Monday, February 23, 2009


It's Monday again and we are back on

Today i was talking with my students about which weekday they like the best and the one they dislike...most of 'em rated Friday as the best and Monday as the worst weekday....

The general consensus was that Monday was a hump day basically because you have to go back to work and the same old routine after 2 days of chilling and kicking back....whereas Friday was refferred to as a day of FREEDOM!!!!

I would have to say i love Friday's myself....i love that feeling of satisfaction (when i look back on the week with all its successes and failures) followed by a feeling of absolute FREEDOM!!!!

we are already making plans about what we want to do this is funny that never can never be sure...we both are impulsive and half of the times we have more fun when we end up doing something impulsive rather than a planned they say, "Ignorance is a Bliss".

Sunday, February 22, 2009


wow! its been Jemal said time flies here....we were so surprised to realize that feb. is almost over....George will be taking exams for the first time in his life this tuesday...he will enter 1st grade in march...we are so excited for him...little Jeyo is walking and becoming naughty each day....he loves singing....

ok here are some recent pics. of the kids...ENJOY!!!!!

P.S thanks for the pics. abu!!! Love U!!!!!

Feb. almost over!

It gets really frustrating these days. I have these ideas, thoughts, and what not. However, by the time I get home ...i forget them only to remember them the next day.
In Jan. I made post about how traveling has changed me. Living overseas has really changed many things about myself. I find that I remember Philadelphia less, and less. I remember going to school, the playing around. I remember family life...I was mostly a loner, I figured I could tackle all of my woes on my own.

Now, here I am. I have lived in Europe, and in Asia. You see it is different than just going to a place, taking a few pictures, eat the local food, and going back home. In My short life I have lived in those places. Thats the difference. I feel happy about my decision. It is not easy. It is GETTING easier as time goes by.

Looking at the calender last week Yogita, and I realized...febuary is almost over! Of course it is a shorter month...but still. It has a complete four weeks. In India there will be a holiday on for family there next week will fly by. In Alaska it will be the same for them there, as it is here (no holidays).

Time flies. Yesterday we went out for a drive. We drove, and talked. We used some of our happy point card points. Basically you have a card that when used at select stores (baskin robbins, dunking donuts, and other area bakeries) the points can be used as cash at those places.

Anyways...we had a nice drive. Talked and talked. We drove to this university and walked as so nice.

Then...distaster struck! I really had to take a crapper. I am sitting in our car driving along...and suddenly I feel like I am five years old. You know..when you were a kid, and you just could not hold that brown stuff back? a 30 year old man (31 in Korea!) this happened. OH MY GOODNESS! I and Yogita were pretty stressed. Instestinal cramping nearing that point of no return. The realization that you will have to sit in a pile crap..oh...YOUR crap for about 100km's with the windows open trying not to gag. You see gets..scary as well...I dont know. But pretty darn scary.

Anyways, we finally founds a building that looked it have the western style toilet. In Asia, and parts of Europe this squat toilets are common. I mastered using the squat toilets in India. But..with this potentially explosive way jose! I do not even want to think about that.

Well back to the building, you see in Korea people build up. Not like in America were due to space people tend spread out more. In Korea...up and up we go. So imagine a building with signs on each of the floors, indicating different businesses on each floors. Hospitals, pc rooms, singing rooms, dental clinics, resturants ... I think you get the point. Well we rolled up in the Enterprise (Mazda 929 HE fully loaded...uh yeah I like my car). And we walked up to the second floor (pretty hard to this while looking "normal").

BINGO there is a bathroom.....and right across through glass doors is an internal medicine clinic. The bathroom is a not a public bathroom....@$!#! I cant just walk in and a take a much needed dump. Well...I did. Sorry I was far to desperate at that point. Yogita..who has a mutant bladder also had to take a tinkle. Well she was done real quick, and she saved the day.

Yogita knows the culture here very well, and her language skills are exceptional! Well, she goes in and right away starts using Korean. We have found that in order to get a more postive response in a country well known for xenophobia...learn the language. Right away the woman who was giving her the "eye", was smiling and was very conversational. Basically Yogita made it look like she had to get a blood test, and a Urine test done, and would it be possible to have it done that day. "Of course, no problem the doctor will be able to see you in about 15 minutes" Of Yogita realizes that once the doctor sees her (we are not in Gunsan, we are about 100km away in Nonsan...uh...perhaps 80km) our little game will be up and we will be quite embarrassed. No back to me..I was having the time of my life in the bathroom. It was filled with the earthy poo smell of my intestinal contents emptying into the toilet bowl. However, there was just one issue. It was taking its merry time going through the ascending, tranverse, descending, and finally a fast zig zag course to the rectum via the sigmoid colon. Let me tell you I could feel every bit of this...and...I enjoyed it.

Yogita on the hand had worked out a quick solution to the issue she was having. She simply told the lady "Oh no!, I forgot my medical insurance card, my husband will be upset..he drove me all the way here!" "Do you have any time on Monday? I could come back at that time when he is teaching, he is an English teacher". To this the woman expressed sympathy Yogita is petite, and I am a mean looking black man with a anal issue, so..the tension on my face must have been intimadating. Also in Korea domestic violence is not uncommon. It happens quite frequently, and if you ever come to Korea and see it....keep walking. It is against the law here to rescue a woman in such a situation. I could write a whole post about that. Anyways I digress (Yogita is cooking up a nice curry! Yummmy!) since that issue was solved all was well.

That is until smoking man came into the stall next to me. Now...remember earthy poo smell...powerfully strong......asending, transverse, get the point...alot of human waste was present, and the methaney earth like smell was very present. So when this dude walked in....DAMMM. All systems shut down! My reverie was cut short, the pleasure of getting that crap out was gone. All smooth muscle (and skeletal muscle) activity ceased! You see...I have a hard "doing it" with other people near me. Yogita does not have this effect on me. one thing to accept your own body's "no so popular" functions with ease. I had to hear another person. UGH.

All is well that ends well though.


Saturday, February 07, 2009


I and yogita have spent almost a decade in Asia. I must say that when you stay a long time in a start to...belong. Many foreigners complain that here in Korea you can never be a part of the community. This is so untrue. Even though in Korea xenophobia exsist all it takes is a bit of thick skin, patience, and a willingness to adapt and change to adapt to a new culture. Koreans are the very epitome of ingnorance. Ok..that is not a fair statement. I will say this...many here are ingnorant of other cultures. You should see the way most travelers travel here. They go in groups, take one sample of a another countries cuisine and then place judgement. Usually the verdict is that it is inferior to Korean food in some way.
A student in Yogita's class said "Mom said that people in China are dirty so the food is dirty too, so we did not eat the food". Many complain that food from other countries is either too bland, or too greasy.

Now...I should note I am talking about people who travel with their families, or friends every so often. I am not talking about Korean expats. Korean expats are just like any other expat. Including yours truly. They have a strong attachment to place where they have been living, working, and or studying. They love the food, they are the most accepting Koreans you will find. I should say that they will accept different cultures very very quickly.

However, with so much ignorance, and xenophobia (just take a look at Korea's history and you can see why. In the early 1900's the Japanese colonized Korea. Colonized...what a nice word. No...they tried to destroy Koreans image. Did you know that prior to the colonization that Korea was spelled with a C (Corea), but the Japanese changed it to a K because it came after J, for Japan. I personally do not like Japan. I have my reasons. If you ask about why that is...I will tell you. But basically ....Japan...%$#% them. I hate visiting Japan. Once again if you want details just place a comment, and I will put a post up giving the details of why I dont like Japan.

Ok so Adapting...I was watching a Korea movie today. In the movie you could see typical scenes that you would see in a weekend open air market. Or..any busy shopping district. Mopeds on the sidewalks, vendors everywhere, noise, smells, just the typical open air market. It made me home.

I am from Philadelphia, PA, USA. I grew up in Woodstock, then Germantown (neighborhoods in Philly). I am American....I am African American...yet I feel more at home here in Asia. India, Korea, even visiting Japan I feel at home. When I go back to America Yogita and I feel like Frodo, at the end of the trilogy. He just doesnt fit anymore. He has been to other places....that have changed him. I feel the same.

I will post those pics tomorrow. I left the dslr cam in the car...

Love you all....



Thursday, February 05, 2009


I took some nice pics on my way back from Seo-chon today. I will post them tomorrow. The views I get while driving back are so nice...I think I need to stop hitting 150km/h while driving along that can miss alot at those speeds....(jemal knows he is guilty of 160km/h + but he is saying nothing!).

I cant wait for the spring and summer. Basically no matter what Koreans tell you Korea has 2 seasons. Hot and cold, with a short period of transition between seasons.
So we are now weathering the cold season, but next....the hot season will come!

This means getting into shape...taking nice long walks, more nice scenic pictures.

Ok it is getting we come! (we have about 11 more thursdays before we get a nice 4 day week!).



Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Number 2 post for week...

I am aiming at getting a full 7 days posting in. Abu I hope you liked the beach pics. Next time your in will not be happy to see Pusan. It SUCKS. It looks like downtown Seoul, next to the beach.

Now..perhaps people are thinking "next to the beach" how could you go wrong. EASY. If you know Seoul, with emphasis on the Kangnam district which is a very upscale area of Seoul. There are loads of nice places to eat and shop...but the seems to be dwarfed not your every day fare.. American, German, and Japanese models (not cars that have had the rights to produce them purchased by Korean company's) is not like a relaxed dea-chon beach...remember the little cook out we had and I drank san-sa-jun. It was so nice. BUT....Hae-un-dae it sucks Abu.

When you visit again...we will go north east. It is more rustic there. More...natural. More real. More to the damn point. A beach in Korea is undeveloped with alot of natural beauty. Not with huge concrete monstrosities close by.


No Holidays for a long time.....

This will be the last short week (last week I mean), for quite some time. Looking at the calender....we have another 12 weeks before we get a 4 day week. Ho hum, we will manage. Teachers will be taking vacations, which means the schedule will be tight for us. We usually cover them as they go then take our vacation last. I like it that way. It is nice to have others vacation out of the way.

Ok this is for George I told you I would post some pictures of the car.

So here goes....these are just from the dash

George will be having his testing soon, and I know he is studying very very hard. Thanks Abu! You gotta love the internet. Dad's pc is back up and running...fixed by Dad himself...SWEET!!! Jeyo is talking more these days, walking, being very naughty. Taking items from the kitchen then hiding them all over the place, leaving George to have to track them down...LOL.

Ok better upload those pics!!!

Uh ok so I kinda went nuts with the pics...these are from a couple of weeks ago. We went with tony to Song-tan. It was fun we had mexican food very very stuffed. This weekend will be Tony's last weekend in Korea with us. We will do something nice as well. It is very foggy today....hopes this will not define the weather for this week....


p.s George keeping studying, and finding Jeyo's hidden treasures...LOL