Sunday, September 27, 2009


I remember back when I first heard of the term. It was...weird. I heard Internet, and telnet, http blah blah blah. Actually Melah Nick, Yogita, and I have some experience with telnet. It was how we played aardwolf. A mud. Wow! Text based mmorpg. It was truly exciting and even now I it gives me spine the tingles.

Now the internet has changed so much. Look at data transfer rates. I remember in the late summer of 2000, I was downloading some demo game. The file was like 70megs which was HUGE back then.....especially for a demo. I had a steady download rate of 5kb/sec I was so happy!

Today? If I see such lowly numbers I get angry and fine another website. Why now will you look at that..a 113meg file (Wolverine comic) just finished downloading took a loooong 3 minutes. LOL

To me the internet is like a HUUUGE link to the world for me. We might be traveling overseas this year or early next year. We will use the internet to do that.

My goodness...the means so much to me. But really what is the internet?

Basically it is a HUUGE network of 10's of millions of pcs across the globe. These pc's use special software which allows them to communicate. You know many of us do not realize that huge bundles of wire connecting us all. Last year an underwater cable snapped. Large portions of Asia was affected, and basically the world. I felt it here in Korea. Certain websites were suddenly 1999 ish like.

Even though we have great download means little with out the right hardware, and with understanding bandwidth.

Ok I finish this post on this note. I do not care if you have a 5mbit connection. The Internet is a huge loong highway. So speed means little with out the right software. So if you are downloading a file and you are upset by a 50kb/sec download speed. Look to software to help you get your max bandwidth utilization.

Torrents can help, download accelerators can help too. They work in different ways but the principle is the same. They make multiple connections available to use your bandwidth to the full.

For example we have a 100mbit connection I will use accelerators, or torrents to bring that 50k speed to 5000k (5mb/s).

It is the sweetest thing.

Ok now on to my comic..I have been waiting for this one for a while...


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Finally a break in sight!

It has been almost 20 weeks or so since we last had some time off. I remember thinking at that time...."sheesh 20 weeks....we never get a break!". Now here it is. Right around the corner. I don't know what we will do with this time. Perhaps hit the road BUT if we do hit the road there will be literally millions of cars on the road.

In the past it was truly to follow the tradition of Chu-sok which is to worship ancestors. Now people tend to be more secular. Some people visit the grave site 1 week early. Then during the actual holiday they go to resorts, sort of like a short vacation.

One of my classes are restarting again after sometime due to the economic crisis last year. It will be nice to get back to working with them.

Ok i gotta drink some water.



Friday, September 18, 2009

Stray cats?

Well this morning a fellow teacher and friend, and her husband found a stray cat. It is a Russian Blue. They are trying to find someone who would want to take it in. You see cats in Korea are very unpopular. In the past cats were feared, perhaps it was the eyes. I will have to do some asking around and online research.

I would love to take in a kitten (it is 6 months old). Our apartment just isnt large enough, and we can not have cats or dogs as pets in our complex. I think we could get away with it at first. However, cats....they smell. Their urine is very pungent, and a female cat in heat will make the loudest noises, usually at the most inconvenient times.

Poor kitty. Today I am going to have my oil topped up, and see if some parts we ordered are here so. I love Fridays because I have less classes and more free time. Yogita is feeling like normal today. Tonight we are going to watch some movies in a dvd-room.

I remember 9 years ago when dvd-rooms were very rare, instead we went to video rooms. Basically VCR's linked to tv's, or projectors. Actually the vcr's are located at the front desk, where tapes are loaded into them. The tv's or projectors are located in separate rooms, where usually a couple, or sometimes a group of friends, can enjoy a movie. Loads of fun.

Video rooms are almost gone, now we have dvd-rooms, and even they are few and far between. Now young couples use them to....engage in..procreative activities. Very annoying when you are trying to enjoy transformers 2. Damm young people....

Oh it is very sunny today...another plus!



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Swine flu....

So it has been quite some time since I have been able to post. I like to think that it is a matter of being able to, and being plain old lazy. I am now managing 3 company classes, and I have a feeling a 4th might be around the corner. Yogita is feeling sick, not H1N1 though.

2 of the companies I go to check my temp. and have me use an antibacterial hand wash. It is funny because H1N1 is actually a virus. Perhaps the alcohol in the wash can denature the proteins in the virus. is when proteins loose their structure, or come apart. With proteins structure is everything. If they lose their shape then functionality goes as well. Heat, light, and alcohol, to name a few can ruin proteins.

Uh I am really blabbing now. Guess it has been that long since I last posted. Sheesh first post of this month is on the 17th. The boys are fine, George is improving in his school work.

In about 2 and a half weeks we will be having a big holiday here in Korea. It is called Chu-sok. This year will suck because it falls smack dab in the middle of the weekend.....which means a 3 day weekend....bummer. Some years we have gotten a very nice 5 days off!

So Yogita is doing ok, I think she actually has a case of mild food poisoning. It is my fault really, I chose the lunch menu yesterday. I think I will post pictures of Bun-sik restaurants. I love em, but sometimes they can be a bit risky. Basically fried food that sits, then is re-fried when the customer orders. Yummy!

I feel pretty good today because Thursdays sort of feel like a Friday, because one of the company classes, is only 3 days a week. Hence, today will have a sort of finality to it. Tomorrow means I will have a very nice 2 hour break ....Friday = extra sweet!

Ok well I ought to log off and call Yogita.