Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We are almost ready

Abu I sent the documents...they should arrive in 3-5 days..I will send the tracking number.
I liked dad's idea about the pick up...need to look into it more. As you know we have lots of time.

Today was soo busy...I had to go to a new company....they are doing a HUGE renovation project for the old downtown area...they will also extend a road along the coast...well...bordering Gumgang will look really nice! It will also be easier to get around Gunsan with that road in place.

I went to the post office, and now I have to prepare more for classes tomorrow....ugh. There is a positive note though, I will be getting home much earlier than before even though I am juggling 3 company classes (which really is nothing compared to the 4 classes I had 2 years ago!).

Jeyo and George are getting along just nice. There is not a hint of jealousy in George. He feels a new responsibility in helping take care of George. I try to remind him everyday that babies are treated differently, but he is also special. It is working nicely.

I will be posting more pictures of Jeyo soon....I took a batch of pictures in which Jeyo's eyes are open.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


You just have to love DSL cameras.....the resolution is amazing. Yogita and I were so surprised..Jeyo LOOKS 100% like George....perhaps and older version of George....Jeyo is a bit bigger...LOL ONLY a bit

I will upload another picture of Jeyo where you can see George sort of measuring his head with his hand. It was not as easy an operation as with the first. Chronic low blood pressure is something that Yogita and have to deal with. Well during the procedure there were a few tense moments...well...frightening....I kept my you life flash before you SOOO scary! Yogita is my life....she is a part of me. Currently we have made the hospital room our home. My new sleeping on the floor next to Yogita's bed...due to her is best that we sleep like that for now. Ok I must go....I am so amazed Jeyo and is as if they were cut from the same exact strands of DNA.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Well next week Jeyo is scheduled to arrive, that is tuesday morning. We have been getting things ready for quite some time. This week will be the final round of pre-birth shopping. Late next week we will see what other things are needed, and get them as needed.

We feel like veterans now...I just hope Yogita will be able to be up and about like our first pregnancy.

This past weekend we all took a nice short trip to Byunsan peninsula. I will be post pics of that trip. Abu we will take you there as well..there is a ok i gotta go!

New Due Date!!

Yep thats right! Jeyo is scheduled for delivery on Nov. 20th....we are soo excited! We have many things to prepare for this week and next. We want to stockpile on diapers, and trash bags. Korea has a special type of plastic bag you can use for trash that comes in different sizes. They are expensive when you consider they are not a pack of 50 bags for 7.99...more like 11 of the their largest bags....still smaller than your typical trash bag in the states for.....12,000 won (13 bucks....maybe a little more)

George regularly talks with Jeyo every night and Jeyo is very responsive, moving alot, almost like he is playing in the womb.

Ok I gotta run...I have some recent student pictures, and family pictures to upload.