Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This, That And More......

We restarted an old activity that we have always enjoyed 'watching programs and movies'....we actually didn't watch movies for a while...so for the last few weeks we have been downloading and watching movies...also, we got the latest season of most of our programs that we like to watch...we went to the theater too and watched the new Star trek movie...it was fun...we loved it!!

In addition, We took some short trips during the weekend and holidays...we explored quite a few new cities...we walked around the towns we stayed at overnight and tried the local food...it was fun!!!!!

We are planning on taking a trip to Seoul soon and get books from kyobo...well, we are trying to download the books from the net and we can upload them on our smart phones...we have some books that we got using this very COOL system if i may say so myself! but alas, like every other good thing this method has some limitations...basically the availability of these E-Books...so we will try but if not we will visit the bookstore....

Today because we are not feeling so good we plan on heading to bed early and resting!!!

Ta Ta!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A wonderful monday!

Even though I am hacking away with an annoying cough I am doing well. Yogita feels like she is coming down with something. With this Swine flu going around...
Of course Korea's exposure to it has been very minor. This weekend we stayed in. We wanted to do more but..I got sick. I have loads of pictures to upload from our trips last month and early this month. On the 25th of this month I will be going back to GM-Daewoo. I will be able to see just how the global automotive slump has had an impact on workers (white collar). To bad I do not have a GM-Daewoo car anymore. Might be a good time to trade in the Enterprise for an Arcadia. Oh well we will see.


pictures to come....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another week....

Well we are in the middle of May, it has been pretty much an ok month. We did alot of traveling (short trips). Workwise it is getting busier. We think that many teachers will be not be resigning contracts. Which means the end of this year will be crazy busy! We should just bide our time, and enjoy the free time we have now. There is a rumor that we will shut down next month for a few days. If so...then SWEET! If not....well...it will have to do.

Mike I can make international calls. Basically what is cool about my phone (and Yogita's) is that we can make video calls. I think you know that is. I think I first saw it on tv commericals in Alaska back in 2003. Here in Korea it has picked up major steam, and seemed like a new technology just 2 years ago. I will email you my number, and Yogita's.

Ok tata

p.s great to hear about your new project...Aida!!! NICE!!!!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday !!!!!!

Actually this week has been quite short with the sandwich day we had on tuesday. still it is nice to have a another weekend. we want to take a short trip,or a long one. we have gotten many new moviea to watch. In the online game we are playing we are doing well there. seeing the friends, eating out going into the service is always an adventure. I have just one more class to go....then.....freedom!!!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sandwich day

Over the years of having this blog we have had many "sandwhich" days. Basically you a holiday in the middle of a couple of weekdays. This week is was on a tuesday, the holiday that is. I think those are the best sandwhich days. Mondays can be hard enough as it is, however you get this giddy feeling by the end of the day. So now we are going back to work, it is a wednesday, with a wierd monday like feeling. In the evening when the day is done....we are well into the week. In States, and now Korea, a 5 day work week is awesome! In India, it is 6 days! There is one thing I should point out though, India has MANY MANY holidays!

Well we are going to get Yogita's cell phone settled today. Oh...I found out that our LG KS20 smart phones are truly global...it is working as we speak!!!

Ok Gotta go and finish getting ready!



Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Uh yeah...video calls anyone?

Ok so this tech is not new. In Korea it was introduced like 1.5 years ago. KTF (telecomunications company) labeled its service "show phone!". I personally think it is a cool service. Poor Korea though...I remember in Alaska seeing this service being offered.

Well today we finally got our cell phones settled, and met 2 nice Philapina ladies as well.

I must say this...I like the video call function.

Actually our smart phones are able to do this as well...but it is very difficult in Korea.

Korea does not want wifi capable cells phones here. Why? Well remember cell phone market saturation is in the high 90% range. So how are they going to make money? Well it is easy....charging for a number of services that you can find easily via a free wifi connection.

Let us know if you want our numbers.. we will email them to you...