Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Recent Drive!

Yesterday, we decided to take a drive...for us destination is not important, it's the journey that we drove towards no specific destination just enjoying our music, our steaming hot cups of Caf'e Latte and of course each other's company...

We took some scenic side roads....the long beautiful black enterprise snaking along, gaining speed as it went up and down the curved road with beautiful majestic mountains clothed in the different shades of spring green walled us on both sides....time and again we would come out at an open area and the strong winds would hit us threatening to sweep us off to wherever they were heading...but the enterprise moved along against the strong winds defiant and determined "to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before" ( but really..our enterprise did...)

It was a beautiful spring day....sunny and bright....the wind was cool and refreshing...when we stopped in a valley at a memorial park/shrine of a famous Korean War general Kim Chwa Jin, we could enjoy the beauty all around us...the fresh feeling of spring welcoming summer...the last of the cherry blossoms...a few people enjoying the pretty day eating and having picnic with their families and loved ones...bikers treading along the warm, dusty stretch of road against the glaring sun..

All in all it was a nice, simple yet very enjoyable road trip...we took some pics and talked alot.....we had a great time....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Almost a week with a triple core cpu.

And all I have to say is...I want to upgrade my cpu now. Yogita's Phenom 3 64 is awesome. It has a 3mb cache (L3) it is so smooth. Right now I am downloading a game patch, and installing a game while making this post WITH NO SLOW DOWN AT ALL.
There isnt even a hint of sluggishness. My cpu is not a slouch, but my 1.87ghz dual core cpu with 2megs of L2 cache feels a bit slow in our R.T.S game that we bought. I am running 4 gigs of ram on my system, and with a 320 gig sata hdd (remember Omorro? I showed it to you!) there are no bottlenecks (points at which even a fast computer is slowed down because some hardware might not be fast enough to work with other hardware in the system...whew...)

We are going to try a FPS tonight...I can wait to see her play with no hick ups on her pc!


beautiful day!

Today the weather is very sunny, with clear skies. I really hope this weekend is like this. We have been very very busy for the past two weeks, and now there are only 3 more days (I never count the current day) left.

If more people would pitch in this would not be so hard. Yesterday I was so sleepy, that I nodded off for a split second. I even had a dream...for a split second (the dream seemed to last minutes), which I woke up (I was drving), I had drifted too close the guard rails. I have very good control over my car, and I never physically panic. This time I just slightly adjusted my heart was racing on a HUGE surge of adrenaline. Ok I gotta go...

Yogita will get me more coffee today so that should help


Thursday, April 16, 2009

My New System!!!

so we just got finished building this new system for me and it's a KICK ASS system....Jemal got his system up and running on tuesday and today was my turn!

It has an AMD phenom x3 64bit (it's a triple core cpu), 4 gig of RAM, a Nvidia GeForce GT 9500 with 256 MB....DDR3.....I have a Gigabyte motherboard....I have 350 GB of HDD space...and a 22" flat screen monitor COOL!!!!

well we are going to try some new games...and of course our old games.....and i want to go crazy with downloads...Korea is cool when it comes to downloading..there is no download limit....oh and i decided to stick with Win. Xp for the OS....i love the plug and play compatibility and the user friendly interface..

ok i have to finish installing the drivers...bye for now!


Uh so if you play starcraft you will understand what I mean. Today I have finally put my old dual core system back online. It is old by dual core standards. It is still nice in my opinion. It can handle heavy loads nicely...multiple programs better than my AMD Turion 64x2.

Mike replied to my post asking about Dell pcs. I only have to say this. Buy what you will really need. A "slow" pc is not exactly slow. It might be over burdened. You have installed dozens of programs that now you dont use. However, your cpu will load them, and place them in RAM. Now if you do not have alot of Ram. Your computer will take Hard drive space, and use it as a place to store information. We call this "virtual ram". It is "virtual" in the fact that it is not the same as REAL ram. RAM, or random access memory is FAST. Sdram, ddr sdram, ddr2 sdram....higher you get the faster your ram is. That means programs will run faster. HOWEVER, the speed is limited to how much of this "short term" memory. Basically RAM only holds information while your pc is one. Once it is off...that information is lost. Unlike HDD's that store information magnetically, Ram holds it in the state of a electric charge.

SO. First. You want feel you pc is too slow. If you have some restore software...use, after backing up your data of course. IF after doing this...and you use your pc as you want to use it and it seems slow...then upgrade.

If you are using a pentium 4 or equivalent AMD system.......and you feel your system is slow even after using your restore software (which returns your pc back to the orginal state you bought it in), you might want to multitask, and your noticing your pc slowing down.

Single core cpus line up task on after another. Dual core...takes this to a whole new level, while triple, and quad core.....multitasking could not be easier.

SO MIke. What cpu do you have? WHat do you want to use the pc for? Did you restore it to the same condition when you bought it? Usually those new pcs seem so fast when we bought them, however they tend to slow down over to time.

Where you using a single core (I think you might have), if so...then jump on the dual core bandwagon. If you opt for dell, do not run after the most expensive cpu, or one the higher end dual cores. If you are not a gamer...your wasting your money. close attention to ram. I just doubled my pc's ram from 2gigs to 4 gigs (I am a gamer). I bought the first 2 gigs, at about 90 bucks...the most recent 2 gigs... 21 bucks. SO if i spent 90 bucks now...I would get....6 gigs!!! I could go as high as 8 gigs! Basically if a system is cheap and you notice it had only 1 gig of ram....see how much it cost to put in an extra chip...say 1gig or a 2 gig chip. It might make your Dell purchase that much easier.

So bottom line, Mike...go for which brand you feel most comfortable with. If you like Dell make sure you are not throwing money away on extra ram. You are not paying for the extra ram...your paying for the service, and manpower of installing, plus a nice little extra profit. Hdd space....this is cheap. 250-320 gigs......dirt cheap these days. Send me the price and the model you want to buy Mike, along with what uses you want for the pc, or laptop.

Ok tata!!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A surprise!

Yeah thats right...this week...thursday is a holiday for all institutes in Gunsan!!
But...not Seo-chon. It is ok, because I will Yogita with me, and we will have a grand ole time. We have to set up her desktop. We NEED computing power. It is that simple. WIth out it...we are...lost. We have too many things to do, that need pc's.

Remember my earlier post....go Dual core, or quad core if you can afford it. Heck, AMD has a triple core cpu on the market. If you are still running single core cpu's and you are multitasker on your a head and blow your foot, and your left hand off. That is how you will feel once you taste the power of dual,triple, or quad cpu power. Even this old dated machine does some amazing things!!!

It is only a 1.6ghz x 2 AMD Turion. Yet I can play a 3d intensive game, while running serveral other programs in the background. Even a 3.2 ghz p4 can not even come close. I am also using DDR2 ram.....freakin fast people. Oh...uh if you all rememeber our first pc in Philly...the 650 mhz p3; if you have anything like that...use it to wipe your bottom. Pentium 3 was awesome in its hayday. is not even worth checking your email with!

However, if that is all you use your pc not waste cash...use that p3. They are very durable cpus. Mike has recently asked me for some computer advice...please feel free to ask me...I will do my best to help you out...based on your needs.

Ok...this brings on my own woes. My precious dual core desktop system...went belly up! A capacitor went bad...result....I might need a TOTAL rebuild, or hopefully a partial one. A total rebuild would mean getting new components for all of the systems. Partial...I would replace what is broken. In this GPU!!!! (graphics card). Personally I think I should get a similar spec card to replace it with. I do not need more GPU power at this point. 256megs, of ddr3 ram, and a nice fast gpu (nvida 7600 gt), is enough for all of my needs. For now.

Ok I am you all!


The start of 2 busy weeks....

This is usaully the case when teachers go on vacation. We end up pulling longer hours covering for them. It is tough but short term. There is always the extra money. Oh well. Tomorrow should be very interesting. We had a beautiful weekend. We took a drive to Jin-ju, which is smack dam in the middle of a mountain range. It was so nice. Yogita took some nice pictures on her smart phone, and so did I.
We will post them later this week. I hope this wonderful weather lasts...for 2 weeks at least!! We plan on taking a another trip at the end of the next week. We are looking to go to Jin-do, there are some nice sites to see there. We went there about one and half years ago. It was nice. We did not bring our camera usual. This time though..we will have it.

I have lots of pictures to upload this week. Our mountain climb through Mu-ak mountain, this weekend, and some other random shots around Gunsan, plus one of a "homeless" Yogita we took in the winter.

Ok tata

Current Job outlook...

It is a Wednesday and it was quite warm, and comfortable. Usually when teachers come to South Korea to teach English, they think it's a walk in the park.

The younger teachers, usually don't get the fact that a job is a job. You have to put in the work to see results. Usually seasoned teachers (ESL) tend to get lazy. They know their who cares.

Now is not the time for that kind of attitude. They will likely make a fool of themselves here, then go the states. Then they will have a hard time holding on to a job, or keeping one for long due to layoffs.

It is time to really appreciate the fact that you are gainfully employed. What you may lose today might not be here today. So to those teachers who think "I hate teaching here".

Think again. You might miss the free apartment, easy side jobs, easy to get overtime, and many other benefits to this job.

People come to Korea, and they want things to be as similar as back in States, or where ever they are from. Sadly this is not the case. The ones who have been here long term...they are smart. They will be here even in the toughest of times. These new young college grads, are in a very rude awakening. The world is very different from what it was just 2-3 years ago. Very different.


Sunday, April 05, 2009

The wierd things I have eaten....

I have made another post about this last year...or maybe it was in 2007.
I have eaten some crazy stuff over the years.

So today I will list em up. Last time I think I only talked about a few things...

I have eaten

Silk worm larva
Raw fish (not just tuna)
Raw octopus, and squid (i have eaten both "live")
Goat testicle,...thanks Dad.
Goat brain....thanks mom
raw beef (YUMMY!!!)
Dog meat (steamed and in a soup...yummy as well!)
Goose eggs (actually...chicken eggs are better)
Duck Korean style
Raw garlic
Green hot peppers (I love it so much now!!)
Sea cucumber, and sea urchin (um...yuck!)
Ah yes Yogita just reminded me.... Intestines (grilled)
Lung (pork)
Cow head soup (soh mori guk bab) (i sounds like ee sound)
Raw shellfish with the green guts still inside
Shrimp eaten that have not had the vein removed, and eaten with the head, and legs....I actually like to eat em like that now.
Crabs we eat the weird yellow muck inside the shell that I was always taught to avoid.
Seaweed (dried, and in is actually quite good!!)
Chicken feet (makes my poo time hurt cause they make em real spicy like!)
Fish egg sacks...not your pretty caviar....think..egg sacks.....actually this yummy, Indian style and Korean style has been consumed by us
Ah lets is getting a bit harder much I have eaten......
Umm...errr.....ugh. Hmm....well I have eaten a number greens that in the States we would consider them to be weeds...LOL. I actually like eating them too...

I think there are more items here.....I will have to think on it.

Basically some of these things have me disturbed. While others...are just plain yucky. Ok First with the yucky...Goat nuts. UGH. They did not tast terribly. They were...very soft...makes a man with a pair mine taste like that! Sea cucumber, and sea urchin.... yucky yucky yuck. Which rhymes with....

Ok on to the good tasting weirdness. Lung....i have been eating this for years...I thought it was a softer "section" of the liver. Yeah I was way wrong. actually tastes ok. It has a consistency of eggs (the yolk).

Well there ya have it...Likely I have missed some items...


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What I Like About Spring!!!!!!

It was after our company classes. We were sitting in our car chilling enjoying our books...the air was fresh and crisp, the sun was bright and warm..the warmth seemed to seep through everything and envelope everything in this dazzling golden hot molten felt fresh, warm and lively....It was Marvelous...everything was Beautiful...even the dusty road with speeding cars, and tired looking workers returning back to work after lunch...they looked so bored and burned out, literally dragging their feet back to their duty stations...

And it suddenly hit me...I LOVE SPRING.....that got me thinking....what exactly do i like about spring? I would say everything but that wouldn't be very informative now would it? so instead i am going to list a couple of things that i can think of right this minute that i absolutely love about here it goes:

I love watching all the NEW life as it occurs all around me...I love the fresh, crisp air, the smell of green grass, all the greenery, the trees budding, the beautiful flowers, the spectacular colors, watching the new leaves growing, the pastel spring colors all around me, i love sinking my teeth in a nice juicy ripe deliciously red strawberry and let the juices run down the corner of my mouth and chin, i love sinking my toes in the soft green grass and feeling it's velvety silky amazingly mushy depth..Gunsan is very windy and i love the feeling of cool fresh air ruffling my hair....

I love spring and i think the most important reason is because for me it means hope and a new begining...we can see it all around us...nature is beautiful and we can learn alot from it...

wow! still ranting on!!!!!!