Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last day of Jan.

Yeah..this month flew by!! I will be getting 2 new classes tomorrow. Two of our teachers are going on vacation. I hope they have alot of fun. Actually we all have been doing nicely despite the cold weather that has hit us. I hope Nana is feeling better. Mom has been sick due to the weather in Lucknow. I hope she takes a day off from work. How is it in Alaska?

It has been so nice to try more of the sweets that I had when I was in Lucknow. Brings back good memories. Abu is adapting quite well, in fact it feels like she never left.

Next week we have a major holiday next week. We are still undecided as to what we will do.
I am leaning towards staying this weekend, and then planing what we will do.
Perhaps we will grill some Sam-gyup-sal, and I will drink....soju. We will watch some tv, play some board games, and play networked pc games on our lan.

So I am excited about that. I know Yogita will want to order pizza. BUT I WILL TELL HER..we should eat home cooked meals. I will cook something simple. Something very very very very simple, and easy. I mean...come on..I am not as good a cook as I used to be.

Ok I must go Su-yeon is attacking me. I must run...oh no...AAACCKKK. Uuuuh.

Ok bye for now..Jeyo

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Very Interesting read.....Korean parents need to wake up. I will comment more on this later...

Envoys Criticize Teaching-Visa Rule

By Yoon Won-sup, Kang Shin-who
Staff Reporters

Foreign envoys whose countries adopt English as an official language criticize what they call Korea's discriminative visa regulations against foreign English teachers. Korea allows English teaching or E-2 visas to only native-English speakers from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland.

The envoys said the ``narrow-minded'' visa policy prevents Koreans from developing English proficiency in a more efficient and cheaper way. They also argue it is against international norm of equal treatment for all.

Last week, Pakistani Ambassador Murad Ali sent a letter to Justice Minister Chung Soung-jin, urging the Seoul government to allow qualified Pakistanis the English teaching visa.

``The condition of being a `native speaker' may please be removed so that a level playing field is offered to the competitors from Pakistan,'' he said in the letter.

He also said that the regulation violates the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules (Article II of GATS), which mandate most-favored-nation (MFN) treatment to all WTO members.

Philippine Ambassador Susan Castrence said it is bizarre that Korea does not allow Filipinos the visa even though an increasing number of Koreans go to the Philippines to study English.

She said that 1,312 Philippino teachers taught many subjects including English at all various levels in schools in many other countries such as the United States in 2007.

``Even the native-English speaking United States gets teachers from the Philippines, and why not Korea,'' she said. ``You will be solving the dearth of English teachers with Philippine teachers.''

The envoys said in unison that Korea seems to be a rare country which gives English teaching visas based on nationality rather than qualification. For example, neighboring countries such as Japan and China issue the visa to qualified foreigners regardless of their nationality.

Singaporean Ambassador Chua Thai Keong, who witnessed Asian English teachers in Japan during his tenure there, said that Korea needs to be ``racially blind'' to get the best teachers. ``You can't solve the problem by limiting choices,'' he added.

The ambassadors said the introduction of English teachers from their countries would save Korea a lot of money earmarked for English education and would not cause social problems because they share common Confucian values.

The Justice Ministry left open the possibility for change in the regulation though it has not responded to the envoys' request yet.

Kim Young-geun, an immigration official said, ``The visa regulation can be revised, depending on public opinion and the minister's decision. But basically, we don't allow English teaching visas to foreigners who come from nations where, although English is used as an official language, it is not the native tongue.''

According to visa regulations, only native English-speaking nationals with a bachelor's degree or above are eligible for the English teaching visa. The Justice Ministry issues the visa to non-native English-speakers only in exceptional cases.

Should the regulation is revised, schools both pubic and private will likely hire English teachers from the Asian countries because senior educators including Seoul's top educator are positive about the Asian English teachers.

In a recent interview with The Korea Times, Kong Jeong-taek, superintendent of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, who has authority to determine the number of foreign teachers in Seoul schools, said it is time for Korean schools to open the door to Asian English teachers.

However, many private language institutions and parents remain negative about the Asian English teachers mainly due to their pronunciation.

``It would not be the right English education if Filipinos or Indians teach our young children with a bad accent,'' said Jeun Eun-ja, spokesman of the National Association of Parents for Cham-Education.

Kim Min-suk, spokeswoman of JungChul Language School, said that her school does not employ Asian English teachers because she believes the students prefer Caucasians. About 99 percent of teachers are white and the rest are Korean-Americans, she added.

Asian teachers proficient in English may have image problems in getting wider recognition from students, according to a parent of a high-school student in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province.

Meanwhile, Indian Ambassador Nagesh Rao Parthasarthi stressed that not accent but communication is more important than anything else when it comes to English education.

``What is important now is to find a way to teach our children English in the most effective way and also ensuring good values for money,'' he said. ``Having an accent only means knowing one more language. Your English is mainly to communicate effectively.''

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It Snowed!!!Again:(

well, it snowed earlier and now it's raining....too cold.We all are recovering nicely from the nasty bug. We will be going up to Seoul this weekend to pickup Abu...we are excited she is FINALLY

Things are normal here..kinda pretty slow due to the weather..we are loving our new MEGA T.V(what with it being free and flies here...just realized it's been almost4 years since we came back from Alaska.....can't say we miss it though...Korea has alot to offer and we love it here.

take care. gotta go. more later

Monday, January 21, 2008

Double post day!

It has been ages since there was a double post here.
Abu this post is for you..We will be getting ready to get you at the airport.
We will be send details to dad asap...perhaps tomorrow evening our time? Maybe we should just call him...faster that way. When you arrive we will have 1 normal week then a big holiday week. 5 days!!! So bring some ideas as to what you would like to do. We could travel...but we need to be careful to avoid traffic jams. Oh..and Abu..perhaps you could help me with Yogita's far we are going to put a new battery in it...and well you could be the guinea pig...we will start the car and leave you for a few hours....see if the car blows up or not...LOL

Like Yogita said in her previous post the weather sucks atm...all of us are down with colds...hate them. Jeyo Goerge and I are pulling it is Yogita's turn. Poor thing has congestion so she feels a bit under the weather. I will help her out as much as possible. We also have some cleaning to do..well I do. I will get getting our place ready to put in a new fridge. Abu when you arrive you help me with my other chores...heh...ah help such a nice thing...

Ok I gotta finish getting ready for my last class. I will be taking the 7am class at our school againl. I have not seen those students for over 1.5 years! At the time I left them I had been teaching for 1.5 years....WOw.

Ok see ya!



we are all recovering from the nasty bug that's going around here. Temperature in gunsan has dropped drastically today and we are experencing really cold wind...... the kind that bites into your skin and makes everything go numb.... and some snow flurries. Work is as usual. All in all everything is NORMAl which is always a good sign.We are expecting to get some real snow later today or tomorrow. I guess, that's about it for now. more later.
take care.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I took some close ups....LOL He is little guy! Now he has a cold so he is resting alot. George also has a Yogita and I are nursing them...while nursing I have a cold...
It sucks big time. I have a funny video that I want to put up here....ah...maybe I will put it on our lineage blog. I love pic with Jeyo on my desknote keyboard.....heh.
Ok it will be friday soon...WOOOHOOOO. Week...has finished!!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I hope this works...very typical in Korea...when it happens to you...being pushed to the side you this because I am a foriegner? Until you see how people do this to others you realize it is just the culture....however attitudes are changing! Contrary to what many Koreans what to admit...fewer people are putting up with behavior that was acceptable in the past....LOL

I am curious to see if this works though...the link thing.

A New Poem!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Byun-san trip part 2 the people

Here you can see our little basketball.....George was so happy...he loves to copy daddy!
It is so nice to take him well behaved...and..he really enjoys it.
Yogita looked SOOOOO cute! You can that we are actually standing on a huge seawall/road. That is from reclaimed land. Ok enough for now!


We visited Byun-san peninsula about....3 months ago..yogita was 9 months pregnant. It was such a nice drive that we took. We saw the beaches in the area. We also looked at the Saemangum project. This is a huge land reclamation project. The GM Daewoo plant is constructed on reclaimed land.

We ate a shell fish gruel called Pa-chee-lak-juk. It was tasty! We also saw black goats..George loved looking at those....enjoy our pictures.
Yogita has started a sort of practice of taking pictures of our car in different locations.....
In one of the pictures you can get a good look at Pa-Chee-lak-juk. These pictures were taken just as the leaves started to change. I love this area..a friend of mine has a dried seaweed factory here. When the tae-an oil spill happened it worried him alot...he is located south of the spill. I think he is safe for now..I hope so.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

ARGH!! No power!!!

Ugh...this sucks....this really sucks. You know we are very dependant on electricity these days. Everything we have is in some way related to the use of electricity. I think family in India have a better understanding, and appreciation of electricity. However, us in Korea...we take it for granted as do many Americans who do not suffer from regular power outages. I am teaching a new business English class at the West Korea Power company. The boss of the plant explained in detail how they generate power. It made me feel secure that such a power company is so close to home.

BUT in Gunsan we received about 40 cm of snow...over a foot of snow. The end result....3 days later our power goes out. Now this outage is local in has knocked out power to many of 5th floor tenants in our apartment complex.

Yogita and I talked for a few hours before going to sleep. It was was so could not hear the hum of cpu's, the soft blowing of graphic card fans, cpu fans, and case fans. Even the subtle sound of hhd's being accessed was absent....SUCH quiet. We are all so accustomed to suck background noise. With out was so.....quiet.

Well the engineer will stop by some time today. So I we should be back up and running today...perhaps tomorrow. Sorry Dad, mom, and Abu....we will not be able to have our chat tonight...(MAYBE).

Oh Mike..some of my students at another company has expressed interest in doing business with you.

Ok I gotta go!!