Friday, September 21, 2007

The State tells you what do to.......

/rant on

Well what do I mean by that? These days we have been watching many documentaries on the website they have this really nice set up where you can watch different programs and everything is categorized by show type, be it movies, tv shows, japan animations etc..

Well we were watching one about these child detention centers. It was shocking. These people who are not even parents themselves in some cases were dictating what parents should and should not do. It was not only this documentary is was others too. Basically this is what happens: There is some family situation. Then the grandparents step in, or some other person and makes an allegation in most cases with out informing the parents. Then these two bit social workers who act as if they have Phd's (like that matters). Will come in and pass judgment. My goodness when I was a kid I think Mom and Dad would have been reported for the spankings, that I rightly deserved. The end result is: kids are taken away from their families (i do not mean worst case scenario when drugs, or some very obvious abuse takes place...for example there are witnesses to the event). The kids are put in a system that ultimately does the same things that got them taken from their parents, sexual, physical, and verbal abuse. The kids are often neglected.....funds are not spent as they should be.

Basically what really hit this home for Yogita and I, is that even we where accused of abusing George.....why? Birthmarks! Some two bit social worker would have come into our house stating that they can see "signs" of abuse. The two large areas of blue marks. Of course a doctor would have ruled that out....which was diagnosed in Korea, by a number of doctors. Hmm then again Yogita does not understand the meaning of "birthmark", she is from even when she explained..."they are birthmarks!!!". All she got was some very real threats of someone going to child protective services. YUCK. There was no discussion...just accusations.
Just like in the documentary. Now I am not saying that in those cases nothing happened to those kids, but the solution? Screw the kids up worse!!!!

So America.....the days of raising your kids are gone, corporal punishment in schools are a thing of the past, it is even dieing in Korea. (oh and by the way you all would think Korean students are SWEET, but it is changing these days).....In the end this system help, among others helped me to make the decision on George, and Jeyo's education, and where they will grow up. Here in one will approach you and tell you how to raise your kids...I mean...they can try..but it stops right there! Unless like I mentioned above there are some documented cases.

Ask yourself in a situation where a parent displays poor parenting, should you place the child in another setting where the same thing takes place?


p.s Babyboomers.....grow up!!! The old ways are good, just look at the youth today and ask yourself was it like this when I was a kid......

/rant off