Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Uh yeah...video calls anyone?

Ok so this tech is not new. In Korea it was introduced like 1.5 years ago. KTF (telecomunications company) labeled its service "show phone!". I personally think it is a cool service. Poor Korea though...I remember in Alaska seeing this service being offered.

Well today we finally got our cell phones settled, and met 2 nice Philapina ladies as well.

I must say this...I like the video call function.

Actually our smart phones are able to do this as well...but it is very difficult in Korea.

Korea does not want wifi capable cells phones here. Why? Well remember cell phone market saturation is in the high 90% range. So how are they going to make money? Well it is easy....charging for a number of services that you can find easily via a free wifi connection.

Let us know if you want our numbers.. we will email them to you...


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