Monday, March 29, 2010

Long time no blog!

We have been very busy lately. We had some fun on the weekend. We went to Gwang-ju and had a good look around. Gwang-ju is about 90 km south of Gunsan. We loved it! We got to walk around, and enjoy the sights with out being too far from Gunsan. The weather is slowly improving...or becoming more spring like. I think the earthquake in Chile which shifted the Earths axis might have major effects on our weather patterns. What may seem like only a few mm's makes a HUGE deal in the placement of this planet from the sun. Well the sign of our times. I will be posting pictures soon...that time has come...


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little People

You know teaching kids can be the most challenging thing. You need loads of patience, you have to create a lesson plan that basically changes every 5-7 minutes (on the same topic only with different approaches). I think many teachers have issues with the fact the little people really want attention and will try to get that attention in a positive or negative way.

I met a new batch of little people. Some of them are same age as George so that was nice.

Now I am tired....2 classes to go....2 more.


Monday, March 15, 2010


You know the I meet people, or rather the more people I meet, I have found...many just do not have a clue!!

They can make witty comments, and sound pretty cool in general. Then they mistakes that just....well...makes them look very foolish. The other night we had a dinner and we met other teachers (some where new). Basically, what some of them were bragging about....I just hope they do not vocalize that nonsense where Korean co-workers can hear.

Many English teachers who come here to work must realize that the Korean staff working alongside them, can understand at least the context of what they are talking about. I am now seeing first hand how many of these teachers get no respect!

I will be vague, as I will not point fingers at people. I will say this bragging in East Asia doesn't make one look cool! Especially about some of things I have heard people brag about.


Friday, March 05, 2010


Rain....yep...rain rain and more rain...this weekend that is what we have in store for us. We had nice warm stretch of weather a little while back...loved that. There is a farewell party for a teacher tomorrow. The original plan was that we would have a nice cook out on the roof of an apartment where 2 of our teachers are staying. Would have been very nice...expect of course for the ...RAIN.

I am here in a PC room, which is located in the same building as our institute. It is very nice, the non smoking section is actually smoke free! The ventilation is very efficient . The staff is very friendly. I am downloading a 2.3gig file....should take less than an hour. Boy how times have changed. In the past a file that big was unheard of. Today, many pc games take up that much hhd space and more.

I like it here, I might come here every tuseday and friday.

Ok now on to face book....Omorro here I come!


Wednesday, March 03, 2010


We just got news that a sister of a former teacher (who is our friend), moved to Korea after getting married. Since I heard of this I brought me back to 2000 when we first arrived here in South Korea. I was trying to think of any similarities from back then and now. One is that the exchange rate is almost the same....back then it was 1110won/1$. Now it around 1160-70 won.

That year I remember Seoul getting a heavy snowfall but nothing compared to the levels this year.
Back then we were starting our adventure together, now...well I feel that it is still continuing.
I will have to think on it more...I had more idea's earlier. My boss gave me her cell phone...she and Yogita are tired of my waiting for the iphone to come down in price. So she gave me her new phone. I am very happy for it because well, I can still keep waiting for the iphone and keep everyone happy.

Omorro I am very very glad your CD is completed. I will email you my questions, and post on your facebook page.

Ok I gotta go...