Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Some recent pictures!

Ok the Mega mac and big mac where taken in Japan. And let me tell you this...of the 9 times I have been to Nippon....they do fast food right!!! Korea tends to Koreanize, and I have yet to see what India does....Mumbai....perhaps I will get a chance then. Another thing to note  about India and fast food.....no beef offends Hindus, no pork offends Muslims, but chicken is ok. 

It is a good thing that I love chichen, and fish burgers. I do miss that massive Mega Mac.....ofcourse when I ate it I counldnt eat anything for hours afterwards. 

You can see George playing with his cousin! Boy is he cute! 

In Japan Yogita and I saw a parking garage.....it was like ...expensive I forgot how much. I do miss the orderliness that you can find in abundance in Japan, and....and in Korea you get a really strange hybrid of what Japan has (Koreans hate the Japanese ALOT, but copy them in so many ways!!!!!). India....chaos rules the day on roadways....it is an orderly chaos when you have stayed here long enough, but...it is chaotic just the same. Omorro, if you drive here the way you would in the States.....your car would get damaged. If you drive like you would in the States in Korea....you could save your life.....I speak from experience. Most fatalities that I have heard that are traffic related seem to mostly larger vechicles hitting peds, or rickshaws (might as well be the same as a ped).

Ok we have more work today, all in all, I love this crazy place!!!!!!! I'm actually 90% over the culture shock now......

tata....oh and Sun and Rira...your phones SUCK!!!!!!!!


We got new cell phones!!!

Ok first I am typing this from our phone now. Today we bought the lg ks20. This phone is basically a pda phone with loads of features. Typing with the touchpad is very easy because full words will pop up as you type making it very easy to type large words. Soon we will be heading to Mumbai and I think this phone is perfect . It can allow us to stay connected wherever we are. This phone even haa gps we just need to download the maps. Oh one more thing banking in India sucks!!!
ok bye for now!