Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Computer stuff.....

Ok ok so I want to talk about computers....

Melah did you change your ....uh...I will ask you on facebook. facebook? blog? facebook? blog?....BLOG!)

Ok Melah did you change your cpu, and motherboard? I got a really got chance to upgrade to a quad core (the shop owner wanted to buy my old cpu reducing the cost of the quad core cpu by about 80 bucks!) BUT....I blew it. I procrastinated until my schedule changed, making it impossible to make the deal during the week. UGH.

I want to hold off on upgrades for now...I want to buy last years top graphics cards, ATI cards look pretty nice. One guy over here is selling a ATI graphic card for like 370,000 won. It has like 1 gig of ddr3 memory on it....NICE! The gpu is quite fast too. I have had my 22 inch monitor for about 1.5 years...and I have got to say this....large monitors rock! 17's just dont cut it!

So upgrades I want to get this year = upgrade my PSU, get a quad core, or better duo core, and get a better graphics card. I want to do all of this on the same motherboard.

Some things I would love to have but can not justify the expense...water cooling! Oh my! Our apartment becomes so humid and stuffy that the only way I can keep the pc temps within optimal range is to place a fan right next to it with the side panel off. This helps alot. But with water cooling....I would not have to do that. Also I heard water cooling setups can run very quietly as well. (180,000 won for the setup).

Basically I would need to up about 400,000 into my pc, a bit much for right now. I wish I was stateside where the second hand market is HUGE! I could cut that price tag down to about 200,000 won.

Ok well melah please let me know about your system.

OH I got a terabyte hard drive. AWESOME. But it is 30% full now,and will be about 45% full once I empty my desknote drive on it. And on another note my desknote's graphic card is almost on the fritz! It can not run grapic intensive programs for more than 10minutes.....service center time!!!! (I hope the motherboard is not totally gone!).

Rainy days.....

Today is very rainy, but I am feeling very happy about it. Just a few weeks ago we had snowfall after snowfall. Putting snow chains on and taking them off, getting into a accident....fortunately not another car. It was an expensive fall/winter for us. Transmission died...arrggghhhh.

So when I see rain I feel happy now....I love rain. Rain rain rain, please come another day instead of snow! I mean come on, they say global warming yadda yadda, but we get more and more snow, and it is colder this year.

I personally no to buy into the carbon emission bull. I think that this is due to activity on the surface of the sun. There have been warm periods just like we are experiencing now, in the recent 200 years ago. Global warming is keeping hundreds of thousands in jobs, and politicians in office. Carbon emissions are more likely to give us lung cancer, or some other disease.

Oh well....


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today was so warm that we really wanted to take a walk. I had some minor repairs done on the car...very cheap and fast....yet it will help save fuel. A fuel damper was loose, which allowed fuel to constantly leak. More in the form of fumes. We would always get a smell of gasoline if I filled the car up. The smell would go away after 20 minutes so. Basically it was a very very small leak in the fuel system that caused us to waste fuel over days! Now I will notice better fuel economy now.

My sore throat is getting more painful...reminds me of 2006. This week to is flying by...already we are at the middle of the week.

Haiti has had such a horrible time with that earthquake. 200,000 are feared dead! It makes you wonder how easily it is to have your life totally turned upside down on you in an instant.
This system of things can not and will not last.

Ok I will get ready for tomorrows early morning class....


Monday, January 18, 2010


Well finally Omorro and I are 31 (American), 32 Korean. I have a sore throat...really painful but I can still teach ^^. Yogita and I were so tired today....Mondays.

Finally the snow seems to have past us by. You know (Mom might be surprised). I LOVE SUPER SPICE FOOD!!!! I am eating these chilli peppers....and boy oh boy they are a kick and a half. I love the burning sensation. These are slightly pickled.....yummy!

Oh gotta finish more of this....


Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday finally it is here!

Finally today it is Friday. This was insane weather wise. It snowed 3 days this week. I had to pay for the bumper work. Yogita and I both have a sore throat. I am ok during the day, but in the morning....OUCH. So I would like to rest at home tomorrow, and take it easy on Sunday. I don't want to do anything extra. Just come back home and rest. Take it easy.

I will get ready for Monday today.....tired of coming down on the weekend to finish up preparations. Yogita has been downloading movies all week so we will watch them and chill.

Oh I will be 32 in Korea and 31 in America next week.

WHoo hoo.....uh....ummmm......yeah.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend plans!!!

I have 2 plans that i want to discuss with Jemal and see how he Jemal mentioned some teachers want to go to the ski resort in MuJu.....we have never been to the resort and we do want to go tubing and stuff so we might go with other plan is to go on a road trip around Gunsan, stop by the Asian grocery store in Iksan on our way back and do some shopping...ofcourse I want to have some coffee and a blueberry bagel with cream cheese.....YUMMY!!!!!!! we will have to see about that...

We will be sending a package to India next week...Abu we hope you feel better...

here are a few pictures of Muju ski Resort

oops!!! time to go and teach

First post of the year!

This is a new year....but it feels the same. I am older but I am the same. Time flies faster now than it did last year.

Ok it is not the same. I have a mission for this year. I will build a powerful pc this year. The specs i am so clear on what I will get. But I really want to use multiple displays, and perhaps multiple graphic cards, well actually 2.

We have been very busy. The water pipe froze in our apartment, so we could not wash clothes last week. Fortunately over the weekend the temperature rose, and we washed clothes like crazy.

This weekend is Yogita's weekend. I have told her that she can do what ever she wants. Some people want to go to Muju which is a winter resort town. So perhaps Yogita will want to go there.

But it is up to her. I know she wants a bag, or perhaps some ear rings.

Eric is looking over my shoulder....hacker.

Ok I gotta go!