Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy month!

Well finally this month is over. What a relief. Now comes March. Which promises to be an even more busy month. Today we got our new schedules. It is hard to explain how things work when people look at my schedule. They feel that I am getting special treatment. What they do not understand is exactly what I do. I sometimes go to nearby cities, companies, kindergartens, and public schools. These are of course legal worked out through immigration, the interested parties, and of course my boss. However, these are really public knowledge. I think I will meet and explain how things work. It might help people understand things better.

It looks like March will be EXTREMELY busy for us. My boss is actually taking my advice! As result well...lets just say we are busier than ever.

This little holiday I am not sure what I want to do really. Perhaps day trips around the country. Visit my friend (he is a car mechanic) and talk cars with him. Actually Yogita is a quite a car person now. We could go this resturant that nearby that we always look at but never go to. Might be fun.....

I really miss lucknow these days..the people the's cooking. MAN I miss those super hot peppers we would eat. You know what that means...India trip coming soon.

Oh.....uh some geeky news now....I have this really small usb drive...REALLY small!! And it is 8GIGS. It is ....about 3/4 of an inch long.....8 gigs!!! Back in 1999/2000 8gigs was like....premium on a laptop. I remember our first pc......16gigs of HDD, with a tiny 128megs of RAM. DAMMMUMM. Now I am sitting on 4gigs of ram, and a total of 1.3 TERABYTES. yeah....i aint talkin' about gigabytes.....the new language will be tera people. TERA!!!!

Ok i gotta go.....


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Car accident pics...

So um yeah I have wanted to post this for the longest time. We were heading downhill with a layer of ice under the snow. I will never admit this to anyone here in Gunsan, really was my fault.
You see there is one route home that is very very safe, as in there are no hills. The route I took has a number of hills. I even had difficulty climbing one of the hills, tires spinning out and all. Sheesh I should have take it has a warning of things to come.

Well as I was heading down hill I noticed another car approaching the intersection. I also noticed that it was also sliding toward the intersection. I had 2 choices...hit that car are hit the pole. I do not care what Andrew says but....this was a 10kph collision (its all love Andrew!!). From the pictures you might disagree with my assessment. BUUUT I think you should agree with me...seeing as I am the captain of the Enterprise and all....

Repairs where about 800 USD. Ouch.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a weekend!

I think now I can ride dads scooter! We did allot this weekend. We tried to use western union to pay for our eve account...did not work.

So we did game as much as we would have liked. But that is all good. We took a number of short trips. I was a little worried about my power steering fluid reservoir. You see the cap was put on at at an angle, twisted on way to tightly. I tried again and again to twist the damm thing off. My power steering column has a small leak, or perhaps it is the heavy strain placed on it during the heavy snows. The level was dropping.... So I go to a mechanic, and....he does it the smart way....he uses his body weight to untwist the cap. Babo me.

We had steak over the nice and tender.

I think the highlight of our weekend was me learning to drive a scooter. It was awesome the freedom, and the feeling of cutting into the wind. At first I was a bit wobbly, but under a friend of ours instruction.....I quickly got the hand of it with out falling off!

I am stoked to try it again!


Friday, February 05, 2010

4 day holiday coming soon!

So we got the news yesterday, the 12 next week we will have the Friday off. So now comes the question...what to do with that extra day? Personally, I would like to rest. Nearly every week since the end of summer have been very busy. We will now make plans, we are thinking of taking short trips.

We have been watching many cgi movies lately, and well....because of one in particular I really want to have a dog again! The name of the movie is "UP". There is this cute adorable dog.....

Years ago we did have a dog. I wonder if George can still remember that beagle that followed us home. In Korea owning a dog is not impossible but it is not easy. Some people will have the dogs operated on so that they can not bark. That is very cruel in my opinion.

Well time to get ready for a TEPS listening class. There are so many of these new English tests coming out all the time...


Monday, February 01, 2010


Yeah it is a Monday again, but all is well. We are all well, we went to Muju this weekend. Muju is a ski resort, very popular during the winter, but also during the spring and summer. We drove up to Muju following another friends car. My goodness he drove like he was on crack! Of course I was able to stay on his tail. Actually I needed to because we did not have a navagation system. It is getting looked at right now.

Well we finally made it BUT Yogita got carsick from all the driving. Poor thing vomited when we arrived. Then we couldn't stay there....we had to turn around and go home. In friend is sitting right next to me. I wonder if he knows I am writing about it. Yesterday we just stayed in. It was fun.

We really need more time alone though. There is a nice holiday coming. I think after after the 10th or so. Perhaps during that time we will have a good time....but it is only 3 days this year. I can't wait until this chu-sok. We will get 5 days which can easily mean 7!

Well time to finish my class prep!