Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Today was tiring.

sry. about that...like i said I AM TIRED TODAY!.....why? donno...we have been getting good rest and all. We are thinking about what to do for our anniversary this weekend. I want to have a quiet weekend with just the three of us....reading, talking playing....maybe oing to a beach.....but i guess people here who know us and our friends would like to hangout....so i was thinking maybe friday we can hangout and then saturday and sunday can be for us....but then maybe not because Jemal works on saturday and he does'nt like hanging out on friday nights when he has to work the next day.

so we will see.....i have been thinking alot lately about us...our marriage...and one thing i have realized is that it's alot of work....both partners have to put in alot of effort if u want to make it work....but then again nothing good comes easy. I really like the fact that overtime we have grown so much closer..like Jemal puts it 'we have become one'.....everyday we learn more about each other and its not always easy...it's like riding a roller coaster...it's exciting but scary at times....but i'm happy i'm riding it with Jemal and of course we have our seat belts on always(we have discovered how important praying and reading the scripture together is)

i have to go now...bye and takecare.

Today was tiring.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Is Here!!!

Well, this week is almost over.....now we have no more holidays until Christmas. Today is kind of a hump day....maybe it's the heat but i feel sleepy.....we are going for a walk in the evening....we like walking, exploring and talking. Tomorrow we will do something with George. He has been a very good boy and has been studying hard. His vocabulary is increasing and he knows some of his spellings now....he is trying to make longer sentences these days and express himself more.

i gotta go now. i'll update more later.

Jeyo signing off

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Well i guess it is time!

I have not post for some time...Yogita took over...I LOVE THE POEM...but, I am afraid my writing talent...falls far short...I can say this...it is SOO NICE.

Our wedding ann. is coming up, I am planning something for next week. That means my 8pm class will be canceled...Ben can help me with that.

I am going to take all of us somewhere nice, and quiet...a place for just us! I am thinking the south coast this time..I want us to wake up early and then go to beach let George play while we read our books, and I can have a drink..I am thinking....some soju with grilled shellfish...then after eating we will walk along the beach, and go into the water...looking for the jumping fish that we found in Daechon beach. I remember when we went there....we and Klye (brother), and his wife and son and the 3 of us were in the water trying to catch the fish...these little jumping little guys that become airborne for a few seconds as they jump from wave to wave. I remember other people sort of just looking at us, a Korean family and an Indian/American family (American in Korea), grabbing at these fathom fishes that moved liked the swift waves that carried them!

It was amazing because those onlookers soon joined us...search and laughing hysterically when they were able to catch or grab one the slippery little buggers! Ahh such good memories...this is why we have returned...this is where we belong.....screw the notion that one can only "belong" to the place where they were born....that notion is null and void. If you are happy where you are...you will be willing to give up certain "comforts" to have that which makes you and your family happy! George loves the beach!! Now I think Abu loves Korean beaches...I know that in USA we have more variety, and in India there is more variety too when it comes to beaches, and the sort..but Korea...ahhh there is a feeling here....to experience it..you have to come here..and live here for some time...every place has this. I think what you need is to be happy, and comfortable where you are. The friends here are amazing, through them we have learned things
and through us they have learned things. The exchanges are wonderful and they never end..they just take on different shapes and forms.

I love this place...I love what it gave it me! My little wife, and are our little children. Is it easy? I work long hours...but I get paid better than most...no..I AM paid better than most....but it is not about the money...if it were well I would have stayed in Seoul, or Ulsan, stayed in Anchorage (long term that is).

Instead I am here..where my...no our hearts are..here.....

well it is late...when this week ends so will start a 6 week run with no holidays....ugh it is ok though.

Friday is here!!!

Have a good night and a nice weekend!


An Anniversary Poem!!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another dayoff!!!!!

well, this has been a FANTASTIC month so far. First we had the thanksgiving week and ended up having only 2 work days that week and now tomorrow is another national holiday.

During Chusok we spent alot of time doing things we love to do.....taking short trips, spending time with eachother and George, reading, talking......as for tomorrow we have nothing planned....we might just take a short trip or chill at home.

George is getting taller....he loves talking alot these days and asking endless questions.....we(jemal and I) are loving this phase. we can talk to him more and actually get to know him as a person better.

I am in my third trimester now and still finding it easy to cope with all the changes. Its actually better than last time......i plan on working until its time to give birth...it keeps me active and feeling healthy.

Jemal is doing good. His schedule has changed but as usual Jemal is handeling it and enjoying it. I love his happy-go-lucky outlook....it keeps me from feeling depress when changes happen. I am always looking for the good in every situation these days.....another lesson i learned from Jemal. THANKU Mr. H!!!!!

well, that's it for now.....i'm going to start this new series that Jemal is reading and said is really nice......we are actually reading the SAME SERIES, SAME BOOK......lol...go figure.

enough said...time to go....this is JEYO reporting from S.KOREA....Peace Out!!!!