Thursday, December 27, 2007

End of 2007

Well...not quite..we just go off from a 4 day weekend..we have another is very nice.
We stayed at home drove around a bit, took care of our ISP. Now we will get our service fee reduced, get free cable tv for 3 months next year, and free internet access for 2 monthes, along with a 50,000 won gift certificate Yogita enjoyed that!

The weather is warmer than expected, in Muju there was no snow except on the peaks...I loved that. Snow in Korea just does not match. Well in our region. Gunsan just is not well equipped to deal with snow.

George and Jeyo are doing fine, Jeyo had a cold, nothing serious. The up comming 4 day holiday...maybe stay in, perhaps go for a short drive. We dont have any concrete plans.
I want to take Yogita on a drive, but the question is where? There are so many places to see...places where we have not been too. Ah we will see.

I will post some pictures of the kids up here. And a recent trip we took to Onsan..we saw some really pretty sights. I want to go along the east coast...just sort of drive up or down the coast...but that plan might have to wait until later next year. Perhaps when Abu comes we can do that.

I want to take both cars out for a stretch...but gasoline prices are still high. Actually the price has come down somewhat so that is good.

Ok I gotta go Omorro whats up with you new CD? Can you send the files to me?
Mike how was Alaska? And Melah is there alot of snow this year? In Korea we are seeing record lows...cant say i;m upset though.

Abu when you come here I think we should look into putting together 3 pcs (the box you have has enough components for 2, and I have enough spare parts here for another 2).

I want to build a pc that I can use here at the school...just need to figure out space and how it will work, once I do is easy to just set it up and go!

ok i gotta go

tata deawoo!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The aftermath

Well after volunteering...I can only say is a real mess out there. I also ended up getting sick, came down with the flu. I am on the mend though.I will post the picture I had my students take of me when I went up to Tae-an. The oil slick has actually sunk into the ground. We spent about 2 hours using absorbent material to soak up any oil puddles, and used fibrous material to wipe away the oil from rocks. It was backbreaking. Then after lunch we proceeded to the toughest part of the job, going after the oil that had sunk into the ground. This meant breaking up piles of oyster shells that sort of stuck together, and getting at the thick congealed oil underneath. This was a hands on job.....and tough. One of my students vomited.
All in all it was good, our work had made some good progress on that beach.

All of us will be going to Muju for the weekend. Well actually next week on Monday we will leave. I want to take some pictures of this region it is really pretty. Actually it is very nice all year round, very scenic. ok I gotta go..


Friday, December 14, 2007

Tae-an Peninsula Clean up

I am sure that many of you have heard about the oil spill that has hit large areas of Tae-an. This will have some very widespread effects on the west coast. Seafood prices will likely skyrocket, as Tae-an was a major center of shellfish, and fish farms. Our Boss Yogita and I are spearheading a volunteer operation of our own. We are recruiting from among our high school students, and maybe other teachers. On Saturday we will all go to the affected areas to sign up and offer assistance where it is needed. George and Jeyo will be staying with friends in Gunsan for the duration.

Mike to answer your question, Jeyo and George are doing great. They are bonding quite well. I must say it is annoying to have hear people assume that George MUST be jealous. It is quite the opposite, they are inseparable. George loves to just spend time and watch Jeyo. It is really quite sweet. Mike and Melah how are your little ones? I will post some updated pics soon.

OK I gotta go take care!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Two 4 day weekends are coming!

Yep..thats right! Christmas in Korea falls on a tuesday this year....which would mean that we would have to work on Monday...however our boss has decided....we will have the 24th off as well. Now newyears also falls on a tuesday....and well newyears eve we have off as well! Ahh I love that! When Abu comes she will enjoy a 5 day holiday with us in Feb.

We will travel for that holiday....the big question is where...lots of traffic during that holiday.

We went to a trip out to Onsan where we used to live. It is located on the east coast (well...5km from the coast). It is basically a countryside area surrounded by HUGE industrial complexes. At night it looks quite spooky.....ok i gotta go!