Friday, November 27, 2009


So um it is like...nice today. Well all is not so well but I am happy anyway. Health wise we are all ok, but well my needs some TLC. I think a bolt might be lose so I will see if I can take it over to my friend Hwa-Nil and see if he can hook me up. I am tired of the rattling noise coming through the steering column. Ugh.

Tomorrow we will...Dun dun dun duuuunnnnnnn....EVE TIME!!!

My schedule is very busy but that is ok because many people are understanding. Today is a light day so I am loving it.

Tonight we will have a staff dinner that should be nice. Tomorrow well we will see, we will see.
So tired now....nothing to do.

ok i am going to post on fb...


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Terabyte time!

Last weekend I bought a 1 TB hard drive....1000 gigs...well 931.51 after formatting. But still....950 gigs! Sweet! At the same time though I feel that even that is not enough. We are watching er now, and even though I have a 250gig drive on my desknote (think large laptop), it fills up very very fast.

In this day and age information overload is a very real concern. Sometimes I get lost delving into the Internet. Logging on, and logging out of life at the same time. Internet surfing is like a good conversation that bounces from topic to topic. It is here where my dilemma begins. If I am looking at World War 2 information, I search for and download documentaries on WW2.

If I take a trip down memory lane, say looking at comic books. Well even those can be downloaded.
With this abundance of information comes the need to storage it. I...well I like to hoard this data.
If I go back to what I mentioned above about ER....I am going to download it...and keep it.

Lets do some math...currently each season is about 7.5 gigs x 15 seasons = Oh my goodness! My 1 terabyte hard drive is going to need a 1.5 or 2TB sibling!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


so its already tuesday and i can officially declare this week CRAZY!!!!!!!!

monday was was busy...tomorrow will be hectic...need i go on...i think not....

anyways, like Jemal said, we love it!!! we would rather take a CRAZY week than a week without anything to do..been there..done that...we enjoy our work...we love our free time but its worth it when we have a Crazy week to look forward to after that time off!

And fast forward 5 days...

I want to comment on our weekend. It was...unusual. We spent alot time together outside. We went for walks in the freezing cold. We did things like that...due to one reason. We had no car for the weekend. It is not the repairs where so difficult and complex. It was a simple of a corroded bolt, and the needed tools had to delivered. SO we took taxis and walked. It was nice. We saw the movie 2012.....uh it was....interesting. Another world ending epic with a twist...LOL.

Now is it Tuesday, Monday went well for me (no snow!), now? IT IS COLD COLD COLD. I feel it in my bones, in my massive muscles! Uh...yeah they are, biceps, triceps, and uh well my tummy...

Ugh another busy week. I need to take a chill pill!

P.s this is post number 499......duh dun dun dun!!!!!!!


oh uh robot chicken rocks!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday...that went really well!!

It was is a Monday I had to get up really early for all came together today. It was so nice. I really like Monday nights. I feel I have made it past the toughest day of the week. I actually feel weird on holidays where Monday is a day off. So strange.

Well my count down is getting smaller and smaller....about 6 weeks..till 2 4 day weeks!!
Tomorrow promises to be very interesting. At one company where I teach..there is one person...he wants to control everything. Well....his efforts have been trashed. So that means I might have to deal with him tomorrow.

Basically he is a joke. I hate to get personal here but....I don't care. I have taught at several companies in the Gunsan area. I am respected in what I do. No one questions me, I am trusted. This ONE dude however, what a control freak! Tomorrow will be very interesting. You see Korea is an export driven economy. That means if America stops buying, then well Korea goes bankrupt.

It is not that simple...the EU, and North America not buying Korean products....terrible for Korea.

Anyways, this dude does not see that a little humbleness goes a long way. He will have a hard time if he joins the class tomorrow. We call him by a special name that I will not post here.

Ugh tomorrow, lets see what it brings....^^


Saturday, November 07, 2009

here we go again...N1H1

So while we have spent many years in Korea we have seen and weathered many epidemics here. SARS, AI, Mad cow...which really wasn't a epidemic...just plain old politics. It is still funny to this day when people tell me in class that they buy American beef...why? Cause it is dirt cheap compared to Korean beef.

Now we have H1N1...and well let me tell you...this one hits close to home...well the workplace. We both feel that we have already contracted the illness. I hope so cause we did get sick and we had flu-like symptoms. However, now...students have it...schools are closed in our neck of the woods. In addition one of our teachers family has it. So yeah...this is different. I really do not want to get sick because well..I have to work, and with 4 company classes (in the past I have had 5), no one can cover them. So I am left to do what I can....I just can not afford to get sick.

Ok well..back to mining in Eve...


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

12 weeks minus 4....oh yeah!

Well holiday season...thats 2 4 day weeks are approaching fast! Yeah! So um what did I want to comment on...the weather! This weekend was looking so nice, then clouds came in...then wind, of course rain!

It got soo cold. Now it feels like winter. We are both feeling it now. I am having car woes again. This time it is in the suspension system. I really have fallen in love with my 2 ton beauty.
Soon the busy winter season will be upon us. I need some coffee. I am ready for my classes for today...and will get ready for the early morning class tonight. Our key word (one of a few this week) is hectic!

This week and the next will be hectic, new teacher coming, new classes starting up.

Ok I gotta is Tuesday but I am feeling tired.....strange.....damm winter.....go away and come back another day!

oh uh....I guess it is about 7 weeks till our 3 day um like cool dude?!