Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wow...what a start!!!

You know Abu I think back on when i first met you in have seen so much in you.
These days we are facing a hard choice leave south Korea where we have built roots, and go to another place....of course Asia is now my home. This entire region is our playground. We can go where ever we please here. With people like Dad, and Mom on our team...where can we go wrong? We have a great example of 2 people showing lamb like qualities who have stuck it out for so many years. No broken marriages...which make you doubt what you really knew growing up. No separations which can leave an empty feeling, as if two people got together for WRONG reasons. It is so depressing. Omorro filled me in on some situations going on in the disappointing. I look at our son....yeah OUR son, many married couples make the mistake of saying MY son, or MY daughter...foolish thing to say Rira you are included in this. Marriage is a joining together of two people to become one. I mean...come on...there will be hard should be expected. I was surprised at the treatment that I received from people I used to call mom and dad. They turned on my other half making her feel......inferior as if she did not belong.
Now one could say that well...your just listening to what she told not true...I heard this from the horses mouth so to speak...foolish...that person thought I would not act(I brought us back to Korea). Oh well. Look at can see how happy he is. I am so glad that I did not settle in Alaska. I am thankful that certain people showed their true colors.

With out that...I would never have known. So to those people...thanks. You know who you are.
Abu I thank you, and yes I trust you. Don't worry kid, you have it under control. We will be leaving Korea, we are seriously considering our next step. Directly to India, or going to another country in Asia for about a year or so...then going to India. Dad I agree I think your idea is better, as it is where my heart lies as well.

Omorro....I am telling you and Wendy ought to come out here...there is allot to see. With your love of music.....who knows what ideas you might pick up! You have to get those files to me...I did not forget.

George went to school today first day in school....I feel proud of him. Yogita Mom and Dad feel the same way along with close family in India (hello ABu, and Pinki!!!!). George is happy for a reason. George still remembers you Omorro...LOL you ought to chat with him!!

Well thursday approaches..abu thanks for the pics...we loved them....please post more.


George Took A Big Step Today...

Today was George's first day at school.we all were very excited.Honestly I had butterflies in my stomach.LoL. The day started with a lot of activities.George was so excited to wear his new uniform and go to school.His nana was more excited than him to take him to the school.I was very nervous as if george is the only kid in the school.As a teacher i would always see parents being so worried when they came to drop their kids and would always think whats the big deal,but today i saw it from the other side of the table..I was the puzzled anxious parent making sure my kid is safe....guess thats the way it is.George's school started at 7:30am and was till 10:30am, mann those 3 hours were full of anxiety for me and seemed very long waiting for George to return home.I was thinking he would come home crying he came home smiling full of stories about his new friends his teacher and what not.When i asked him ''George how was your day?'' he said''GOING TO SCHOOL IS SO MUCH FUN''....

Then I thought to myself some times its good to let your kids go in order to let them grow,They have to live and fight small lilltle fights for themselves.

It was so good to see him smiling being carefree and playing.

I made him do his home work just few mins ago made him cry a bit.But as they say''Discipline is necessary as a surgeons knife'' so George the journey for you has juss begun it wont be easy but i will try and make it a lilltle better for giving you the necessary doze of discipline you need.Jiju i recall you saying to me''I trust you kid''

will try my best to keep ur faith in me...

OK guys posting some pictures too of George getting ready for school..N JOY..


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

George:welcome To India..

Here are some pictures of George at the airport with his mom before leaving for india .With his nana(grandpa)at the railway station and in the train .George was very excited to

reach Lucknow meet his nana nani.He is having loads of fun here in Lucknow and adjusting very well,He is a very well behaved kid.A kid you would love to be around with....thanks to his mom and dad....Jiju and yogita...good job guys...hey jeyo are you ready for the training LOL.Trust me boy good for u..

Thursday, April 24, 2008


As all good things come to an end,and this trip to Korea is no exception.I and George will be leaving for India this saturday.I have lot of mixed feelings right now..sad for leaving yogita,jiju and cutie pie jeyo but happy for George taking a big step and getting ready to go to school.We all are excited.Through this post I wanna thank jiju for making my stay comfortable and wonderful and yes letting me take over his blog.LOL.

So here are some pics of our best moments in OH SO WONDERFUL KOREA..Kham-sa-ham-ne-da(Thank you in Korean).

SARANG HEYO(love you ) all. Adios!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Long wait is over.....Here are some new pics.!!!

korea is looking more beautiful these days with signs of early spring.Nice sunny days beautiful cherry blossoms and tulips growing on the road side.So take a sneak peek and enjoy....

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sandwhich day coming up!

Actually it is election time again here in Korea. So that means we get a day off! Tomorrow people will voting. I think I might take time to do some important chores. Like getting new front tires for my car, and rear tires for Yogita's car. If I am free the whole day then I will likely workout at home permitting we can take a drive to the countryside and take some nice photos. I think we forgot to bring our camera last year when we went to Jin-do. With fuel prices the way they are traveling is something not to be taken lightly.

It cost about...wait let me do a caculation.....1649won per liter....3.78L to a gallon = 6233.22 won which is about $6.43 a car needs about 14 gallons to fill up...I usually have about 4 gallons that I use as a sort of 14x6.43= ....90 bucks!!!!!!! Ugh....once again the only good thing is that Korea is for about 85,000 won I can get us to Pusan, and about 1/3rd of the way back.....maybe halfway back....esp if I do not drive around in Pusan to much. A few years ago I never had to worry....prices where much lower.

It hurts but...not so much as Korea is a pretty small place. I think Penn. might be a bit smaller...I think the state of Kentucky is about the same size as Korea. So It is not as bad as it sounds. In India I heard that for premium which is what my baby needs (the Engine is designed to run best of premium) is about 50-52 rupees....compared to 75 rupees here in for premium figure about 100 rupees or almost 2000 won per liter. So India is actually a better bet as fuel is concerned...

Ok I blabber on...Kevin...sorry no pics yet..I will get on a certain person for you.



Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Walk To Remember!!

Today after jiju left for his morning class four of us(me,yogita,George and Jeyo) went for a walk to the beautiful wolmeyong park which is just behind our house.Yogita gave us a ride in her ESPERO...must say she drives very well.The park is visited by lots n lots of people who come there for walks.The park is basically a beautiful vast land area with mountains,pine tree forest and a beautiful lake.we enjoyed our was for sure A WALK TO REMEMBER....I appreciate koreans for conserving their enviornment so well.We all should learn from them, its the need of the hour..

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

some more pics....

0ur idea of FUN....simple''BE WITH PEOPLE YOU LOVE''and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pics from our trip to the Beach this weekend..