Sunday, August 30, 2009

10 Years for me!!!!

Feels like it was just yesterday when i first arrived in Korea...i still remember the a kid i would always look longingly every time an airplane flew overhead and ask my mother the same question every single time "when will it be my turn?" and she always ruffled my hair and answered "soon".

And then one day it was ...10 years ago....very hot day in was a late night father and my younger sister came to see me literally tore my heart to say goodbye to was the first time i was on my own...just turned was exciting....

Together Jemal and I have seen so many changes in the society, in people, in Gunsan...we are like living examples of how far Korea has come in 10 years....nothing stays the same...everything changes...change is a very essential part of life.

i have had good experience and bad...wonderful times and really tough times but it has all been good...memorable....i have been in Korea for 10 years...i like the food, the people...i am fluent in Korean ..i can relate to Korea and Koreans....i am not the same young girl of 20..i have changed and gained a lot more.......Amazing!!!!!!

We can feel the fall!!!

It is getting cooler in Korea now, well our corner of Korea. That means that frigid weather is on its way. I only hope that we do not get the kind of winter that we had last year. It was very tough...we got a flat and it was cold cold cold. Gunsan's winter is very similar to Philadelphia's. I remember catching buses to get to school, and university. Now, drive drive drive drive. It has been quite a summer. Now we are getting ready for the fall. Yogita and I met the new teacher, he is up to the task and not inexperienced. So we are happy about that. We met a few teachers in Gunsan, and let me say this...they have awaken my love for gameboy. Jeyo doing much better under moms care. George has a slight cold but we are not worried.

We have been very busy this week with work and all.

Ok tata for now...

Omorro i will get on top of the facebook thing....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26th!!! 9 years ago I first came to Korea. So much has changed for me since then. I am a husband, father, working and so many other things. I did not know that my life would change is such a dramatic way. Yogita and I have grown closer, through her I am now whole. I know it sounds cheesy to some, but for me it is real. She is my ally, co-pilot, more than a friend could ever be. I do not believe in the "do your own thing theory" that I heard when I was younger.

It is much more enjoyable to share different likes (even dislikes). It is not easy, and takes patience.
The end result? I am more than what I was when I was single. I am now in a symbiotic relationship. Two organism, that need each other to survive. Two beings that WANT each other, and LIKE each other. Love is a basic requirement in a relationship.

I am rambling.

9 years....a long time over seas is almost 9 years including england....i went back to alaska for a um by this winter...or early spring....9 years....for real....WOw. I dream in different languages!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

WOW seven days!

Well Thursday is around the corner. It has been a pretty crazy week. My steering column in my car went funky when I drove over a piece of tire on the highway. I had to no choice as traffic was high and evasive manoeuvres would have gotten us in a car accident.

Well Now I need to replace the clock spring in my steering wheel. All of the options on my steering wheel do not work UGH.

Oh well. Actually I started this post last week and over the days I have been adding to it.

Yesterday I had a chat with Omorro, and well I guess it is time for us to look into facebook. When we do not know. Perhaps Thursday night. This will be a busy week for us. The new teacher will be arriving perhaps later this week.

You know we are going through many candidates these days. We are so surprised the number of unsuitable people who wish to work in Korea. No wonder so many have negative experiences. One person had no experience living in a foreign country, another only had a month at a home stay.

I really think that if you want to come here and work, you major, work experience, and your ability to adapt to a new culture will come into play. Teaching is not easy if you are not accustomed to it. It is not rocket science, but requires a certain skill set like all jobs.

Ok...time for some Mok-Sal!!

I think I will go back to posting Korean dishes.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is a blog with out pictures?

Ok time to show the development of our babies. Abu your camera rocks!!!

Goerge is doing well, now both kids are little sick, but they are in good hands. Abu...thanks with out your camera these would not have been possible. It sucks that the other camera went bad.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vista and the blue screen of death...

Here are my pc's specs...

core 2 dual 6300 (1.87ghz x 2)
4 gigs of ddr2 ram
360 gigs of total hhd space
geforce gt 9500 (256megs of ddr3 memory)
a nice motherboard gigabyte with the ultra durable capacitors (uh hmm, trust me it is nice to have them seeing as how my old dual core motherboard blew a cap.....)
DVD superdrive pretty standard these days and very cheap too.

22 inch lcd's (very sweet indeed!)


I think it might be a bad ram chip (they are dirt cheap too). UGH. So frustrating. Today I was so busy and happy, then I come home...and low and behold...before I can start up EVE boom.

Basically a blue screen of death is when windows swtiches to a screen with a blue background stating that some serious error has taken place and that it is shutting down the pc to prevent serious damage. The a series of error codes, and info regarding what in the world happened are then posted.

It is a good diagnostic tool but still I hate it after a long day. Just this monday I repaired a pc at school, then had to trouble shoot my bosses pc which I could not fix (driver issue). UGH. Then my strongest pc....goes splat!


On top of that...I think I need to replace our wireless router again.....damm downloading 400gigs of data takes it toll I guess.

Jemal walks to a corner then begins to cry.

Melah do you remember Aardwolf? My lvl ....uh I forgot the level character is STILL there. I think both of your characters are still there. Ugh Jemal not so happy today.