Monday, January 19, 2009

The World is crashing!

Here in merry Korea finally it is hitting harder, sinking in, and getting closer to home. Basically the thousands of companies involved in the automobile industry is taking a HUGE hit. Now I will focus this post on those industries.

First we will look at 2 companies. GM Daewoo, and Sangyoung. It is interesting to note that these companies products are not too popular in Korea. Daewoo has a long history of making cars that most Koreans deemed to heavy, and prone to break down. (many of Daewoo's designs are from American cars, the Daewoo Broghman or broghham something like that. It is an ugly car....heavy uses alot of gas and it does not have remarkable performance or many options.

Sany-young on the other hand is worse in my opinion. They produce many large 4x4 suvs that tend to look down right ugly. Musso, musso sport, and another ...the name is spelled similar to Action but is pronounced AK-Tee-On. So Basically my spelling still sucks! Musso's cars are not known for a high degree of safety. Case in point, when it comes to SUV's we have seen in accidents or with catastrophic tire failures leading to accidents. Two aktions, and 1 musso. We only saw a hyundai galloper in an accident and that was due to the fact that the driver was an ass, and got knocked off the road after impacting with a samsung sm520.

Now, both of these companies are seen as possible failures. Sang-young was bought out by Shanghi motors, while Daewoo was bought out by GM Daewoo.

Now with GM going down the drain....GM-Daewoo....production has halted nearly to a stand still. Hiring has frozen, orders have been dramatically cut back. Now it is not all dire but very very bad. You see GM-Daewoo's major market in international. So if people can not get an auto loan, OR, people have decided not buy new cars. This hits GM-Daewoo's bottom line like a nuclear shell!

Also realize that this has happened rather rapidly. GM-Daewoo never really saw it coming. I remember in India watching the news and seeing the Chevy Spark (GM-Daewoo Matiz 2007-8 model). It was cheap and had some rave reviews.

However, people are now looking more closely at their pocketbook. Now really is not the time to have a car note hanging over your head, when your income might drop, or be temporarily stopped.

Sany-young was pretty much betrayed by the Chinese automaker. Techonology was taken, to be assimilated, and the reproduced. The Chinese Cherry (sub compact car), is 99% similar to the Matiz.....NINETY NINE PERCENT!!!! *Jemal looks out over to the direction of the Yellow sea, uttering bad words in Korean about Chinese business practices*

Uh back on topic...the world is crashing. Hanglas is stopping the English program at both the factory side, and the R&D center. NO ONE WAS HAPPY ABOUT IT.
One student today kept mentioning the words Job, and expired in the same sentence. Now Hanglas has actually been going downhill for several years. Ineffienct production, a labor union that is very greedy, and has too much power. In addition to production moving off shore to China. The R&D center was orginally located in Incheon. Now? It is in Gunsan, and now that many of the employees have relocated, selling property, shifting their families. To lose their job now would be just too much. I think we are riding a wave that is destined to get very very bad....then become better (We will be its just like old times), then we will see true change. Mark my words. Not my words. Words found in the bible.

Ok I will sign off on that on to the spell checker!

Friday, January 09, 2009

AMD vs Intel

Uh ok here is my input on this. I feel I am well qualified because I have a dual I mean core 2 duo system (intel), and a AMD Turionx2.

Basically the turion is budget cpu, and the intel cpu I have is the cheapest one of the 6x00 line. The intel is a e6300 basically a 1.83ghz x 2 of course sitting on a 2mb of cache, with a 1033mhz fbs. With about 2 gigs of ddr ram.

My notebook (uh desknote..its like...huge) has the turion cpu with 2 gigs of ram.

My intel setup blows away the turion by leaps and bounds. Games can be cranked up much higher, and when there are multiple windows system still feels very light.

The turion on 2gigs feels nice, but there is lag to be felt when playing 3d intensive games. Now I have to say that the turion system is basically hamstringed because I can not upgrade the graphic card...i wish i could. Cause if I could..I am sure that this system on say 3 gigs of ram with a mid range 256mg card (512 is best), it would be able to handle gaming just a notch under my core2duo system.

ANother thing...the intel line up of cpu's run alot cooler. That means with the right can overclock the cpu a little, and get a very nice performance boost out of it! If you are using a single core cpu need to be taken out to the pasture and whipped. Cause your wasting more energy to run that thing, and you are getting poor performance. Yogita used to have the most poweful system in our house. A 2.8ghz p4 with about 1 gig of ram. Her system was sweet. But sit it next to any of my dual core systems...and it is quite apparent. The cpu needs time and resources to "think" over the next thing the user wants it to do.

On a dual core setup....there is little to no "thinking" time. Boom! Your next window opens, or your video will play..while doing other things actively in the background!

So...basically Intel wins it for me, AMD's run hot and the cache memory is turion has only 512k cache. The newer intels...some of them come with a whopping 6MB of cache memory!!!!!!! WOW!!

I am thinking about quads, and duals now.....but...we might have to wait until april. Or even a bit later. I might pick up some second hand parts from other English teachers....a very nice way to get alot of bang for our weak won.


Enjoy ur weekend!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


There is nothing new....Israel is pounding are being lost all over the world...finally the paradise that was South Korea is entering an age of....realism. People are realizing that yes...they can be affected by world events. This will mark our first post of this year.

Obama will bring on the end of this world. That is my feeling. Remember your bibles folks..true peace and security...

Korea is copying Obama's ideas...they want to revitalize rivers, build canals, pour money into civil service jobs. Korea has, and always will be subject to American buying patterns...and Europe for that matter.

Sangyoung motors......they could not even pay their employees. Across Gunsan there are thousands of idle workers. Let them lose their jobs....there will be hell to pay and since our English teaching jobs takes us to the thick of it so to say...

I will not be on the news cause some group of union members tore me apart. The moment things get too hot....I and Yogita will not be heading out there.

2009 does not bring huge hope to mankind. Rather it shows more clearly the flaws of this system. People simply do not trust the "system" anymore. Banks are not longer offering loans so easily. Here in Korea Sang-young.....they have produced the most expensive and fully loaded domestic car...the Chairman W. This car is over 100,000 dollars...and for good has evey option our enterprise has...and like 15 more on top of that. is a sweet ride. However, people cant afford it. So....sales have been very very very low.

The auto companies are just the first we will see take a huge hit...

nuff said on that....keep careful out what you spend ur hard earned dollers on...go for the cheap deals now...cause later they will jack up the prices.

Oh...and realize this....multi core cpu', amd...these guys had this tech 10 years ago. They are releasing this tech bit by bit to milk us out of money. I mean...come on do you think they will jump to the best of the best for no cash profit?

So now is the time to get those dual core pc's...dont wait until prices then you would have missed the boat.