Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Trip to Chun-Chan-Dae Beach

Although it was very cold but we enjoyed our selves...lovely long drive then watching the sunset at the beach...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

some more pics....

Our walk on tuesday was funfilled and very refreshing.Signs of early spring can be blooming.Every thing looked so beautiful and four of us had loads of fun.Looking forward to many such funfilled walks......

pics from our walk...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Fun Tuesday!

this morning after jemal left for his classes, we(me, sanyogita, george, and jeyo) went on a walk. We went to downtown and a tiny open market around there. We took alot of pictures capturing early signs of spring. It was a beautiful sunny morning. We went to this famous bakery in Gunsan "Lee Song Dang" and got some bread. We had it for was delicious. Later we did some grocery shopping and came back home. All in all it was a really nice day. later today, jemal and i will go jogging....looking forward to it.

take care.

Jeyo out!!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Finally the cold has left us!

Yeah it is nicer these days. Yesterday Tatul, and Abu went for a nice walk, George went as well. When they got back they both told me about how nice the weather was. I want to take up jogging regularly in the evenings. Preferably with Yogita. I think I can take up regular exercise, in and out of the gym. For now I think at home and jogging is best, with workouts at the gym on sat.

It is raining today, and it was yesterday on and off. The temps are so nice though. In India it is already getting very very hot. We have alot of work to do on George's paperwork. There is a possibility that I and Yogita will both go to India at the end of this year, or early next year. This is all up in the air and depend on certain factors.

Saturday night was very nice we all went to Jeon-ju for the memorial, I hope you enjoyed it in Alaska Mike!

Oh...and a side one drank or ate anything (this is from a former post last year.../sarcasm off)

It was very nice, there is a couple here from the States, the brother is American, and his wife Korean. They will be opening up a language school in Jeon-ju, could some possibilities for us...time will tell.

Ok I gotta run!



Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It is cool here in Kunsan, a bit cloudy today. I was hoping for a sunny day. Jeyo is doing very well..he is getting back to his normal routine. George's entrance to school will be taken care of...I feel so happy about that. It is nice that he will go to India, and spend some time there, with Nana, and Nani.

I would like to start investing in India, perhaps purchasing property. Yogita and Abu are doing great, we did a bit of shopping last saturday.
Oh and Dad thanks for the help! Jeyo will be going for a doctors visit today. I expect that he will be given a clean bill of health.

These days I work on the weekends, a new class was started. The students are high school students, and...I must tell you they are most stressed out of all students in grade school. Actually it gets worse during thier senior year. These kids do not finish until 9-11pm at night!! I really do not think it produces any good results. Mostly these kids are not satisfied with thier grades or the result of thier college entrance exams. But, on a lighter and...I guess more stressful on the body, once these students get into university. The few year is full of heavy heavy drinking...

Ok I gotta go it is dinner time at our school...I gotta get out of the way!!



It has been a while!!!

I want this year to have as many post has 2005 did...that means multiple updates a week.

Well last week we were all so drained from Jeyo's close call. Let me post some these are not exactly recent...the most recent will come is late and I am tired...need sleep....ugh.
Jeyo and George look so nice together! And Abu with George...very nice as well!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok gotta go!
Jeyo tata!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Big scare!!!

Last week was going fine until Thursday evening....Abu came rushing to the school with Jeyo...she saved his life...

He was pale, barely breathing, he was incoherent eyes unfocused. It was looked like he was at deaths door... The little guy had no life left in him.

Well Abu noticed that his breathing was strange, and that he was not energetic like usual. She sprung into action! She grabbed Jeyo and got 2 people to help her by driving her to the school. Now remember she does not speak Korean, and in Korea..most do not speak English at all. Yet Abu was able to get Jeyo to our school...across from the school is a pediatric clinic. Our doctor is there.
Abu saved his life......way to go! The doctor was able to quickly diagnose him and I raced to Iksan a nearby city...about 30 km away...I got there in less than 15mins. However Jeyo started to get better in the car. When we arrived at the hospital they pushed antibiotics...and...after about 10hours....jeyo was stable...smiling, going about his baby business in his little baby way.

Jeyo was saved by Abu's quick thinking who is a masters in she could notice the signs of respiratory distress and take action with out panicking.

SO alls well that ends well....Jeyo is back to normal...I think he shows more affection to abu than before this crisis....He knows who saved him!

Ok I gotta was emotionally straining for all of us...... kick ass!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

some more pics....

Us having fun!!!!!!!!!

Our Day Out.....

we went to a small Amusement Park across the river in chung chang namdo.It was a lot of fun.George got some new toys. we also won a cute dalmatian in a game of darts.we enjoyed some family time together concluded by a delicious home cooked meal.