Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weird Dream!!!

At times i get these dreams where i destroy by mistake one of my gadgets.
Well I guess it was 2 nights ago...I dreamt that I had sort of pulled the outer cover off of my 512mb sd card....which reminds me of the 4gig card that went bad almost over night. UGh.

Today is wednesday the hump day....Yogita and I have finished Nip Tuck season season 4, cause season 5 is airing now.
So once again we are in need of something new to watch while playing lineage.

We have been working out in the evenings for about 3 weeks. I feel great. I am looking to do more cardio tonight...and tryout some new machines.
Yogita walks, and uses some light weights. It keeps her feeling good so I am happy.

George is doing well, he loved transformers so much that he balls up these little pieces of paper and they become "robots" capable of meta-morphing..... To the untrained imagination it looks like he is just balling up the paper bits more...I love his imagination...reminds us of ours. Yogita and I even dream about games that we play!

Omorro I will have to chat with you in length over the weekend, to give you feedback. Great stuff though!
Vista is a crap OS. I think I will need to wait until I can get more out of it.
For now I am thinking of just getting a second hdd, then load vista on one of them, and xp on the other. Then I could just change the boot priority when I need to.

Before I sign off I am just glad that dream about the card was just a dream. I have some nice pics that I have not put on my desknote yet!



Friday, August 24, 2007

Hi all!

Well this month is almost over...September is Chu-sok so that means a 5 day holiday. George is really getting taller these past several weeks. I need to change my tires....I have to choose between Japanese (yokohama, or Korean brands which tend to be cheaper).

Yogita is feeling a bit weak when it is very hot, but she is still active.
We are going to take it easy for these next several weeks. Well...until Chu-sok that is.
We need to stock up on books, maybe make some last minute upgrades to our pc's. Yogita's pc is still single core, i will give her my cpu, and i will get a faster duo core or a quad core....depends on price....if ur using a single core system for games......tisk tisk. Muli core cpu's are very multi task friendly. I think one can even use dual monitors......I am thinking about that.....

ok i gotta in korea it is have a good weekend!


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hump day!

Today will be the last class of the morning company class for this semester. We will start again around septemeber, maybe in the second week. That means i will have more time in the mornings. I can catch up on sleep, spend more time with George.
Omorro have you sent your cd's? I have not gotten them yet?
Yogita is doing better, we have set up our air conditioner. It is much more comfortable at night for her. We are now 100% mosquito free. I installed a net around our window which totally blocks the little buggers.
George is studying more than ever. He will be heading to India perhaps in the spring or summer of next year. So we are adjusting his educational plan to match that.
I might get more responsiblity later this year, or early next year. I can fill you all in on the details when that happens...if it happens.
I need to get new front tires...after driving for over 1000km 2 weeks ago I can see where my front treads are getting is nothing dangerous, it is just that I need it taken care of before the baby arrives.

Ok I gotta go....this humpday is a sweet one but next week is even better. It is independence day in Korea.....I am thinking about going to a valley.