Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sandwich day

Over the years of having this blog we have had many "sandwhich" days. Basically you a holiday in the middle of a couple of weekdays. This week is was on a tuesday, the holiday that is. I think those are the best sandwhich days. Mondays can be hard enough as it is, however you get this giddy feeling by the end of the day. So now we are going back to work, it is a wednesday, with a wierd monday like feeling. In the evening when the day is done....we are well into the week. In States, and now Korea, a 5 day work week is awesome! In India, it is 6 days! There is one thing I should point out though, India has MANY MANY holidays!

Well we are going to get Yogita's cell phone settled today. Oh...I found out that our LG KS20 smart phones are truly is working as we speak!!!

Ok Gotta go and finish getting ready!




Mike said...

You mean u can make international calls on your cell phone? What is ur number? By the way I bought a Dell computer and I love it. Thanks for your advice. I started rehearsals for Aida last night. It was a blast. I will be updating my blog this week. It's long over due

Jeyo said...

Wow nice Mike! I will be checking out your blog!!!

Mike said...

I just updated it on Friday if you wanna check it out.