapon upgrades.

We are also looking forward to going to seoul and buying some more books. In other news, i'm doing fine just having normal lower back pains and fatigue but i'm keeping myself busy....George is doing great.

Jemal just finished his class so i goota run.
will post again later.


Monday, July 23, 2007

First post in almost a month.

Wow time sure does fly. I was doing some overtime and we had a new teacher arrive. She is American and seems to be coping well.
The teacher that left us, Ashley was alot of fun to be around great sense of humor. Abu you remember her, she is very tall.
Have fun Ashley!!! I will be posting some pictures of a farwell party we had.
Omorro sorry about missing u online!! I got to get that address to you...I will give you the School's address.
Jemal Hogan

Hyundai Foreign Language Institute (현대외국어학원)
Na-un 1 dong 795-2 Gunsan si
Actually in the main post office here in Gunsan works one of our students. She will see my name and make sure that it gets to me. She might even come to the Institute in person. She has done so in the past for us and other teachers.
Today yogita and I looking into getting new everyone you can call 2 numbers to get into contact with us.
George had alot of fun yesterday, and on saturday.
Ok I gotta run...many new students are signing up today and getting level tested right now...
More later!!