Friday, February 29, 2008


Yeah it is friday..I love pics Abu and tatul uploaded. Abu bought a very nice camera when we came here last year...really nice. George is studying regularly and making very nice progress thanks to Abu's helping him. Jeyo is smiling alot more, moving his little head alot more these days. My schedule will change again. I will be teaching a weekend class. It will be nice.

OK I gotta last class might be cancelled.....when teaching at companies it helps to be ready for irregular classes.

Tata...GM DAEWOO....automotive technology for a new WORLD!!!!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008


ok so here is the update...i have been putting it off for a while now.

Things are great.....the weather is changing and we are getting ready for George to move to India. He is very are we.....

We have been having alot of fun just hanging around at home and watching t.v. Our schedules are going to change from next that should be interesting.

I can't think of anything else just now to add here except a few more pics.
i have to run...have a class in 5 min.

take care.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monday over

Yeah here in Korea the Monday blues are called "monday sickness" I think it is a Korean expression. However it snowed so now everything is covered in a nice layer of snow....

Ugh I hate started back in Philadelphia with all the it is the slippery roads, everything is wet wet wet. The snow gets all...brown and icky........

So I feel like a nice warm chicken soup...or curry....yummy. Yeah I am very hungry right now. But, I think a nice warm mild chicken curry would be just the right thing to beat the wet feeling of snow....ugh i hate snow..
I wish outside of our window looked like this......

Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring....we can feel it...

I can really feel a difference in weather seems the cold snap that has been plaguing us, has finally ended!
It is easier to get up early in the morning...I feel like I can accomplish so much more. Our 4 year old wireless router has finally gone into semi retirement...I hate to dump older tech. You never know when a low spec system could be used with it. So it will be packed, and in the future sent to India with other hardware that is now stored in Dads house.

My plan to to have enough hardware to put together pc's anytime one of the main pcs goes down. What can I say...I love the internet. Today I will use it in my class, you just cannot beat streaming video.

George and Jeyo are well, and a note to is MALWARE. Even if you state that so and so is not a friend you will be added against your will, and before you know it....your connected with people you do not even know. Malware = bad code that may give out your contact details, and or advertise wether you want it or not.

Abu and Yogita took some nice pictures last weekend. We went to Jeon-ju and looked a traditional villiage. It was nice, perhaps we will go to the Indian store in Iksan and pick up a few items. Maybe next week. I really want to see has been too long. Perhaps late March we can go there, I miss the beach.

I hope everyone is having fun with the free game links that I have placed on our blog...some of them are quite good. It is nice to get full versions of can really build up a nice collection, and you do not need a high spec'd system.

I will be posting pictures...perhaps next week. Ok I gotta go...

Tata Daewoo (Tata: is a very very large Indian company that has expanded far beyond India)

P.S There is so much ignorance about other countries in the United States that it is not funny. Now that Americans are feeling the pinch of higher oil prices...I mean a pinch, they are tightening their belts, they do not realize that Asia has ALOT of potential. Large companies do, GM has posted loss after loss for many quarters, but in Asia...GM does quite well. Watch out...Chindia is coming

Oh and...uh....Goerge and Jeyo's paperwork for India will be processed within a month, mine too!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008


Everyone is feeling much better these days. Thanks to some much needed rest.
From today until weds. I will be very busy. I started the 7am class again. It is tough to get up early. However, I am up to the task. This weekend I want to return to Song-tan. We did some shopping there last week, during the vacation.

So far so good as far as health goes.

I should continue with what I was commenting about.
Um I should I continue..
When I first started teaching in Korea, I found that many come here just for fun. They do not really care about that they do. Now ths is not to say everyone who is here is like that...but a large number use Korea as a pit stop. This hurts the industry here and drives up cost. Firstly in Korea students can become very attached to thier teachers. When teachers leave...students leave the institute. About 5 years ago that happened when Yogita and I left...about 40-50% of our students stopped coming. With Adult students...the numbers can be much higher.

Secondly teachers feel like royalty here. So they show that they do not really care about where they work, however the work place should meet all of thier demands. Bascially selfish. Often I hear horror stories of how teachers were treated by thier bosses. I am sure some are true...but likely some of these cases the teacher bears some blame too.

If Southeast Asians come over to Korea to teach..."whiteys" you will have to shapen up. Actually...that term should not be used, many many teachers are of diverse backgrounds. I use it out of sarcasm..I basically hate the term, because it makes an unfair assumption. It is as all of the diffulties here are focused on ESL teachers. Which it is not. 90+% of the foriegners in Korea are in fact...non white.

Southeast Asians can do the same job, and likely they will have more dedication. Why? Well they will not view Korea like many westerners do. Like a temporary working vaction. Teachers party party, travel, travel, and are often broke when it is time to leave. One man comes to mind...years ago, he worked at our school. He would often boast of having a $75,000 a year job. He lost it somehow..I think budjet cutbacks...when he worked here he was ALWAYS broke. When he guessed it He was so broke he got drunked and was begging other teachers for money. Yogita and I narrowly got out of that situation.

SE Asians are well known to wire money back to thier home countries. They do not come here to party...they come to work. I think they will bring a similar work ethic, that will change the way many ESL teachers carry on. If teachers from India come here....LOL They will raise the bar so high.

Many teachers here feel that they are safe..because these teachers from Asia have inferior accents. That is utter bullshit. Of course strongly accented English speaking teachers will likely not even pass an interview. However, when I visited India, many people where easy to understand, and spoke clearly and eloquently. Ok rant off. I will try to keep appraised of this situation and report here.

Take care!

Ugh....yesterday was tough...only 2 hours of sleep....


p.s...i will edit this later...spellcheck is not working at the school...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Begining of the first big holiday...

Yeah, it is here. We are planning on taking a trip to Song-tan. Traffic all over the South Korean penisula will be very high...and there will be many traffic jams. I think the situation is getting better as time passes.

Ok some basic updates we are all taking it easy..preparing for a good ole time.
George is doing well..Abu and Yogita are tutoring him alot these days. I have gotten 2 extra classes because we have some teachers who are out on vacation.

I have 2 more classes to go. I will alos have a dinner with some of my uni students.
I will continue with the previous post tomorrow...I will post some pics too.

Ok take care....


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008

What should we do...

We could travel...we could start by 9:30pm tuesday. Or...we could stay around Gunsan...chill. Travel to some nearby location...Byun-san, or Tae-an. Song-tan is another nice spot. I am still craving for some fish'n chips. So many options.

My car got a clean bill of health, after getting the front brake pads replaced. She runs like a beauty now. On our way back from Incheon we noticed a scraping noise, and braking power was reduced. It sucked. It was only the brake pads though. When the pad wears down then there is a bit of metal that rubs against the brake rotor (disc), and hence you get a screeching sort of noise.

Yogita helped me out alot by bringing some extra cash so I could pay for the replacement.
Abu is having fun..I want to introduce her to more of our multiplayer games...I have not gotten around to it. George is studying nicely with Abu, and Jeyo is well...doing what babies, sleep, take a dump, cry, laugh, smile, look around, and what not. George and Jeyo have gotten over thier colds.

I would like to comment on the article that I post here a few days ago. Basically teachers from all over asia and other countries could send teachers to South Korea to teach English. It did not make many white teachers happy, (I use the term "white" because...lets face it the majority of teachers here are white, and even if there are non-whites around, they will often say : "I feel like the only whitey here!") So white teachers are miffed. I mean they really do not want the competition from Asians who will work thier asses off. In our institute in the past and present, teachers ..."white" have been labeled lazy by the Korean staff. Not everyone of course. Those teachers know who they are because our boss has said so to their faces, and the teachers in turned broadcasted what was said in private to everyone. LOL

Ok I will edit this and continue later today....I have couple more classes!