Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ugh Flu time...


Yeah its that time of year again....usually I would get a really bad sore

Body aches, chills, fever, intestinal cramping. Yuck. I was out all day yesterday. Only after yogita came back with meds from the doctor could I get back on my feet.
So we will have the next 4 days off...boy..we need it. Also we will get another 4 day break later this month...need that one too.

Ugh...feeling hungry which is a good sign...means I am back on my feet. I will another dose of the meds that the doctor gave me.

In Korea prescription meds are not giving in the brown bottles like in the states. They are placed in plastic bags (1 bag=1dose). So if you get 6 little bags (loosely connected to each other). That means you have 3 days of medication.

Oh last class was held um...thats cool...i will leave after dinner today.

take care all..

Please take care during this holiday! This is one of the most dangerous times of the Korea...i am sure there will be many check points tonight.


Friday, December 19, 2008

.....$36 a barrel of oil!!!

I am so..shocked. We could be seeing USA like prices here...the lowest price in town now is 1259 per liter. This massive drop means that we will be in 1190 territory very soon. Even with OPEC cutting oil output. It is very interesting..even with prices this low...people here are not very excited about hitting the road. The reason? They are worried about the future. Demand will keep falling here. Here a friend of ours is moving into one of the new upscale apartments in Gunsan. I personally think that at this is very dangerous to do so. His job is in a very vunverable sector. If the US military decides to reduce American forces here more...there will be even more job losses here in Gunsan, other cities, like Daecheon, Seoul, Osan, and several others.

Wow...I think we will take a long drive if there is a massive drop in gasoline prices by this time next week.


Crazy Week !!!!!!

This week was crazy.....its was confusing...frustrating...and loads of fun....

Yesterday we were shopping ...we had burgers and were chatting with our was quite funny...we were talking about family and how you always have those people in family that you basically put up with because of the simple fact that they are family but you wouldn't even want to get to know them to them if they were not family.

There's an old proverb that says you can't choose your family. You take what the fates hand you. And like them or not, love them or not, understand them or not, you cope.

LOL.....true and not so true in some cases..... we make the best of what we have...for this upcoming year i am going to try to live by that philosophy!!!!!

well, its just some thing i was thinking about

we are preparing for our institute's christmas party these days...i like can be hilarious!!!!
I was having my kindergartners write their letters to santa yesterday and the kids were worried if santa would get their letters in time and one little girl who was asking santa for new clothes for christmas was not so sure if santa will pick the right color for her....LOL

I was dying laughing yesterday...time to go now...have a good Friday!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ahh I can smell friday!!!

It is a nice day today...very sunny, clear skies..cold but not too cold.
Yogita's cough is getting better. George did well in his studies...way to go George!!! I will put a picture up...perhaps I will embed a cute cartoon...I know he likes tom and jerry.

Abu I will resend the videos...but only 1 at a time...that should work.
The next 2 weeks will be nice...4 and 3 day weeks respectively.

You know these days people are spending less and less on outdoor recreational activities. People are driving less, cutting back at malls. However, I have found out where they are all going. They are going online. There are a slew of new MMO's that adults...yes even adults are getting into. They range from bright colorfuland very cute, to dark and dangerous. Here is the real kicker...many are play for free!
Now Yogita and I have beta tested many of these games. We have found that they are indeed free to play. Now the game company makes money when people buy in game special items. So for lets say 4 dollars a month you can greatly improve your online character. That is a lot less than the 15 bucks we pay for lineage. But think about it: Thats 4-10 dollars (if you want to have an extra edge), nothing at all, or 15 dollars (lineage, lineage2, WoW and many others...even starwars, and lord of the ring!) FOR A MONTH OF ACCESS. That means instead of going to the movies and driving there...paying for food, and then more for say arcades or something else. People have turned to thier pc's. Many married couples with kids play lineage 1, and 2. WoW is also very popular among adults. We are making up (and when I say we I mean adults) a larger and larger market share when it comes to the MMO market.

Look at a search on it. You will find that this game can be played in a very casual way. As adults we have jobs, kids, houses and cars to maintain, not to meantion duties as a christian. So when it comes to entertainment..there just might be so much time. However, I think this is a cheap way for couples (not for kiddies in my opinion), to spend alot of time together. I mean...that free time we may find ourselves with. For Yogita and I it is only about...1-1.5hrs a day. Sometimes even less. We are more and more busy, and with me in another city...there goes about 1hr of driving a day! Actually it goes up to 2 if you factor in driving the other teachers. WOW. So it is so much more comfortable to curl up and watch a movie (cable), or log in to lineage..together..playing MMO's alone makes me feel...lonely.
However, with becomes a fun filled adventure.

MMO's can be dangerous. Lets face can get addicting. In Korea a couple (married) left their baby to die...why? They were addicted to playing WoW. In another incident a young man (in Korea) simply slumped over the keyboard, in a pc room. He had played for days straight....his heart..just stopped! It is terrible, and is an eye opener. Just because something seems fun does not mean it is not dangerous.

So I say...why not reconnect with your spouse...carefully select a MMO that you both!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hump Day!

This is really going to become a 5 post week. It is a bit warm today, Yogita was feeling a bit low...(cold). I am happy that it is the middle of the week will be a 3 or 4 day week for me, while for Yogita a 3 day week. The following week will be a 3 day week as well. So that is very cool. Also the third week of jan. will be a very short week. So that is nice too! I am not sure what we will do for that time.

There are many possiblilies. Students are completing their exams now. So that means I might be heading home very early today. I feel sorry for many of students.
For those who do not do well (high schoolers in their 3rd year). It can have the potential to ruin their lives. It means that they would have access to only lower level jobs, with little to know upwards mobility. That is if they can not get into a good school.

It is so stressful for them, usually around this time of year you get an increase in teen suicides.

On a lighter note I think that we will go and see a movie at the Movie theater in Gunsan. It has been a long time since we saw a movie in a theater...a loong time!

Ok I have to get ready for class...signing out...bored in seo-chon...


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Might be a 5 post week!

It is kind of slow here...middle school test are going on at the other middle school in Seochon. So this means there is a high likely hood of me not having my last class.
Seo-chon is very different than Gunsan. is the countryside. There are no movie theaters, shopping malls, nor are there any crowded districts. Actually it can get very crowded on the weekends...but that is because the center of town doesn't have a good parking system. So loads of cars slowly move through the streets. Seo-chon is the life line to outlying counties in this area. So those people living out there make trips into town during the weekend. Gunsan has that and more. In the city itself you have an industrial district, and new major shopping areas. There is a large movie theater. There used to be 2 movie theaters...but one folded. (the theaters were right next to each other!!)

There is major development that is almost complete, with many new high rise apartments coming in. To the people moving into those over priced apartments....tisk tisk you have been warned. Korea's housing market could nose dive at any time. One student (adult) told me that prices have just recently started to slide. Yet here in Gunsan people are moving in. Here in Seo-chon one of my students families are moving into that area. She was so proud telling me about her new apartment. Her father teaches at a school in Gunsan. So it makes sense to move to Gunsan, but to raid your nest egg for that kind of move makes little sense to me. If I were he I would move into Na-un-dong (the current "hotspot" to live in")

Next year in march people are very worried about the employment situation of many companies. Even now many large companies are cutting back work hours, and shutting down production lines. Americans are buying less of their cars. This means that the subsidiary companies are also cutting back in line with the Big 5 here in Korea (hyundai, Kia, GMDaewoo, Samsung, and Sanyoung). These companies CANNOT be supported by the domestic is just too small. Instead they must rely on larger markets...America being the largest.

All in all the picture looks bleak. However, I think that all this boils down to trust. Or rather the lack of it. People no longer trust the financial institutions. Banks are so trusting either. They are leaning on the "mountains" as described in the book of Revelation. We know "mountains" in this since relates to the governments. Governments worldwide are trying to push the public to trust in financial institutions. The key word on how they are doing this is.."bail out". Prior to the last few months, the words bail out drew images of people going to jail, and trying to "post bail", after finally getting "bailed out by someone.

Now the words bail out make me think of these HUGE banks running to the government for help, and wall street needing the government to buy poorly performing stocks.

We are all in for something that will bring about change. Something that will herald in a new era. There is hope just on the horizon...maybe much closer than that!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday madness!

Well this day started out...waaaaay too long. There were some miscommunication and I had to arrive late for my class here. Ugh, but all is well, everyone here understood the problem.

Still it started off very long indeed. Yogita is getting better, and we decided to take a drive. We talked about all kinds of things. We went to Songtan and bought some items at the dollar store...well it also said Chon-won (1000 won) store in Korean. However, once inside was very far from being a 1000 won store...guess the prices were pegged to the dollar. Still we found some useful items.

A friend here (new teacher) asked me if there was anything I might need from the States. Well, I got to thinking...what would I need? I love raisin bran but a nice trip to dae-chon will see us well stocked for about 2-3 months. Deodorant can also be gotten here. American...what things American would I need... Then it hit me! (insert light bulb here abu!)

Caffeine pills. Now these things are not for the faint of heart. However, imagine that you have a work day that regularly exceeds 10hrs. Sometimes 11, then you can see the need for a quick boost of caffeine power minus all the digesting you need to do with say green tea, or worse acid inducing coffee. So we both need that quick boost at least once in the day (last for about 4-5hrs). I bought like 2 bottles from Fred Meyers. Omorro warned me telling me that they left him feeling anxious, and on edge. But for me...they are great. Now I am not saying that I am on them 24/7 but a quick pick me up every now and then is very helpful.

That being said...I am going to take one now...loong day...bad thing for a Monday.
Oh and I and Yogita recently went shopping, and got some clothes for her. I will post some pics of her here..maybe later, or tomorrow.

We need more pictures here to be I will make sure on our next outing to bring our digital camera...OOPS! DSLR Camera...(that was for you Abu!!!)

Ok Omorro I know you must have been back or are getting back to Alaska now..I hope you had a great time!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


it is so funny. Basically everyone speeds a bit here...I did last night....120kph in a 80 kph zone....but....LOL...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Tech upgrades!!! is time for upgrades...something that I have been thinking about for a long time. I basically want to put together a system with dual monitors...strong enough to handle all of today's games..and a few of tomorrows...uh..wait.. (*Jemal ponders that last statement..takes a sip of green tea....) it should be then IF I want to try some of tomorrows games.
More importantly I want to be able to truly multitask, and be able to run ALOT of web cams. So I would be able to run 2 web cams from 1 PC. This would be chatting would...truly awesome. Web cams are so cheap these days...17inch LCD's are dirt cheap, ram and HDD are cheap. So waiting is really helping...because multi core cpus are what we more 3.2ghz single cores....yuck! I want dual cores, or Quad core systems. There should be no lag, or sluggishness when switching between screens, or if I am working on screen I can run a program on the other...seamlessly.
I know it can be done...this computer...which is no wonder machine has a humble 1.66ghz turion x2 (AMD's dual core) Its cache is only 512k, with 2gigs of ddr2 ram. This system can handle web chatting (with video of course), and 2 games running at the same time (Eve, and lineage). I did this several times for testing worked....smoothly. Well not 100%, there was some slight lag, and with out a second monitor....well...I was stuck alt/tabbing my way around...not fun.

ok it is a monday here...but we might get a long vacation during christmas, and new am happy about monday sickness for me!!


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Oils slides again!

Yeah this is awesome...I cant wait till it gets back to 7.6+ liters per 10,000 won.

Now with gasoline at 1329...i would get a wopping 7.5 liters...when and if it drops into the 1200 won range....long road trips are coming back! Now it is just too expensive, right now prices are more reasonable. However, it would suck if prices nose dived even further....after pouring 100,000 won into fuel. So i am waiting...actually we should wait anyway. I have to rotate the tires, and change the oil. I will have the brakes looked at too. So...rushing to go on road trip with out doing those things...could be dangerous, or make a problem that I do not know about even worse.

The funny thing is LPG fuel is not dropping at all. It has stayed around the same since the huge increase in automotive fuels in May-june. Actually it has only fallen about 30 won on average. It is at 1060 per liter. It seems cheap but with the poor fuel economy it gives....

ok just wanted to say that.....WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200.....yeah it is on my mind!